Monday, May 07, 2007

NYC's Two Famous Bridges

As we flew into NYC on that Saturday, April 21st, I had this fabulous view of Manhattan out of my airplane window. If you visit my photoblog, you've already seen it, but this is for the rest of you.

It wasn't until after I took the pic, and had Lesley look the day we arrived, that I found out the bridge on the left is the Brooklyn Bridge and the one on the right is the Manhattan Bridge. They both take you back-n-forth to/from Manhattan and Brooklyn, two of NYC's 5 burroughs. Now, of course, after a week in NYC, I know exactly which bridge is which!
Manhattan is in the center of the pic. The Hudson River is behind it at the top of the pic. The river between Manhattan and Brooklyn in the forground is the East River.

We had three days of double-decker bus tours around the city but were never able to cross this Brooklyn Bridge because the tour buses are over the weight limit. But here I have captured the bridge from Pier 17 in the Seaport area of Manhattan, looking across to Brooklyn. As I said on my photoblog, I converted this to sepia because of the memory this bridge holds for all the people who walked back-n-forth across it after the 9/11 Twin Towers' attacks.

We WERE able to ride over the Manhattan Bridge, however, several times. On our night tour, sitting atop the double-decker bus, I was able to capture the top of one of its arches. Thank God for image stabilization in the camera!

Actually, on that same night tour, I was able to catch some night views of Manhattan while we were in Brooklyn, after crossing the bridge. The building above is the Woolworth Building, one of the oldest and most famous skyscrapers in NYC at 55 stories.

Ironically, this week I will be taking care of Nicholas while Amy is in NY (the state, not the city) for business (and Donica is in Amsterdam and Rome!). I'll pick him up from school/day care each day, spend the night at his house, and then take him to day care/school each morning. In between, I'll come home for a few hours. Either here or there, I'll stay in touch with you on the computer, of course.


  1. Ginnie - You take US along for the best of the best! Just amazing what you are sharing with us.

  2. Amazing picture from the window of the plane. I often do that when I fly into a new city and sometimes you are lucky to get a scope like this!

    Great pics of the city by night too. I was at Manhattan once - breath taking for Norwegian more used to smaller towns:-)

  3. I love walking along with you on your tours. This particular one I can go down memory lane, too. Such a fun city!
    I took a 1 hour river tour and we sailed under the Brooklyn Bridge. Awesome!
    You mentioned in your reply from your photoblog about my NYC pictures. I might go back someday and put them on shutterchance, but if you're interested, I have them on our family website at:

  4. Judy: You're a sweetheart. This was such a fantastic week. I'm sure I'll have its pics in my head for a long time to come. So glad I can take you along for the ride!

    Renny: I'm quite sure NYC is breath-taking for many people around the world, including us here in the States! Nothing quite like it anywhere.

    Mad: Oh, thank you for the link! Please put them up on SC since you haven't posted there in a while. You could easily do a series!

  5. Great bridge and cityscape views! I particularly liked the first photo.

  6. Are you sure you're not a world famous postcard photographer in disguise? Those pics would be absolutely perfect as postcards. You'd make a fortune selling them on street corners.
    Of course I had to scroll down a bit further to get another look at that cute cowboy butt!

  7. Tim: Thanks a million!

    Ex-S: HA! Don't I wish! If I could make a fortune, steer me in the right direction. :)

  8. Oh goodie, some photos I haven't seen yet. LOVE the 3rd bridge photo, very cool. And the night shots with the sunset coloring the sky are really wonderful. Next visit I need to see the skyline at night in person since I missed it this trip. And back up to the Top of the Rock at night!

  9. Fabulous photos Ginnie! You have the talent de nous faire voyager whit you! Merci...

  10. Aunt G, how do you keep up with all your blogging? Your sites are so busy with visitors! It's true, you keep us coming back for more because you always having something special to share. You are a real modern day Mr. Rogers!

  11. Ginnie, did you go out of the plane and clean the window with your sleeve ? did you tell the pilot to stop there for a while ?
    The picture is incredibly sharp with terrific clarity. Too good for an aerial shot from a double glass window.
    Please don't tell me you broke the window since you were about to land. The night shots are beautiful too.

    Both the bridges are on the left for me Ginnie. i am a bit slow in understanding things. Ruth can vouch for that. Where is Verrazino Verrazinzo Verranizzo bridge ? i could never remember the spelling.
    Don't know why people keep such difficult names. i get very angry.
    Hope you don't have politicians like India who keep changing the names every two weeks.

    'take a bus to PATTINAMTHITTA and take another bus from there' some one told me. Got the bus fought the crowd, fought the rain, fought and grabbed a seat, terrific achievement, felt like a king. Bus conductor came for the ticket. In that confusion i forgot the name of the place i was supposed to go. with my mouth open i kept gaping at the conductor. then i cursed all the Keralites for keeping such a difficult name to pronounce. its a long story Ginnie.

    Third attempt at the wrod verification.

  12. Oh I love all these. There's just something about bridges, isn't there? The first picture is just amazing. I'm thinking about all the LIFE going on down there.

  13. Ruth: Thanks, as always, for your support! Did we tell you we had an Empire State Building free pass with our 3-day bus tour and so went to the top at night for pics. It's not the same as Top of the Rock, but at least we didn't have to pay to get night views up high!

    Ritadaphné: You are such a sweetheart! Thanks for commenting once again,

    Rachel: HA! I tell everybody that my 2 blogs are my job! I'm quite sure I spend a 40-hour week on them, seriously! And I'm gonna take the Mr. Rogers' comment as a compliment. Thank you. :)

    Rauf: Awww. What a nice surprise to see you cross over from Ruth's blog! How special. By now you feel like one of the family, especially after seeing you on Lesley's blog yesterday. I feel lucky.

    I DO think my airplane pic must have also been lucky from what everyone told me on my photoblog. I was delighted it had the detail it has. I have no clue about the V bridge, though Lesley might know. Those names can do you in, I know. Trying to spell them is another thing altogether.

    Thanks for persisting with the word verification. Sometimes it drives me crazy! BTW, did you ever tell me if my 1945 is before/after your birth year?

    Christina: That first one is like a model, isn't it. And I love models! But THIS model DOES have life down there. Indeed.

  14. I can't believe I missed two posts! I love the night picts and bridges you took. The sepia really brings out mood. I really would like to visit NYC.

  15. CS: You always find me, of course. :) Thanks.

    Maybe some day, after you move back to Canada, you'll have a chance to visit the Cig Bity, because you'll be so much closer.

  16. Thanks, Rauf. I have but the tiniest of edge. :)

  17. oh I love love love these pics, the colors are outstanding.. I don't have as much time to blog anymore..

    Oh well. :)