Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fit to be Tied

With excitement, that is!

Now that the horse series is done, I'm off again to Hannover, Germany, but this time via London, where Donica has been all week. I leave this evening and arrive Friday/tomorrow morning with the day before me while Donica is in business meetings. My plan is to walk around and see, among other things, St. Paul's Cathedral (which we missed in 2002).

On Saturday (this is where I'm REALLY fit to be tied), we have an all-day excursion booked to see the following 3 sights:

WINDSOR CASTLE: We missed it when we were in London in April of 2002 because of the Queen Mum's funeral. The castle was closed to all visitors, of course. It's the largest and oldest occupied castle in the world.

STONEHENGE: These 40-ton rocks were dragged to the lonely, windy plain of Salisbury Hill 5,000 years ago. Because astrology is one of my "hobbies," I am dying to see this magical place.

ROMAN BATHS: After lunch in a traditional English Pub, we head off to Bath to see the honey-colored Georgian terraces standing on the slopes of the River Avon. Then, on to Bath Abbey, where the first British King was crowned in 973 AD, the Pulteney Bridge, and the Roman baths.

OMG. I can hardly stand it. And guess what! It's all on my normal frequent-flyer miles to Hannover with no extra cost for the weekend layover in London (except for what we spend there!). How's that for excitement!

We'll fly to Hannover Sunday late afternoon and will be there till March 9th.

[All 3 images are from the Golden Tours' website.]


  1. Looks amazing! Have a GREAT time and can't wait to hear/read all about it! :-)

  2. Wow! I've seen Stonehenge and Bath, but not Windsor Castle. Have a great time!

  3. I'm in awe Ginnie!!!!!! Oh my... I would so love to be there for that tour...

    I can't wait for the pics!

  4. Amy: Hear about it you will, for sure. Wish you and Dennis and a whole bunch of other people could go with us! :)

    Karen: Thanks a million. I'm quite sure pics will be popping up everywhere. :)

    ET: I was in awe as well when Donica found it! It was an instantaneous YES for both of us. You can't beat it for a weekend trip. Thanks for feeling our joy.

  5. G and D - Have a GREAT time! I know you will. Then WE will all enjoy via your wonderful pictures. Truly do appreciate your sharing so generously with all of us! Aren't we lucky?!!! YES! YES! YES!

  6. I'm still trying to figure out why you dash across the Atlantic so much, a bit like me crossing the road... anyway, have a lovely time in UK, the tour sounds nice. I've been to all those places, Bath is wonderful. Make sure you drink the water (YUKKK) and don't expect to be able to touch ar get anywhere near the stones of Stonehenge, the public are kept at a distance. When I was a kid we could park by the side of the road and just walk right in. Things have changed!

  7. Lovely. I've seen Windsor Castle but not Stonehenge or Bath so you'll have lots to tell. :-) Enjoy your stay and see you soon!

  8. A great read! I've been to London plenty of times, but reading this and see it through you eyes is always special - thanks for sharing!
    Wish you a lovely weekend and then a safe trip back to Hanover!

  9. I'm as green with envy as the grass is at Windsor Castle! :) I can't wait to see your photos and read about your adventures when you get back. Happy travels!

  10. I haven't seen any of those three sites either. Have a blast! If you haven't yet, you should read Jane Austen's "Persuasion," which takes place in Bath. Interesting historical perspective on that place.

  11. Judy: We're both together now in our Sofitel St. James hotel, right in the center of things. While Dinica was in meetings today, I walked around Buckingham Palace and then to St. Paul's Cathedral and took loads of pics. We ate dinner at an Indian restaurant that Canadian Swiss recommended. Now to bed before out all-day excursion tomorrow. It's rainy but I've been able to take pics, thank God.

    Ex-S: Donica is in Europe half the year for work and 2 years ago I retired so that I could join her for most of the trips. It helps us both stay sane!

    Thanks for the tips on our excursion for tomorrow!

    Christina: Thanks a million. I KNOW I'll take way too many pics!

    Renny: You're so sweet! Thanks.

    Mad: Wish you could go with us!!

    Ruth: Thanks for the tip! I did see the movie but wouldn't mind seeing it again.

  12. Looks like you have an amazing itinerary planned! :) I'd love to go on such travels.

  13. Susan: No, not now, but you can have a sip of the warm spring water, which I did. :)

    Tim: I wish everyone could have such travels! I'll take you with me in the next few posts, I'm sure.

  14. Is it really possible to reach over this 3 sites in one day? Did not know. But when you say so, it's surely possible.
    Hope you had a wonderful sightseeing.
    And when you read this, you are in Hannover again. What a life.:))