Saturday, June 16, 2007

Donica's Birthay Gift to Me

A weekend in Brugge/Bruges, Belgium! Leave it to her!

Donica was in Brussels from Wednesday through Friday this past week and surprised my by having me train down from Amsterdam to meet her in Brussels by 4:30 yesterday afternoon. "Stay on the platform," she said. "Don't leave till I find you."

In less than a NY minute, there she was, and within another minute, we crossed the platform together and got on another train to Brugge, where we had been charmed to death 9 years ago and said we'd have to go back some day.

Some day was now. That was her birthday gift to me....

...a room with this view from our hotel!

Just two blocks from the marquet square!

And we're still here! I couldn't stand not telling you till after we get back to Amsterdam later tomorrow afternoon.

This morning we took a city tour by bus and then by boat (30 minutes each). And this afternoon we rode bikes for 5 hours, sometimes in light rain. A couple of times we've had thunderstorms (when we were inside), giving way almost immediately to sunshine. What a gift! I LOVE thunderstorms!

And windmills! OMG!

I'm sure I'll tell you more later but for now, I had to tell you this much!

AND to wish y'all a Happy Father's Day! My tribute to Dad is on my photoblog tomorrow. I love you, Dad!

And I love you, Donica. Thanks for an incredible birthday!


  1. Yes, leave it to Donica! She will plan the best surprises ever! I would call her a fairy godmother, but she's very real. Bruges looks gorgeous in your photos! I don't remember much of it from my study abroad back in 1975. Enjoy your day tomorrow too! Very lovely.

  2. Thanks for sharing ginnie. Happy Birthday!

  3. Well what a BirWEEK you've been having! Three cheers for Donica. Those are some gorgeous photos.

  4. Donica is always full of surprises, isn't she? Brugges is such a beautiful city. Unfortunately, I have only been there once for work, which didn't leave any time for sightseeing.

    Maybe I should give OX a hint? ;)

  5. What a nice gift! Lucky you!!!! :) Never been to Belgium! But have been asked if I was from there many times..Hhehhe. By French people! It's the accent! :))))

  6. Three Cheers for Donica! What an incredible surprise for you both to enjoy and new memories to cherish for a lifetime. Enjoy the rest of your stay and thank you for sharing your joy! Happy, Happy Birthday, Ginnie!!!

  7. You lucky 62-year-old, you! What a great gift.

  8. That's soooo romantic!!!!!!! I am glad you're having a great time!!!! Can't wait to hear the rest of the report.

  9. Donica sure does love you!

    Happy birthday! Hope you've been living it up!

  10. Brugge looks wonderful from your pics. What a very special birthday gift for you... a whole town!!! Definitely a birthday memory that will stay with you for a long time. Now, I have a birthday coming up in November.... I'll have to start working on The Space Cadet....

  11. Makes it more then worth turning 62 doesn't it Ginnie? What a grand surprise! "Wait for me until I get there" - LOVE IT! Thank you for letting us all be a part of your Happy Birthday too! May you both share many, many more wonderful, happy birthdays!

  12. Ruth: It's funny, but for such a memorable city, we also didn't remember much from 9 years ago but that's because we were there for only a few hours. After this weekend, I don't think we'll ever forget it!

    Susan: You're welcome! I feel very birthdayed!

    Christina: Three cheers for Donica is right! It was a fantastic, memorable birthweek!

    CS: Do give O-X a hint. But what a place to go for work. Wow!

    MP: Awww. Well, if/whenever you go, do look up Bruges. It's unbelievable! (Especially since you're "from" there!)

    Dennis: You're a sweetheart! And yes, three cheers for Donica who definitely knows how to throw a party!

    Karen: I am very lucky indeed. And I know it!!!

    RRD: I'm sure I'll write more later, Stacey. But this was definitely an appetizer.

    Dixie: I do feel very loved by Donica. Thanks for the sentiment!

    Ex-S: HA! Regardless of the number for you, I hope the Space Cadet will treat you as royally!

  13. Looks BEAUTIFUL, Mom! I just love Donica for loving you . . . what an amazing gift. Can't wait to see/hear more!

  14. Such a beautiful place to share your beautiful love and beautiful birthday!! It sounds like your weekend was magical. If this was the appetizer, I can't wait for the main course and dessert!

  15. how much fun! That is so charming and I already told P that I wanted to take him there some day!

  16. I knew the first picture was of Brugge straight away. Such a distinctive city.It was a joy to visit especially in the Summer when all the flowers were out.

  17. AL: Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    Amy: I do, too! What a nice thing to say.

    Mad: I love that word--beautiful--in so many places. Yes. And thanks.

    ET: P will love it!

    Beaman: Awww. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  18. What a marvelous gift! And beautiful photos! I love the architecture.