Friday, January 04, 2008

Got SNOW?!

Thanks to Donica's fabulous Christmas gift of our flight to Michigan after Christmas, WE GOT SNOW! We were first at Don and Ruth's farm and SAW it snow, about 3 inches. Then we drove to the cottage where even more snow was on the ground.

When you first get to the cottage, you drive in from the back off the gravel road. In the summer time, this entire area is full of cars. We had 35 people on Saturday, the 29th, so there were many more cars than this.

But here's the front of the cottage, taken from the lake. That screened porch in the summer time is fitted with glass windows in the fall, so that we can still sit out there when it's cold and see what's going on. Talk about therapeutic.

In the previous photo you can see the deck to the left of the cottage. Here it is up close, with the kids' colorful chairs stacked up for the winter.

To the left of that deck is state property that can never be built on, so we have such a lovely view through the woods to the lake below.

On the winding steps down to the lake, autumn has taken its fancy, playing with the snow.

And there she is! The frozen lake.

A long winter's nap for our two friends...

...and the memory of days gone by when sitting on the "beach" has new meaning! This was a gift from my older sister and her husband since the last time I was there. So this is beckoning me for the summer to come.

In the meantime, I will hold the treasure of this snow in my heart. I don't get to see it often enough so when I do, I have to store it up!

Will you get your fill of snow this winter? I hope so.


  1. I think I have fallen in love for the second time of my life, this is a place to be, you are so fortunate to have such a beautiful area to meet your family and dear ones and to top it off with some 'icing' you've got 'your snow', not heaps, but just enough to take these stunning pictures, the atmosphere what this place is giving is serenity, Ginnie cherish this place but I think you do, in what time of the year you are able to be here, thanks a lot for sharing this part of your life I only know by your stories, now I know it too why it is so special, ontzettend bedankt, hartelijke groeten, Astrid.

  2. WE vacation a lot in Petosky, MI...our daughter is there right now working over her winter break.....I believe we will get our fill of snow this winter! These are wonderful pictures....I am so glad you got your snow!!! (and I do like to brag about my family just a little when they work so hard!!) Thanks for all you nice comments and visits...I am so glad our blogs found each other!!!

  3. it's nice to see the differences between the seasons. what a contrast!
    While we had a tiny bit of snow at the hideaway, it's currently down pouring in the Bay Area and we're expecting 4-6 feet of snow near our cabin. A good 8 feet is expected at Lake Tahoe. Incredible! We won't make it there this weekend, but maybe next.

  4. I'm so glad you got a good dose of snow, and that you enjoyed it so much. We have lots of it here in Ontario, and temps were as low as -17C yesterday morning. That's definitely long underwear weather.
    But milder temps and rain are forecast for next week.
    Lovely pictures.

  5. The pictures are perfect, Boots, I love them! You got some blue sky and gray, so nice.

    And you know we got even more snow after you left, so now we're pretty deep. But it will get to 53F by Monday, so I'm guessing it will disappear soon in a January thaw.

  6. Ahhh, how lovely for you! And such a perfect, peaceful setting for snow.

    We got a tiny bit on Wednesday, the first snow of the season, but it melted pretty fast. We'll see if we get more in a few weeks.

  7. Oh so many lovely photos Ginnie! It looks so peaceful on the outside but I bet inside that gorgeous house there is a whole lotta noise being made!

  8. Well my friend this is some place for R&R and I can tell you are rested when you are there.(at peace with yourself and happy to be with your family).
    Glad you go the snow you wanted wish we had what was promised to us but it never reached our house..LOL
    Lovely memories to cherish :)
    Thanks for sharing them.

  9. Ginnie, so nice to see the Cottage at Winter time dressed in Snow.
    I understand the strange feeling when you think about how it looks in the Summer. It's an, for many people around the World, unbelievable change.

    You are very lucky to have a State property as a neighbour never to be build on.

    We have some snow in the Oslo area, but in the south it's expected half a meter during the night. I'm happy it's not here 'cause it's simply too much in one snowfall.

  10. Those pictures are beautiful, Ginnie. It reminds me so much of our last vacation in Canada! I'll bet you could have gone ice skating on the lake, no?

  11. Astrid: It is THE place to fall in love with, mijn vriend, so you picked a good second love. It is such a great place for our family to meet, and YES, I got my much-needed snow! Maybe one day you will see the place with your own eyes.

    Neva: I have many memories of Michigan since I grew up there, but there are many places I'd still like to visit, and Petosky is one of them. And yes, I'm glad we found each other, too!

    Mad: I always love to see your cabin pics, so maybe you'll fill me up again soon! Keep me in mind when you take them. :)

    Ex-S: Atlanta just doesn't keep up with the rest of the world, you know! :)

    Ruth: That blue sky was a big surprise, wasn't it. Too bad you didn't have your memory card with you!

    Christina: The Hannover area got so little snow our 2 years there, so I can imagine how you must miss it as well, coming from Vancouver! Okay, I'll wish you some good snow soon!

    T1: You got that right, Kim. Why do you think I was outside? :)

    Lurch: So, maybe I can wish snow for you, too, my friend? :) Wouldn't it be fun if we got some in AMS when you come!!!

    Tor: We feel very lucky indeed! We've had the cottage since I was in college in 1963. That's a long memory for our family! :)

    RRD: Yes, Stacey. I feel very lucky!

    CS: It's so funny but I never heard anyone say anything about the ice this thick it was. But I didn't see anyone on it, so maybe it wasn't frozen enough. But we DO have memories from years past. LOVING to hear it crack and creak while we ran all over it!

  12. I still can't imagine so many people in a cottage... But yeah for snow!

  13. Beautiful snow pictures! We haven't got much snow here yet. A couple times we got some ice; but I want one good blizzard this winter! :)

  14. Ah yes, I've had more than my fill of snow, thank you! I'm so glad you got to see and enjoy some for yourself. I know I'd miss it if we didn't have any.

  15. Glad to know you enjoyed the surprise trip!!! (I did too!!!) Since I did not spend any time outside the cottage, I am glad to see your pics of the wintery wonderland!!

  16. Happy New Year. This collection ofphotos in the snow are very refreshing!

  17. Oh, yes, I did get my fill of snow! It was a white Christmas in Orem, Utah. It snowed all day Christmas Eve and was sunny on Christmas day. Love the pictures, and that swing looks irresistible!

  18. though we have moved out of Sunny Florida.....we are still to see SNOW!!!! phew!!!

    loved the way Old man winter has painted your world white here, Ginnie :)

  19. Sorry I'm late here and funny you posted about snow right now. I've just reported about snow fall in Oslo and are about to collect a 'Snow report around the world'. Your post are listed of course :-)