Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Plastic Rugs, Anyone?

Some things are so incredibly unbelievable when I first read about them that I just have to see to believe.

This is a rug made out of Wal-Mart plastic bags. YES! In this particular case, it's woven on a loom. But you can also crochet it with a large metal crochet hook no smaller than "J" size. Cut the plastic bags into strips no less than 1-inch wide. Wind your strips into a ball tying one strip to the next. And Silke, just crochet away! (Let me know if you need the instructions.)

You can use plastic from anywhere: grocery bags, dry-cleaning, bread wrappers, etc. In fact, mixing and matching will create all kinds of lovely color schemes. You can even mix the plastic with heavy yarn. Heck, be creative!

Then, talk about waterproof! And lasting forever! You can wash and spin dry your rugs in the washing machine, but obviously, DO NOT put them in a dryer.

Who would have thunk! Since all that plastic is not biodegradable (in our landfills!), I'm glad someone thought of how to put it to good use. Hmmm. How to come up with a million-dollar idea!

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  1. Way cool. Don and I were at the Green Fair in Ann Arbor last weekend, and these would have been a great item for them to sell!