Monday, November 12, 2007

Airing One's Laundry

If I counted right, we visited 20 different cities on our cruise, with only 7 ports of call! That's a lot of gadding about!

It didn't take me long to start a new collection: outdoor laundry, drying Nature's way! In no particular order:

Sorrento, Italy (click to enlarge or squint real hard)

Nice, France

Rome, Italy

Venice, Italy (again, enlarge or squint)

Barcelona, Spain

Corfu, Greece

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Livorno, Italy

Burano, Italy

It's fun, isn't it, to see how the rest of the world lives! Kinda like us, right?! :)


  1. Finaly the first to comment, Ginnie these pictures are fabulous, but I did not expect something else from you, Bravo.
    So many cities in so short time, I guess now you are relaxing a bit, sorting out all the pictures you took, I cannot wait to see the rest of it, we'll meet soon,
    hartelijke groeten Astrid.

  2. Oh these photos are incredible. I think you need to frame a few of them, especially the first one!

    Now my question is, is there really a Nice, Italy? Or would that be Nice, France???

    Just curious...

    On the only day we had sunshine I was punished looking outside and daydreaming.. Yes punished!

  3. Astrid: Relaxing, working (mowed the yard this morning), sorting photos, etc. YES. All of the above. :)

    ET: Good eye! I have changed the text accordingly because, YES, it's Nice, FRANCE. Not Italy. Thanks for the correction!

  4. love, love , love this series....there's something so personal about this kinda living than the detached one i see around myself.....i have grown up in a crowded place like India so human touch to homes like these mean so much to me than landscaped surroundings :)

  5. Just something about other people's laundry that's picturesque. Remember the "Neopolitan Flag"? The flag of Naples was the laundry hanging. I love it.

    Oh, Europe.

  6. As much as love all these beautiful places,it makes me appreciate the space I have to hang my laundry!!
    I love walking around the back streets to get an insight on the real culture of each nationality, but guess what you are right they are all very much the same all over the world.:)

  7. Moi: I think you are so right. The human touch is getting downright personal when you hang out your laundry!

    Ruth: HA! So funny. Yes, there's just something about Europe! :)

    Lurch: I have memories of my mom hanging wet diapers on the line outside in the winter in Michigan and they would freeze stiff as a board! But yes, we had lots of space in the backyard for hanging clothes back then!

  8. Congratulations. Nice blog and nice photos.

  9. Ginnie and Ruth must I see that as a compliment: 'there is something about Europe' yes I know sometimes we are weird but it is not contagious ;) LOL
    hartelijke groeten

  10. Very cool. I used to live in Spain so thanks for the reminder, I love the buildings there.


  11. I particularly like the awning in Barcelona. Now that's inventive! Great photos, Ginnie.

  12. Ha, Aunt Ruth- I know I wouldn't want to look at my own, but yes, other people's laundry is art!

  13. Sounds like you've been having fun. And it is fun seeing how other people live.

  14. Al: Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!

    Astrid: YES! Nothing but a compliment. We LOVE Europe and can't get enough of it!!!

    Oswegan: Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!

    Karen: Thank you kindly!

    RK: An art that we've mostly lost here in America, sadly!

    Tim: Yes it is. Thanks.

  15. Yea, real fun and you know what: if it was for the different kind of building and architecture, I could have been in Norway as well - well, except for the winter time as the clothes would be freezing LoL.

    Btw: Sorry I haven't been around for a while, but have been rather busy (read separate not in your mailbox).

  16. Oh what a variety of clothing hanging from different buildings and cities
    I particularly like the one from Croatia were they have the pull line.

    Wonderful set of photos.