Saturday, December 01, 2007

Another Blogger Meet-Up

In my last post I told you that I was gonna meet up with a new Shutterchance blogger yesterday! I DID!

I took the train(s) from Amsterdam to Arkel, 1-1/2 hours and 3 trains south, to meet Astrid, another real Dutch Girl.

Doesn't she look Dutch! :)

Does her Dutchness rub off on me, I wonder? I sure wish her Dutch language did! Her English totally puts my lack of Dutch to shame, so immediately, on the spot, I committed myself to buckle down and get serious about learning this new language, which happens to be MUCH HARDER than German (IMHO = in my humble opinion).

It was a drizzly, rainy sort of Holland day. So even though I had taken my camera, expecting to take an untold number of photos, we both just stayed inside and used the time to get to know each other. Yakkity-yak, yakkity-yak!

And because it was a 6-1/2 hour stretch, we had to eat, of course, so Astrid decided to choose "a room with a view," which happened to be the town's best restaurant, I'm sure. It sits on the Merwede River where barges (background) take their wares to and from Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe.

And was it ever fabulous! Decadent is more like it. But in that moment, we both decided the occasion deserved it. It was a very special, serendipitous, eternalized moment, when you don't care how decadent something is!
What you see above is two different presentations of pheasant. The balled part reminded me of rich turkey!

I was halfway through the white fish course before I remembered I hadn't taken a photo yet (sorry about that), but you at least see the green "vegetable" that looked like a cross between very skinny asparagus and French green beans. WRONG! I don't know the name in Dutch or English but it's a reed-like substance from the sea and it was WONDERFUL.

How's that for dessert! OMG! See what I mean about decadent! On the back of the plate, that's crème without the brûlée. And a cinnamon liquoer drink in the tall glass; I can't remember what in the smaller glass. And a cafe latte that reminded me of my German latte macchiatos!

Then, from our table, we watched the kids going home from school via the ferry boats. How cool is that!

Sometimes I feel like I'm in heaven on earth! Do you have those times? Then you know exactly how I felt yesterday, meeting a kindred spirit whom I felt I had known forever.

Now we'll have to figure out how we can get Donica and a couple other blogger ladies all hooked up for one hoot of a time together. Maybe sometime in the spring. :)


  1. Well now I have met Astrid through your eyes Ginnie!!
    What a fantastic time you had together. Thank god for Norah Jones thats all I can say LOL.

  2. WOW Ginnie, without words.....the pictures are fabulous, a nice rememberance of a very nice geweledig gezellige middag, really really nice afternoon, the food was decadent but worth for the occasion, did you already print tickets for the get-together in spring, I'll be there of course!!!
    Hartelijke groeten, let them figuer out what it means HA HA, Ginnie knows a few Dutch words though, she is too modest :-))

  3. I am sorry it has to be 'geweldig', excuse for the mistake in Dutch, shame on me!!

  4. Lurch: Yes, through my very good eyes, Tracy! :) And yes, thank God for Norah Jones. Talk about serendipity!! One day you'll join us for real...flesh and blood. :)

    Astrid (twice): I think spring is way too far away! And no, Ginnie is not too modest because I might be able to write the words but I sure as heck still can't pronounce them. HA! And the day I catch any of your Dutch "mistakes" will be THE day (even though I did catch that one :). I'm very glad you like the pictures!

  5. How fun! Astrid is so timeless... I feel like I know her- odd.

  6. I knew your meet up was going to be so much fun! I've been in a class all day while it snowed. I'm dead now but this post makes me so happy!

    What great photos for still being indoors! :)

    And another blogger you meet!

    I have to see where Arkel is...

  7. How lucky for both to be able to get together and have a wonderful day of getting to know each other, the food looks wonderful.

  8. Swedehart: You DO know her, because she IS timeless. I like that.

    ET: And to think it's been over a year since we met YOU! So glad you could find happiness in yet another meet-up. As Renny says, "Make blogs, not war." And then I say, go meet the bloggers! :)

    L&N: It was heaven on earth! Thank you.

  9. It's so much fun to meet bloggers in person. I just met one yesterday, too (I'll write about it soon).

    There's nothing like mixing great food with great people, right? :)

  10. I just love this and you know my saying: 'Blogging connecting people' and your meeting was just a great example - the food looks delicious too - thanks for sharing.

    Btw: How about hooking up with some male blog friends too? :-)

  11. You are amassing quite a list of "met bloggers", and they all seem to be lovely people, it's great to "meet" them through your eyes! I like Renny's "Make blogs, not war" remark, I fully agree!
    Today I take my car in for an oilspray anti-rust treatment... a sort of anti-aging..., maybe I could get myself done at the same time???

  12. The green vegetable is called in Dutch 'zeekraal' and it is known as Salicornia Europea, it is salty beacause they grow it in saltwater, I would say use google and find out, it tasted delicious!

  13. OOOHhhhhh! Wow and yay and yippee! Not only did you get to meet the very very sweet Astrid, who looks even sweeter in her photos -- you both look gorgeous -- but you got to eeeeeeeaat! Oh my did you eat. You know I would have been in heaven, and the photos of the food are scrumptious, just gorgeous. I know Donica would have enjoyed it, so I love hearing a plan for spring! And what better than eating near the water and a marina!

  14. CS: You of all people would have enjoyed this! In fact, I thought of you because this was right up your alley! Now I'll have to find out who YOU met!

    Renny: Believe it or not, I have met THREE male bloggers! One is from Florida (met almost 2 years ago), one is ET's husband in Vancouver, and the other I just met in Barcelona back in October when we went on our cruise. So, see! I did it! :)

    Ex-S: Get me done, too, please! :) I have a feeling YOU'D be a great blogger to meet as well. :)

    Astrid: Thank you so much for the word! It really was amazingly delicious. I was very surprised!

    Ruth: Yes, you would have been in heaven! And YOU, my friend, were very sneaky when it comes to Astrid, I found out! :)

  15. Well a little fun so once in a while keeps you alive I would say.

  16. I really liked reading this and meeting Astrid in a new way. Glad you both enjoyed it!

  17. I always wonder which one of my blogger friends would be the first ever I'll get to meet......will it be you Ginnie??? :)

    I am so glad for you and Astrid.....loved the pic of two of you together....and the food's simply awesome!!!! a Dutch treat, was that??? ;DDDD

  18. Astrid: So very true. I don't ever want to forget that!

    Kathryn: Thank you, thank you. It was the best of days!

    Moi: Wouldn't that be fun if I were the first! But let's make it SOON, then, because I could wish for you to meet many bloggers. Thanks for enjoying our day with us!