Monday, March 31, 2008

Zaanse Schans: the first Zed

Not to confuse you but, YES, we are back safe-n-sound here in Atlanta. Well, that is to say that I am. Donica is heading back to Europe, as we speak, for meetings in Copenhagen this week. But she'll be back on Friday.

In the meantime, during our last stint in Amsterdam, I made two photo-hunt trips to towns beginning with the letter zed (in Dutch, that would be zet). I'll start with the last one first because we took Lesley and Chris with us while they were visiting us and when Donica had her Easter holiday a week ago today.

Zaanse Schans is one of those tourist traps you do NOT want to miss!

And Lesley and Chris were totally game!

But why I love it to death (having been there twice 9 years ago) is a no-brainer! DUH!

More windmills than you can shake a stick at!

Wonderful pieces of Holland trivia that remind me of rural "anywhere."

And friendly sheep all over the place....

Even in a touristy place like Zaanse Schans, there is plenty of peace to keep you going back. Trust me. And it's just a short train ride away from the big city!

So, has spring hit you yet? I have a feeling we'll be seeing more and more of it every day now, even though it's been only in the 40's and low 50's here in Atlanta. Give it a day or two and we'll be in shirt sleeves again!


  1. Ginnie I love all your windmill shots they are just amazing. You are right Spring is surely here. Look at those sheep adorable, I love the refelection too. Roll on the warm weather thats what I say.:)
    Love like your guests had a swell time.:):)

  2. Ohhhh, i hope to be able to go there one day. Your photos, as always, are stunning and make me want to visit!

  3. I can see why you love it it is beautiful i love the old wind mills Love that shoe as well.

  4. Wow, your temps in Atlanta are about the same as here!

    You had a gorgeous day at the Zaanse, that sky! A great backdrop for all those magnificent windmills. I love the photo of Lesley and Chris. :)

    Gorgeous post.

  5. "De tijd staat stil", time did stop here at the Zaanse Schans, it is amazing that you are able to show these windmills in their natural envirement, the clouds, the water, the friendly sheep, the sheep with the great reflection, the rusty old boat, when I see this through your camera eye, I am proud being Dutch, these pictures are taken with so much love and care, they are ontzettend mooi, geweldige foto's (once I will take you to the little village of Kinderdijk)

  6. OX really needs to take me there, now. What a beautiful scenery, Ginnie! I'm with Astrid: Geweldig! :)

  7. Lurch: Windmills stole my heart a long time ago, never to be given back! What can I say, Tracy. And yes, we all had a great time!

    Mad: Just say the word and I'll be waiting for you!! And tell Jimmy he can come, too. :)

    L&N: It has a big YES written all over it, Lilli!

    Ruth: The temps are hovering around 65 today, thankfully. More like what I'd expect by April 1! When you and Don come to AMS, we'll take you to this place! :)

    Astrid: You have every right to be proud of your wonderful country! The more I see of it, the more I feel it is my own. I can hardly wait to go to Kinderdijk, where we will be in Windmill Heaven!!

    CS: Yes, you tell that O-X he needs to get on the stick. In spite of it's being very touristy, it's got everything you'd want to see of rural Holland! I'll go with you, if I can! :)

  8. I love, love , love the images here...those windmills....i cant take my eyes off them...and the rusted boat is like an icing on the cake!!!! such cheerful images.....spring cant be too far!!!! :)

  9. This series of images makes your visit palpable - like being there and looking around. Thanks for taking the time to take us with you. The little row boat is a fitting conclusion. Lovely composition on the first "road sign" image and all.

  10. Moi: These are things deeply embedded in my heart and soul! I love them, too!

    Ted: This is so ME. You know I love it. Thanks, Ted.

  11. Lovely photos, such a different environment than the one I see around here every day!
    And you say ZED and not ZEE? I thought all Americans said ZEE. I thought it was in the genes! Glad to see you are pronouncing the last letter of the alphabet properly!!
    Regarding Earth Hour, I am glad to see you turned your lights out for the appointed hour. But if you read the comments on my blog post, the majority of people either hadn't heard of it, or forgot about it. I realise that an hour with no lights once a year won't make a significant difference in energy consumption, but it's to raise awareness of the importance of energy conservation, and obviously the word wasn't spread quite wide enough.
    Maybe next year.

  12. Ohh, what lovely pictures - this is so Holland to me. The Mills, not to mention the wood shoes. I so much remember when I was young and into speed skating (the Netherlands has always been a great opponent to the Norwegians you know) and when there was outdoors arenas: even then they use this kind of shoes - with wool socks then of course :lol:

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend Ginnie!

  13. how beautiful! I love the sky! I'll try to find some time but I need to nudge myself into doing taxes instead.

  14. By the way - I've heard about all of your lessons you are learning in Dutch - how wonderful!!!

  15. All the photos are good; but I really like the weather vane!

  16. your photos turned out beautifully!! the sky was so perfect that day. and the sheep! they're kissing! what amazing memories i have from that trip. i hope i can return soon. i'm actually thinking about taking a trip next year by myself through europe, maybe i can make a pit stop to AMS!

    i'm listening to the new Meridian CD, have you and Donica heard it yet?

    good luck this weekend, i hope all goes well before you leave!