Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Amy and Angie

Today is a big day! Later this afternoon, Amy (my daughter who just turned 35) and her best girlfriend from work, Angie (turning 40 in November), are joining me on my same flight back to Amsterdam and will be staying at our apartment till Sunday.

Angie and Amy on June 13, 2005 (my birthday)

Amy and Angie both work at the same company here in Atlanta and just recently had a nice little bonus given to them, enabling them to make this trip to Amsterdam. Amy's birthday gift to Angie is the board and room at our apartment. Isn't that sweet!

So in 4 short days, we will cram everything in that they are up for. I think the Van Gogh Museum is on the list, which is good, since it'll be my first time to go as well. Other things like the Anne Frank House will happen, of course, but what we're all looking forward to (maybe the most?!) is a boat ride on Saturday afternoon with our buddies, James and Matt. Nothing like our own personal tour of the city along the many canals...with cheese and wine to boot.

Donica is in Hannover all week until Friday evening, at which time she'll join us for the weekend. How fun is that!

So, here's to Amy and Angie! Hip-hip-hooray!!


  1. WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!! I am so excited for this trip and so happy that it has all come together so elegantly. Enjoy the time that you will all share and (as though it needs to be said) take lots of pictures Ginnie!!! Safe travels and much love to all!!!! Dennis

  2. All the photos I take will be for YOU, Mr. Dennis. :) Thanks for your loving wishes. One day it will be YOU and Amy.

  3. OHHHHHHH!!!! I am as excited as if I was going along too! Yes - I know we will all get to share this fun time through your wonderful pics Ginnie. To take an expresssion from MY generation - HAVE A BLAST!!!! Wonderful safe travels to all. Happy to see my first picture of Angie. Amsterdam will never be the same with these two beautiful ladies there. Enjoy all!!!!

  4. HEY great photo's you have your beauty from your daughter, or is it the other way around? Who cares... Yes you are now in the plane I leave soon (today)

    Thank you for your SWEET holiday wishes !!!:) I'll be back around oktober 19TH ,with a brown skin, a bigger smile than ever (I have a smile anyway)and lots of photo's... I'll be missing you, BYE:)My photo is now on the new last "leaving day" post.....:)

    A Hugh and kisses from JoAnn

  5. O, wow....pretty lady's, have a nice time.

  6. I am so happy for you all and that you have this chance to a lovely gathering Ginnie and what a great birthday gift

    Wish you all a great time and a lovely adventure at Van Gogh Museum!

  7. Somewhere along the way this went WHOOSH over my head! Hehe, and so did they! Sounds fabuloso, can't wait until we can do the same!

  8. That is an exciting bonus - going to A'dam - with you. Sorry we allready have been there this year.
    The van Gogh Museum is absolutely to recommend. We of course went there. And to the Barcelona exhibit in the basement.

    We also recomend you to have dinner at A FUSION. What a positive surprise. Heavenly courses, good wine, splendid service and very reasonable prices. Look up here:

  9. BEAUTIFUL women! So photogenic.

    Hope you all have a lovely, lovely time in A'dam. Like you wouldn't. :-)

  10. Happy Be-lated Birthday from James here in Amsterdam! Matt and I are looking forward to Saturday. E-mail me after you have arrived in Amsterdam and settled in. We can go over the details for Saturday. Catch ya later!

  11. Enjoy! It sounds like you all should have a great time!

  12. Oh that sounds like a great time will be had by all, can't wait to see the photos.

  13. Thank you to everyone who has left a comment! That means a lot to all 3 of us...while Donica is still in Hannover (joining us on Friday evening)!

    We had a fabulous first day yesterday! After the girls took a 2-hour nap, we went off for lunch at a nearby cafe on our way to the Anne Frank House. After going through the house (my second time and just as powerful!), we walked to the Dam Square and then on through the Red Light District. From there we walked to Amsterdam's only windmill--my first time as well. Following that, we took the tram back to the Leidesplein area for a before-dinner drink and then ate dinner at a marvelous Noodle Bar near the Hard Rock Cafe. It was just what the doctor ordered before going home and winding down.

    We really accomplished a lot in one day! Now today, Thursday, we're planning to go to the museum district and then will visit the Van Gogh Museum in specific.

    Thanks to everyone for your interest and best wishes. We're having a blast. :)