Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tootin' My Own Horn

If we don't toot our own horn, who will, right??? (HAHAHA)

So this starts all the way back to when I was telling you about all those gable stones I was taking photos of, remember! I had 346 of them back then in June (out of the 850 there are reported to be in Amsterdam) and now have around 650! (My old album was switched to SnapFish here, and I still have a few more to add.)

Anyway, on August 24 (Astrid! That's your birthday!), Ina came over to our apartment here in Amsterdam to do an interview with me about how I got into all this craziness. It was all official and big stuff.

It so happens that Ina is the editor of the gevelstenen (gable stones) newsletter (in Dutch, of course) that goes out to approximately 200 subscribers here in Holland every 2-3 months. She wanted to do an article on ME and my excitement about this part of their culture.

And there I am on the inside of the September issue. A professional photographer named Wim Ruigrok actually came out to the apartment to take that photo of me. Whoo Hoo. Talk about feeling important standing there with his photo of a Clark Gable stone (get it?!) .

THEN, as frosting on the cake, one of the gable stone carvers (Hans 't Mannetje) whose many stones around town I had captured, just came out with a 128-page book on his life's work as a carver, with wonderful color photos of all his stones (photographed by the same Wim). I just picked up my copy this past Sunday.

AND, because I pre-ordered the deluxe, hardback edition, my name is printed on this list (click to enlarge but that's me *). I'm the only one from the USA! Don't you love it! :)

So, go ahead and pop your buttons with me. I think after 650+ photos of my own, walking up and down the many streets of Amsterdam, dragging my tired butt home day after day, I DESERVE IT! (Don't you??)


  1. YOU may toot your own horn Ginnie, this is so nice and I think that it is a privilage to be the ONLY American who 'intekende op de luxe uitgave' (transl. pre-ordered) by now I may say as being Dutch; 'part of Amsterdam belongs to you' and I when I pass a gevelsteen in the wall, I will think of you!

  2. Awwww, so cool, Mom! KUDOS TO YOU! You've done us proud! :-)

  3. awesome !!!!!!:) is a book on gable stones authored by you next on the list ??? :)

  4. Astrid: You are definitely part of why I feel "part Dutch," dear lady! Thank you so much for making me feel welcome. And thanks to you, I'm actually learning some Dutch, even if I'm butchering your language! :) Dank je wel!

    Amy: Awww. You know how to make me smile. :)

    Moi: I doubt it, but I sure like the thought. :P)

  5. hurray!! That's deserving of champagne! Or whatever the famous Amsterdam spirit is!!

  6. Wow!!! so do you have a gablestone of your own?

  7. Oh Ginnie, I certainly will toot with you,TOOT TOOT! That is wonderful.

  8. WOW, Ginnie! All of that, is so cool! I am amazed!!

  9. Mad: Champagne works for me anywhere in the world! HA! Wouldn't that be nice! :)

    Anon: Don't I wish! But...but...but, who are you?

    SH: HA! I love it. Just like you, right, Rachel?!

    L&N: Oh, thank you, Lilli! I can hear you way over here in AMS!

    RRD: Sometimes I can still amaze people, Stacey! :)

  10. This is so cool! If I know Susan, she will want to see that article at the cottage on the 4th this year!

    We're all so proud of you--isn't it fun?!!!

  11. Ah, when you follow your heart, good things happen. Can't wait to see the book, and the newsletter with the article, maybe you'll bring them home with you for us to see sometime? Maybe Farm Day?

    Congratulations, and yes, very well deserved.

  12. Ginnie - that is so incredible! I'd be on cloud 9 like you are too!

    Who could envision being a photographer, traveling the world and enjoying your life so much!

    I want to pick it up in an instant and do it too, but I'm still brainstorming on how to do it.

  13. You MUST toot your horn, loud and proud. Congratulations! How awsome!

    Wow! I know a prominent person. How cool :)

  14. Wow, that's great, you are really important. I didn't know about your gable stone photo collection.
    Have a nice weekend. Did you understand about the template???

  15. Congratulations, you are now a MEDIA STAR! Fancy making the paper and also getting a special mention in the gable stone book. I am very impressed!
    This is your 15 minutes of fame, Ginnie!

  16. Aha - so you are a collector of precious stones as well...
    We have seen lot´s of those here in Argentina. But I dare not tell on internet how many we did buy...
    Have a wonderful weekend;D

    Still in Buenos Aires...

  17. Mrs. M: HA! Yes, if I know Susan, she'll want to see it as well. I hope I remember to take a copy. You're a sweetheart, Shari. Thanks.

    Ruth: Well, I hadn't thought about taking them out of AMS but I sure guess I could. :) Thanks.

    ET: What a life, I know. But remember, I'm 62! Maybe you'll get there long before I did!

    CS: You can touch me when you see me, Sandra!!!! :)

    Dick: HA! Not THAT important but it was nice while it lasted. And yes, I understood and have since written you about the template. Thanks.

    Ex-S: 15 minutes is all it takes! :) I've loved it!

    Tor: Uh-oh. I can hardly wait to find out! I know you're having a lot of fun. Come home safely, whenever that is!

  18. Congratulations! I am very proud for your!!!

  19. You're famous! More famous than before, I mean. :-) And YES, you most certainly DO deserve it. Well done, my friend.

  20. Hi Ginnie,
    I must visit this blog more often!!! I mostly visit your other blog, but here is somethin intersting! Wow, how did you do that! I am always surprised about your do's, I am also proud that you are named in this book,my congrat!

    JoAnn from Holland