Wednesday, May 02, 2007

NYC's Street Vendors

As you'd imagine, I've been going non-stop at sorting and processing my NYC pics! Donica left for Amsterdam yesterday while I stay on the home front, keeping watch over our house getting a new paint job (exterior). She'll return the Mother's Day weekend, after which we'll both return to A'dam.

As I sort through the pics, different themes come to mind that I can group together for you here on In Soul (for my photoblog, it's only one pic/day!). This is an easy one so I'll do this one next: NYC's street vendors.

In no particular order, these stands can be found just about anywhere...

Newspapers and magazines

I guess they go together: hot dogs/sausage and pretzels!

A guy on my photoblog made me promise I'd eat a hotdog from off the street. Well, I ate a sausage instead that actually looked and tasted more like a hotdog, so I think it counts. One of our tour guides said she eats one once a year and then just plans to be in the bathroom the rest of the day. Donica and I had not a whit of trouble. :)

See why they're called "street" vendors?!

I think after 9/11 everyone DOES *heart* NY.

One of our nights we 4 girls (Ruth, Lesley, Donica and I) ate in Little Itlay where I saw this creative vendor. In between customers, it's a nice social hour for the vendors.

Yup, they even come with scales to weigh whatever, in this case fruit. And yes, that's Donica, always having to wait for me (but we were waiting for a green light anyway!).

Especially in Central Park there are art vendors but this was somewhere else, caught at a stoplight while on one of our double-decker tours.

I've saved my best for the last. Can you tell why it's my favorite? HA! Yes, that's my school. Gotta love anyone wearing a MICHIGAN shirt in NYC. So of course I had to do my selective coloring: maze and blue.

Later I'll show some of the other landmarks you'd expect, but these street vendors are NYC landmarks in their own right. Don't you agree?!

[The NYC pics I'm showing now on my photoblog, starting today, are in a larger format and different from these, if you're interested.]


  1. Have only been in New York a couple of times but do agree, those are great landmarks.
    Btw1: The last pics didn't came through?
    Btw2: Thanks for your visit and comments. I'm glad I could show you that May Day is more than a flower day:-)

  2. Didn't come through for me either.

    You must have done a lot of walking!!!

  3. Renny and Rachel: Hmmm. I have republished this now and I want to see what my next commenter says. Are you saying that none of the pics are showing on this post? There are 9 of them.

  4. OK, I guess that I'm your next commenter.... and the verdict is that the last pic is still a red X.
    But all the other pics are great. I think being a street vendor would be OK on a warm sunny day when lots of hungry customers are about, but in the middle of the winter, or on a really wet NYC day.... No thanks!
    And I think you're very brave to eat a sausage/hot dog... Ewww, I really don't like hot dogs.

  5. Next time I go, I'm definitely getting a vendor dog and a pretzel! I didn't last time and everyone asked.

    Can't see the last pic, either. Shucks! Since you saved the best for last.

  6. Ex-S amd Mad: OK. I have just re-loaded the last pic and now ask the next commenter to let me know if you can see it? If not, I'll try something else.

    In the meantime, my motto is "Try anything once!" Well, most of the time, that is. I still refuse to eat oysters. :)

  7. I love the different vendor picts. It's so NYC! The last one (yes, I can see it) and the "Nut house" (LOL) are my favourite :)

  8. All the pics loaded for me (even on dialup!), and they're so good for seeing these street sellers. The UM guy is great! I regret not having time to get a street dog, but maybe next time.

    I like your idea of organizing your photos into categories. Excellent way for us to negotiate a big city with you. :)

  9. CS: YAY! Thanks so much. I love the "Nut House" too. Just had to take THAT pic! :)

    Ruth: So glad evetything's now working properly. Since I had to organize my pics every day into file-folder categories, so as not to be overwhelmed, it makes it easier to do posts that way, so I'm glad you approve. :D

  10. I love NY for all those things. You have great stuff here, Ginnie. :) I've never tried a hotdog from the street vendors though...Hhehhehehe. :))))

  11. When I was young I worked in downtown Toronto and in the summer I practically lived on street vendor hot dogs (well, like you I preferred the sausages). A nice fast, cheap lunch! Nowadays we have hot dog carts outside our local Home Depot and a few other big box stores. I guess the New York ones are pretty special, though,'s NEW YORK! I'm glad you were able to give it a try. (By the way, I love all your photos, especially the last one.)

  12. Yay, so glad I came back to see that last pic! I knew it would be worth it. :)
    His look is priceless!

  13. Yes, the last picture is sweet! Nice rendition!


  15. Ahh,now I can see the last picture too (spent the day fighting a computer worm and thought it might have been that).

    Hah, the Nut House is great. Didn't notice that the first time. I wonder how many hundreds of guys in New York are named Vinny or Vinnie? :-)

  16. MP: Yes, indeed. A great city and I would recommend a hotdog if you ever go back, just to say you did it! :)

    Karen: It was only $1.50, so you're right--cheap! Especially just to say I did it. Not bad.

    Mad: Awww. Thank you for coming back!

    Rachel: Thanks a million. :)

    RRD: HA! We can all identify with the Nuts, I guess. :)

    Christina: No worm here, thank God. Hope you're okay now. You're right about the thousands of Vinny's in NYC, I'm sure!

  17. I love you to bits Ginnie. The hotdog vendors that do have a license are vetted by the city hince you don't suffer from the bathroom syndrome. The hotdog comes from Chicago but the NYC ones have much more flavour and the pretzels are to die for !