Sunday, June 12, 2005

There She Goes Again!

Nicholas told me last night that he wants to catch a wolf. I wasn't quick enough on my feet then to ask him why, but this morning, when he climbed into bed with me, I asked him.

"So that I can play with him," he said. (Duh!) "Is he an indoor wolf or an outdoor wolf," was my logical next question. "Outdoor," he said, and "I'll get a rope to wrap around him in the woods" so that he can't get away, of course.

Then I asked what he'd call his wolf. His immediate response was "Watches Movies," followed by his lament that too bad there's no plug in the woods. I told him that maybe we could find an extension cord long enough. He laughed.

The name he calls our indoor wolf (who doesn't watch movies) is Snowy. He's been friends with Snowy since he could walk by himself and go up and hug him. There's just something about wolves (or "wolfs," as he calls them). Tame indoors, wild outdoors (needing ropes). "Maybe he can live in my playhouse," he said.

I didn't tell him I'd be his wolf anytime, anywhere...tame inside, wild outside. But no ropes.

I could just eat him up! There was a long stretch of time when I'd tell him that every chance I could get. He'd spontaneously look up to whomever was around and say "There she goes again!"


  1. How wonderful.


    Happy birthday!

  2. Thanks, Ruth, for the wonderful phone call and birthday greetings. Being 60 is a gift in and of itself. But this grandson is something else!