Monday, June 18, 2007

Permission to Speak Freely...AGAIN!

Remember all those months ago when I was finally able to tell you that Amy and Dennis had found each other!

Once again, I can finally tell you that Dennis popped the question on May 25th while visiting Amy in Atlanta! One week before their one-year anniversary of meeting each other, June 1, 2006! Donica and I were in bed asleep here in Amsterdam when Amy called with the exciting news (that was the understanding--call as soon as you find out!). We flew home, saw the gorgeous ring, celebrated Donica's mom's birthday and flew right back. Remember that crazy weekend? See, there was a reason!

This past weekend Amy flew out to LA to celebrate the 45th wedding anniversary of Dennis' parents. It was also Judy and Dave's time to congratulate Amy and Dennis in person, which made it all the more real, of course.

It was also the time when Amy and Dennis shared the news with his two daughters, Brooke (9) and Noelle (13). Nicholas (almost 7 ) was told back in May when Dennis was present, so they wanted to do the same for the girls with Amy present.
And all 3 kids will finally meet each other in late July when Amy and Nicholas will fly out for a week on the beach as a family.

Dennis plans to move to Atlanta at some point this year, going back-n-forth to see his girls who live with their mom. Sometime the girls will come to Atlanta, we hope, when we'll get to meet them...before the wedding in Hawaii sometime next year!

Is this exciting news or what! You who are parents of grown kids know how thrilling it is to see them happy, especially the second time around. We couldn't be more thrilled and can only wish them the utmost happiness as they continue this saga of their life together.

Put your hands together for

Donica and I will fly back home to Atlanta on Wednesday and Thursday this week (me first), getting a bit settled before we make the long drive to the Hart Family Cottage in Michigan for the July 4th weekend. Dennis will drive with us!

But first, I just had to share The News!


  1. OH YES!!! WE ARE ALL THRILLED!!! We were so happy to have Amy out here with us so we could share THEIR engagement AND OUR anniversary together. We look forward to sharing the JOY as one HAPPY FAMILY! YIPPPEEEEE!!!!!

  2. That's great news!! We're thrilled for Amy and Dennis!

    Isn't May 25 Bill's birthday?

  3. That's the greatest of news!! Congrats to the entire family on both coasts and between!

  4. Judy & Dave: YES. A big, gigantic YES!

    Mrs. M: Yes, it's Bill's birthday, your mom's, and some bloggers I know. :) A good date! Thanks, Shari, for sharing the joy.

    Mad: Thank you so much. It's such great news that we'll explode if we can share it!

  5. Congratulations Amy and Dennis!! Wonderful news. And yes, May 25th is a very good date to get engaged. :-)

  6. Yippee skippee! Knowing them both and their happiness that "knows no leaps" as Mom used to say, this is the best news ever!!!! :D

    And now, on with the rest of their/our lives together!

  7. Great News for sure, always good when two people are happy, best too is that the kids all accept

  8. Christina: HA! I knew you would like that May 25th. :)

    Ruth: Awww. It knows no leaps indeed. I like that (but why don't I remember Mom saying it??? or am I having another one of those moments!).

    L&N: Yes, and thanks for commenting here once again!

  9. T1: You came in under the wire, Kim, while I was typing my last response. Thanks for sharing the joy! :)

  10. Congratulations to the very happy couple and parents! That's such great news! All my best wishes!

  11. Congrats to them! Wow wow wow, that is so wonderful..

    While you are on vacation, so are we. We drive down to California! But it feels like yesterday that you guys were away visiting the cottage! Time flies!

  12. What great news for you all! Now you'll have to put a countdown to the wedding on your blog..... scroll down to the bottom of mine, I have a countdown to my son's wedding in October! How very exciting for everyone, both families are thrilled, I am so happy to hear it. I wonder how young Nicholas will take to having 2 big sisters all of a sudden, might be a bit of a culture shock!!

  13. Isn't that a great news , Ginnie.......i am so happy for them and you's a many-splendored thing..and the only thing that keeps the world's wishing them a life of happiness and togetherness ...:)

  14. many many congrats!!! [arms raised!] i only wish i could be there at the cottage to celebrate in person. but i am there in spirit, as they say!

  15. Thank you all so much for your very kind words and for sharing in this very exciting time for all of us! It's been an amazing journey since Dennis and I met a little over a year ago and this puts us into a new phase with much to look forward to -- and plan! Big smiles over here. THANKS AGAIN!

  16. What fabulous news! Congratulations and all good wishes for Amy and Dennis!

  17. CS: I know your best wishes mean a lot to them both. And to ME! Thanks.

    ET: Thaks! You have a great vacation, both of you!

    Ex-S: That's a great idea! I'll have to figure out how to do it. Since Nicholas won't have the girls around every day, it'll be more like seeing cousins, I'm afraid. But I'm quite sure he'll be thrilled to have them as sisters! :)

    Moi: You are so sweet. Thanks for your best wishes!

    Lesley: You are here in spirit, indeed!

    Amy: You go, Girl (and Boy, I might add)!

    Dixie: Thanks a million for your wishes! That means a lot!

  18. Yes, I am so happy for them, yea I know the feeling as I have experienced the same and to see the kids happy is the most imported!
    I'm clapping and cheering and wish them all the good luck!

    Thanks for sharing this joy - I was really touched reading this:-)

  19. Ginnie, this was really exciting news. All uf us that have experienced families come and go, really feel warm when our dearest once again have found happiness. Not at least the kids. Amy and Dennis looks so wonderful and happy.

    Hugs from Anna and Tor in the Summerhouse. (It's a very bad forecast for our Midsummer - heavy rain - even local floods).

    btw. Sorry, I could not come over to Michigan this year. But next year - yezz.

  20. That is wonderful news! I'm so happy for all of you.

  21. Fantastic news! I had to come out of lurking for this one :) Congratulations!!

  22. CONGRATULATIONS, Amy and Dennis!!!! What wonderful news (yes....I'm only 9 days late in reading your mom's orig. loss that I didn't know before now, to share your excitement sooner!.....bummer!!) :(

    I am soooo..... excited for both of you. I well remember when the BIG news came to me several yrs. ago that Garland had popped the question to Shari, so I know exactly how your mom is feeling about all this for you. It's the BEST "mother" feeling -- an excitement not to be compared to any other (when the daughter gets another chance at love and marriage with the most wonderful man in the world for her -- thanks, Garland!). And, thank you, Dennis, for making my sister ecstatically happy in her excitement for Amy...and for you!)

    And.....even after learning it late, May 25th is indeed a memorable day! I knew I was celebrating something big on your dad's and my b'day -- just didn't know what. Your engagement will be remembered every b'day from now on!

    We send our love and excitement,
    Aunt Susan and Uncle Rodger

  23. Amazing that you maintain two blog sites. This one is different yes, but the time it takes! Anyway congratulations to Amy and Dennis as well as Amy's mom.

    Just to say I have taken a look and it looks fine. So it is Jonathan that gets a new home/family. Lovely stuff.


  24. Renny: Thank you for your happiness and support!

    Tor: Your understanding is so wonderful! I feel like the world is behind us!

    Tim: Thank you, Tim. And you have your own joy to share!

    DW: HA! You make me smile!

    Susan: You made my day with this strong sentiment!!!

    Louis: Thank you so much for your kind and loving support! The congratulations mean a lot!