Sunday, March 09, 2008

A New Season

Tomorrow afternoon Donica and I fly back to Amsterdam...after 5 tumultuous weeks here at home! Thank God we did not know at the end of January that we would come back to Donica's mom's death. But we did. We had "a season" of death and dying to go through. It's still not done, because we have yet to disburse the possessions and sell the house. But that will be in April when we come back again.

For now, we start a new season. The "spring-forward" time change has just happened today in America. And while some will find it hard to believe, Spring really is around the corner.

For Nicholas, his new baseball season is underway with practices twice a week and a scrimmage game this past Thursday. Lucky for me, I was able to join Amy in the stands and cheer on our Big Boy. This season he's a Cardinal (no longer a Kansas City Royal) and will be wearing his new uniform going forward.

I love how even at age 7 this is Big Boy Stuff. He even gets to hang up his own bat bag by himself and keep all his ducks in a row.

This particular scrimmage there were 4 innings, two of which Nicholas played the shortstop position...

...and two as catcher!

OMG! I was popping all my buttons watching him. He's in a much more competitive league this year but he seems to be eating it up. The thing is, he gets it! It's like he was tailor-made for the game. So fun to watch.
We'll hate missing some of the games, but that's what happens when we go to Amsterdam! Amy will update us after every game, as will he, I'm sure. We're but a phone call away, even on the other side of the world!

Those of you who still have snow, trust me, it'll soon melt. We had snow flurries here in Atlanta yesterday morning, even though none of the snow stuck to the ground. It's been such a long winter compared to the last several years, but I think it's a good sign, so I'm not complaining. Easy for me to say here in Atlanta, I know.

A new season IS on the way. For all of us who need it, we welcome it!


  1. I know you hate to pull yourselves away from the Big Boy. Snow in Atlanta?? Yes it's been a long winter. I wonder if it's a good sign. I have a feeling our mild seasons of spring and fall might be shorter lived: long winters and long summers? Hope I'm wrong.

    Wish I was on the plane with you, and next week with L & C!!!

  2. We changed the clocks last w/e too... Spring forward one hour. To me that means SUMMER TIME! But you wouldn't believe it if you look out the window... mounds of snow higher than my head!
    When YoungerSon was 7, he played T-ball... same rules as baseball, but no pitcher, the ball is balanced on a rubber vertical pipe and the kids swipe at it with the bat. His team won the campionship, we have the final game on videotape, OlderSon just converted it to DVD so we all sat around watching it cheering the team on and reliving the sweetness of Victory! Hard to believe it was 19 years ago!

  3. Ruth: I've heard that we need long and hard winters to kill all the bad bugs, so I try to be thankful when we have them like this year's, especially in Atlanta. Wouldn't it be just wonderful if you and Don could have been here at the same time as L & C! We'd be crowded but it'd be so fun! :)

    Ex-S: Those memories stay with us forever, don't they! I'm sure we'll do the same thing one day with all of Nicholas' pictures. In fact, we already do! It's such a fun age. :)

  4. Yes spring is around the corner and i welcome it with open arms. It has been long around here. Love the baseball season cause yup that sure is a sign of spring

  5. Nicolas in the catcher position is sooooo darn cute! What great pics!

  6. Good to know you are back in Europe now then - like to know you are a bit closer you know ;-)

    Hope you and Donica will have a more relaxing and not that tumultuous time and a great spring season - and first of all A Happy Easter!

    Thanks for sharing this cute pics of Nicholas with us - one can really see his is growing up.

  7. Hurray for springing forward. Moving forward, Marching onward. Enjoy your time in Amsterdam, I hope it brings you a few moments of 'normalcy' (whatever that means) after all that has happened in the past several weeks.

  8. I am ready for spring! I miss the good old days of the kids playing baseball and softball! It was so fun to sit with the other parents and watch them grow and find their likes and dislikes. I'm sure you and D are ready to move into a new season.

  9. L&N: Isn't that funny about baseball and how we always associate it with spring! Our Braves will soon be starting their regular season after many days now of spring training. We can hardly wait.

    ET: I'm not sure Nicholas will continue in that position, but it was very cute to see, indeed!

    Renny: I am definitely closer to YOU now, while in AMS. :) And yes, that Nicholas is really growing up!

    Mad: AMS/Holland has had a way of restoring my soul in so many ways. It's been just what the doctor ordered!

    Don: You are so right! We learn a lot about our kids when they're in sports. And yes, we are so ready to move on! Thanks.

  10. I almost missed this one, how could I.
    Now we are talking big Nicholas, you will be perfect as a catcher, I have been one for many years, I know you will guard 'your space' like a lion, these pictures are a real treat, brought back many memories to me as a catcher, I would love to be at one of your games...but I will do with the pictures from you very proud grandma and have a big smile.