Monday, June 11, 2007

A Sunday Joy Ride

Yesterday afternoon, Donica and I had the time of our lives with James and Matthias...and little Jack...on their "new" boat of one week! Aren't we the lucky stiffs!

After a delightful hour of hors d'oeuvres in their apartment, within walking distance from ours, Matt went off to get their orange boat (a good Holland color :).

James is coaxing Jack to get into the boat, while Donica holds the leash. Today was Matt's turn to drive.

I was behind James all the way! HA! At this point we were on the Amstel River, which is Amsterdam's big flow-through waterway and very wide in relation to the canals.

For much of the ride, little "Jackie" found a friend for life, I think, in the arms of Donica. So cute.

It was a Sunday, mind you. So Matt had to navigate us behind many a boat, out having the same joy ride we were having, of course. In many cases, we simply had to take our turn in going under the bridges. He was a master navigator!

You see Amsterdam from a slightly different perspective, of course, when you're ON the canals. We've been on the much-larger tourist boats (for me, that was 9 years ago!) but the small boat is cozier and under OUR direction or whim.

Whether on the smaller canals or the larger Amstel (with the famous Magere Brug drawbridge in the background, originally built in 1670 and then renovated in 1969), it was a perfect day for a joy ride.

At the end of it, as we walked back to our apartment, Donica said, "When they get their new boat [something they're considering as an upgrade], maybe we can buy this one!" HA! I can see it coming. :)


  1. Great photos! Matt and I had a great time as well. Jack absolutely loved Donica. He told me to tell you enjoyed meeting both of you. ;)

    We will have to go out again soon. You know that boating is our favorite pasttime nowadays!

  2. Oh that looks like so much fun! How nice to have friends with a boat, and to live so close to the canals. I'm sure you get a far different perspective of the city from the water. It all looks so DUTCH!!!!

  3. **stamping my feet**

    I am SO jealous! That is one thing I always wanted to do in Amsterdam and never did. Of course I did the tour boat things many times, but it would be so special in a tiny private boat!

  4. its like seeing the city float by ...beautiful pics too..loved the one with li'l Jackie in Donica's cute :)

  5. James: Tell Jack he's just way too cute. We'll just HAVE to come visit him again...or yes,and you and Matt! :) Soon we'll do it again, for sure.

    Ex-S: It is all just fabulous. And yes, so very Dutch!

    T1: Have we enticed you enough to book a trip? It would be so fun to have you visit us here!

    Moi: Yes, the city DOES float by! It's so unique,of course. You have to see it to believe it.

  6. You're so right. Going on a private boat is so much more fun. I think we have to find a willing boat owner in Amsterdam ;)

  7. This is so great and you guys are a hoot! And how sweet is little Jack? I'm SURE it won't be long before you have your own boat. :-)

  8. I admire anyone who can spell "hors d'ouevres". Is that it?
    That close up of Jack's face snuggled in Donica's shirt is too cute for words.

  9. CS: HA! I thought of that already. Hmmm. Maybe we can bribe them. :)

    Christina: Well, I must say it didn't surprise me that Donica said that. She's hardly ever at home to drive anymore, so having a boat to drive here would fit her fancy! A nice diversion from her stressful work week!

    Susan: HA! I have to look up that word in the dictionary every time I use it. And yes, I love that pic of Jack in Donica's arms.

    RRD: HA! I can see the hand-writing on the wall already.

  10. I heard a few years ago that Venice was sinking, and there is concern regarding preserving all the art/architecture.

    Have you been on those canals? What a beautiful way to see a city!

    We have "intercoastal waterways" in Sarasota...where we kyak!

  11. Il me semble qu'aujourd'hui est un grand jour!...Je me trompe???.


    Always fabulous photos!

  12. Amsterdam is very unique, that's for sure. In many ways. But I'll stick to the Kanaals. First time, was back in 1965, for me. When the three youngsters did make a reportage for a Magazine (text snd photos by us)- 10.000 km on the European Waterways. We ended up with only 4.500 km. We did not know how timeconsuming the waterways are.... compared to free speed in open sea. ( 6 knots vs 36 knots).

    Love your pictures. A sort of sentimental for me, U see. 42 years after my first visit....

    hugs from us in the Summerhouse.

  13. Hey I checked on Sunday but haven't had time to recheck until now..

    What a great time! I love the boat and Jack's cute pic too!!!

    Jealous for sure... Oh I can't wait to go back to Europe!

  14. Those are great photos. Looks like all had a great day.

  15. That looks like soooo sooo much fun!! I love being on water in a boat. I don't like doing the driving, but love riding. Your photos are fantastic, Ginnie. Love the colors!