Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Naked Cowboy

Okay. Settle down everybody. This happens to be one of NYC's most famous icons in Times Square and we just happened to see him twice--once while walking and once while on top of a double-decker tour bus.

His name is Robert John Burck, born December 23, 1970, in Cincinnati, Ohio. On a good summer day he can make $1000. On a winter day he can earn $50 in 25 minutes. He ain't dumb.

And he actually sings. His debut album will supposedly be released in 2007.
Half the fun is watching (almost) everyone else watching him!

His boots say TIPS on the side, in case you wonder where to put them.
Now look at the sequence of the next 3 pics with G'ma and G'pa!

Moral of the Story: You're never too old to have fun!

Or too young??

So here's looking at YOU. Are you game??

No. I didn't get any closer to him than what you see here but I sure felt lucky to see and "capture" him. If we can't take a joke, right?! :)


  1. I love the naked cowboy, too. Didn't know the "tip" about the boots, though!! What a smart man.
    Good news, I will be onboard when we reach A-dam! Now I just have to get you and Donnica over for dinner and a show!

  2. HURRAY, Stacey! Tell me the exact date(s) you'll be in A'dam because I will SURELY want to meet you there! I just found out that besides my upcoming trip from May 14-June 1, I will turn right around and go back from June 4-14! (Donica's mom's birthday celebration is in between.) Please let me know when we're talking about.

  3. WOW, does he do his schtick even in the winter? With no shimmy-shirt? BRRRR, that's a brave cowboy! Or maybe just a crazy cowboy!

  4. Ha ha, I saw this guy on TV a while back and he's hilarious. Talk about an entrepreneur! Great photos

  5. This is great. Also read about it recently. But in winter??? I'm with Ex-S... Brrrrrrr!!!

  6. what a great story behind it all! He's one happy/smart guy! And he never has to worry about what to wear... lol

  7. It's a terrific gig he's got. I think Lesley had her pic taken with him the weekend of Nathan's wedding a couple years ago. A true American story of someone who has created a life and pulled himself up WITH his boot straps, eh?

  8. Ex-S: Yes, even in the winter, but once he gets too cold, he goes back to his car, from what I've read. He's either crazy or really smart. :)

    Christina: He really is an entrepreneur and a clever, unique one at that!

    CS: I know. Crazy man!

    ET: I love it. One of those links showed all his briefs that he had painted on "Naked Cowboy." :)

    Ruth: Yes, indeed. It's hysterical and the thing is, everyone gets a great laugh out of it. :)

  9. Ohhh! He has a nice butttt... :) And Grandma seems to like his style a lot! :))))

  10. I hope one day you'll put up a picture of the "Rollerblade Man" of Amsterdam. This guy is pretty well known in Amsterdam. He crosses down-town Amsterdam on rollerblades, dressed in a silver thong and a waiscoat.

    I guess every city has its own celebreties.

  11. MP: HAHAHAHAHA. You're right. G'ma didn't mind at all! :)

    O-X: Wow! Thanks for the heads-up. I haven't heard of this guy. I'll see if Donica has. And to be sure, I'll start looking out for him, with camera in hand. :)

  12. Funny as I met a naked woman in Oslo the day after:-)

  13. What a crack up! hee. :) I guess no one has to ask him if he works out.

  14. He's nuts! Especially in winter; but generally all the time. :)

  15. Renny. Now that would be a pic, I'm sure!!! Did you have your mobile phone on you???

    Mad: HAHAHAHA! You're so right. He's kinda forcing himself to stay in shape. :)

    Tim: Making a lot of money being NUTS! It takes all kinds, I guess.

  16. Reflecting on that previous statement I made about Mr. Rogers- who knows, maybe he would have taken us to visit the Naked Cowboy- it is the year 2007! I don't know if Grandma would have let me watch that episode.