Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Blogging World

When it rains, it pours! Or, as Renny from Norway says: "Make blogs, not war!"

And so it is that in less than a week's time, I have met 3 of my fellow bloggers, two for the very first time.

James by now is an oldie but goodie, of course! I met him through this blog and saw him and his partner Matt in Duesseldorf, Germany, for the first time in June of 2006. Now they live within walking distance from us here in Amsterdam. Talk about a small world!
This photo was taken by my daughter, Amy, this past Saturday while on our canal boat ride.

This past Monday I had the good pleasure of meeting Yinks who was here in Amsterdam for the day, returning from Nigeria to where she lives in NYC. She's one of my Shutterchance bloggers, and, yes, might as well be one of my daughters. I'm starting to get a few of them! :)
A nice little connection is that she works for Ernst & Young, the same company Matt works for!

Just today I met Scarlet (aka Saskia) who is actually from Den Haag but takes the train every day, 1-1/2 hours each way, to work here in Amsterdam. Yes, she's Dutch and speaks impeccable English. She also is a fellow Shutterchancer. For 2-1/2 hours we talked non-stop about everything under the sun, from cultural differences around the world to who's going to be our next American president!

To top that off, I have Astrid in the wings one of these trips back to Amsterdam when I can take the train to her small village nearby. And this very next week, on Tuesday, we're scheduled to meet José Angel Sáez-Díez (another Shutterchancer) in Barcelona, Spain. But that's another story altogether for my next post.

How fun is that! As Scarlet and I were saying today, the world really is getting smaller and smaller with every blogger we meet. It really is an amazing thing, when you stop and think about it. By the law of averages, I just might meet all of you by the time I kick the bucket. :)

(And if anyone noticed that I'm wearing the same shirt and vest, it's so that you'll all recognize me!)


  1. Don't you DARE kick the bucket before we meet, little lady! ;) How wonderful to see how the blogger family grows!

    I'd recognise you anywhere, but I would rename your shirt and vest to "blogger outfit".

  2. Yes, when you travel as much as you do, Ginnie, the world truly is a small place. I hope we have the opportunity to meet one day, but I think it will be on THIS side of the Atlantic. :)

  3. Well Ginnie - I count myself as one of the priviledged to have met you AND I am NOT even a blogger! So glad that you are able to arrange these get-togethers. You are sweetening the world one (or more) blogger at a time! Keep it up.

  4. CS: By hook or by crook we will meet, dear friend! It will happen (but when???). And yes, "blogger outfit" sounds about right. :)

    Karen: YOUR side of the Atlantic will be just fine and I hope it happens as well! Sooner than later. Do you ever get to the Atlanta area, I wonder?

    Judy: You're not a blogger in that you don't have your own blog, but you ARE a blogger in that you comment. That's almost the same thing. You are definitely a part of MY blogging world and one whom I have met. YAAAY!

  5. It is always good to put faces with people that we meet over the internet. Before blogging i have many penpals and have met a few of them, One from Australia and one from the Netherlands. I love to meet people.

  6. How great for you all! And nice for us to see the faces of your commenters/fellow bloggers. Yay!

  7. L&N: It certainly brings the world together into one place, doesn't it! I love it.

    Ruth: It's really something how it keeps happening! I really feel very lucky.

  8. It is neat how you meet so many of your blogger friends in person.

    It was also my blog that sparked my wife's initial interest in me just before we started dating.

  9. Oh how much fun! Yes maybe I need to figure out the time to meet a few more bloggers around Vancouver.

    And I love your new blog colors!

  10. First of all: congrats with a new blog home - the template is great!

    Thanks for your link love and yes I do believe blogging empowering people and you and your post proofs it in a wonderful way.

    Now I hope next time we see you in that shirt with a blogger friend, it will be me :-)

  11. Will you wear your 'blogger-outfit' when you come to visit me in Arkel? Ginnie I will recognize you anyway!! Thanks you for mentioning me in your blog, I feel the same thing, being part of SC we 'meet' people from all over the world, we must hit the jackpot to visit all of them, but behind the pc I am happy to 'meet' anyway.
    But don't dare to hit the bucket yet!!! Life is to good to see it from underneath the grass :)

  12. Ha! Funny about the shirt and vest. love the pumpkin color:D

  13. I meant the pumpkin color of your blog! Not the shirt... coincidence:D

  14. I saw you asking for input from Aunt Ruth- maybe a darker brown/close to black for the title and other blue text. It will make the pictures stand out.

  15. Tim: One of these days I'll meet you and your new wife! I feel like I've known you for so long! :)

    ET: I bet you have lots of bloggers around where you live!

    Renny: I'm glad you like the new template. It's been in the back of my head for a long time...and then I just decided to do it and not be such a wimp about it. :) I'll make sure I wear the shirt when I meet you.

    Astrid: HA! Maybe it's a magic shirt! I really look forward to meeting YOU in your own back yard one of these trips!

    RK: I knew you meant the color of the blog! And I like that you called it pumpkin. :) I have just tweaked the colors, following your suggestion and even Donica likes it better. Let me know if that's what you meant? Thanks.

  16. I would go for a little more contrast and try the black since there isn't a darker brown.