Thursday, May 10, 2007

Paint Job

Let's leave NYC for a minute or two! Trust me, I'll return.

The 2 main reasons I didn't join Donica in Europe these last two weeks are because this week I'm babysitting Nicholas while Amy is on a business trip and last week our exterior house was being painted.

Talk about an operation!

Four guys started out that first day, each with his own job to do, getting the house prepped.

One guy did all the pressure washing, making sure every nook and cranny was blasted away with a bleach solution to clean out the mildew and cobwebs.

I enjoyed watching him inside and out!

The other 3 guys started caulking the cracks and crevices. On the sides and back of the house we're talking about 3 stories because of the walk-out basement! Each guy swung around his own extension ladder with the greatest of ease.

This particular company does only brush and/or roller painting--no spray painting. As you see below, the 3 guys basically painted together in a pack. Like clock work!

Once everything was done by Thursday ( a 3-day operation), only the front porch floor was left to water-seal, which happened this past Tuesday. Yesterday the owner came by and I paid. I was a totally satisfied customer and couldn't believe how quickly and efficiently everything was done. And so thankful I wasn't the one who had to do it!

It feels so good to watch a successful operation with smooth operators. Know what I mean? Now I can hardly wait for Donica to see it.

Speaking of Donica, she arrives home from Amsterdam tomorrow. Amy arrives home from her business trip. And Nicholas (6-1/2) and I are gonna go see Spider-Man 3 after school. (I've already seen it and HIGHLY recommend it, BTW. A great moral about Choices!)

All that before Mother's Day! But that's another post.

Addendum, for Rachel (my niece), who asked. These pics were taken in the autumn of 2005:

The front, as taken from the long driveway that curves!

The back of the house from the sloping backyard! You can barely see them but there are some windows under that deck that go to the basement, where our office is. To the left of that screen door is the window in front of my desk, where I am typing as we speak. :)


  1. Looks like you have a BIG house! I absolutely love that arched window you have!

    It's such a good feeling when the job get's done well and smoothly, isn't it?

  2. Of course it was a complement! I want to see the whole three stories, front and back!!!

  3. I love the pic from inside through the arched window! You're making me feel guilty.... my back porch needs a coat of paint and I should be out there scraping the loose stuff and planning the operation.... but here I am blogging! Oh well... priorities ya know...!

  4. CS: I have just added the pics of it, for my niece, so yes, it is plenty big enough for 2 people. If not, something is really wrong with us!!! And yes, nothing says it better than a job well done!

    Rachel: Okay. For you my dear, it's a done deal!

    Ex-S: Priorities indeed! We all know what those are, when it comes to blogging! :)

  5. Wow, brush painting a whole house is a lot of work! I'll bet those men have sore arms. Or really strong muscles in their dominant arm. :)
    I love your fall pic of the house, the trees from your forest are amazing.

  6. Thanks for the big picture! I love your house!

  7. It looks gorgeous. You have a beautiful fall, too.

  8. I absolutely love the house also. Such a lush forest all around too!

    My parents and brother might be painting today actually.. My brother power washes and sprays on the paint. They did this last time too, but I was there helping...

    P wants to see spiderman 3. We haven't yet though..

  9. Thanks for honoring my request; that was really sweet!

  10. Mad: Most of the house was painted with a roller but the places next to trim, as well as the trim, of course, were painted with a brush. I was quite impressed by what I watched.

    R: Are you someone I know? Thanks for commenting. :)

    Susan: Fall in our woods is absolutely beautiful. You're so right.

    ET: I guess this is a good time to be painting, before the summer hits! If you go see Spider-Man 3, let me know what you think of it. I've now seen it twice and love it.

    Rachel: You're so welcome. :)

  11. Boots, I think "r" is "Rachel." :)

    I missed this one somehow. How fun to watch the process. And I like that one through the window too! When you say you're glad it wasn't you who painted it, it comes from one who has done PLENTY of painting (and wallpapering) so it's well said. Was Donica pleased?