Saturday, April 12, 2008

One Night Only

If you had one night only to celebrate, let's say, your 10th anniversary, what would you do! Wanna hear what Donica came up with (in the midst of all our hecticness!)? She flew us out to New York City for a two-day, one-night trip to see/hear the One Night Only Elton John fundraiser for Hillary Clinton on April 9th.

It was held at Radio City Music Hall in NYC and raised $2.5 million for her campaign. I don't care what you think of Hillary (especially vs. Obama), but I was really jazzed. The fact we were even flying anywhere was a secret until midnight before we left Wednesday morning, the 9th. And I had no clue what I was going to until 15 minutes before we got there.
That Donica sure loves her secrets and surprises!

To see Hillary, Bill and Chelsea, all in one fell swoop (well two, if you count before and after the concert), was frosting on the cake. By now Donica has taken me to every Elton John concert that has come to Atlanta in the last 10 years. But this one was extra special!

As a BTW, in case you heard the Elton quote: "I never cease to be amazed at the misogynistic attitude of some of the people of this country, and I say to hell with it," I recently read something from a columnist that gives me pause. He said that sexism is still "politically correct" in the USA, but racism is not! You can still read/hear people call Hillary a B----, but no one will dare call Obama a N-----. Think about it!


Switch gears now and let me tell you that on Monday Donica and I leave for a 3-week vacation to Australia! I know! We fly to Sydney to first spend a week with my gay nephew and his partner (both Davids!). Then we'll drive up the east coast to Brisbane for another week, and from there we'll fly to the barrier reef, where we'll stay on Magnetic Island.

I took this photo in Utrecht, Holland, back in March, and leave it as my R&R image for while we're gone. What a life!

But right now, Donica needs this vacation more than we all realize. We will have a house sale this weekend at Mom's, trying to sell as much as possible. In the meantime, Donica is trying to get the Will probated so we can sell the house, and yada, yada, yada. It's so overwhelming it's hard to know how to deal with it. We have sympathy for people who just walk away from it all!

So, please send out your prayers on our behalf. This, too, shall pass, we know. If it could just be "one night only," we'd be happy campers. But it's not. So we pray for God's sweet mercy.

I'll see you when we come back from Australia the first week in May, which (thankfully) is longer than one night!


  1. When Donica told me about your one night in NYC at this concert, I thought, how like her to treat you to this! It sounds fabulous, and I'd love to hear about more details.

    I hope we can talk before you leave for down under!

  2. Donica is so awsone! What a surprise that must have been!

    I wish you both a wonderful and most of all relaxing time down under. A more than well deserved holiday. Can't wait to see the picts :)

  3. Elton John is so awesome! We saw him in Vegas a few years ago and his performance was brilliant!

    Enjoy your vacation. Savor the moments to relax and breath while your down under. I'm already anxiously awaiting the beautiful photos!


  4. She spoils you so! And you deserve it!

    About the house... just let it go and be at peace. Learn your lessons through the experience. Don't let it stress you.

  5. i'm so glad you had a good time!!! i wish i could have seen you while you were in the city, so close to me. but surprises and celebrations are so exciting! how fabulous!

    have a fantastic vacation!!! safe travels and say hello to the Davids. can't wait to see photos!!

    much love.

  6. by the way, this is what Donica and i were whispering about that night in AMS....hoping i could join you for dinner! it didn't work out, but i will see you both again soon. :)

  7. Sounds winderful.... Australia that is! I was there for a month in 2003, staying with rellies and travelling around the country, in fact I saw more of Australia than most Aussies have!
    Have a great time, both of you.... talk to you when you get back!

  8. Have a nice, relaxing time. See what you wish, do what you want. Don't feel the pressure of being a tourist. There, I have given you some commands.

    I concur with Lesley about the greeting the Davids!

  9. Ruth: Yes, it was just like Donica! All of it. I'll never forget it. I will try to connect with you before our plane leaves late Monday morning.

    CS: Donica IS awesome. It was such a nice surprise. And thanks for your travel wishes!

    Mad: We love Elton and never tire of him. We do look forward to this trip and plan to "just breathe!"

    T1: I am very spoiled indeed, Kim! Guilty as charged. We will let the house go, in whatever way that means. It's all we can do.

    Lesley: Believe me, we thought of you much while we were there! So close. And yes, Donica told me that that's what you were whispering about. I had no clue whatsoever it was even about ME! :)

    Ex-S: We are so excited about seeing a country we have heard and seen so much about. I'm still pinching myself.

    Don: We will definitely take your advice to heart! Thanks. :)

  10. I know you will have such a great time down under too! I can't wait to see the photos of it all. I know you guys have been back and forth and it seems like it was just another last vacation before that... Time flies fast or sometimes I'm so caught up in too much work...

  11. I wish you and Donica a wonderful holiday. It's surely well deserved.

  12. Wow, that sounds fantastic! You just never know what to expect with Donica, do you. :-)

    Hope you have a lovely, relaxing trip.

  13. Hi Ginnie, Austraila soinds cool! I agree with what Elton John says, I think about that often myself, especially when it applies to women in music. So cool that you got to see him live!! I wish I could have seen that. It's amazing when you think that so many other countries have had women presidents, even countries where we may not think women have so many rights.

  14. Have a nice trip dear, we just returned for Belgium and soon we go to Swiss.. have fun!

  15. I know you have already left, but had to say what a sweetheart Donica is for the one night only treat:)

  16. Lucky you, i know you will have a restful and wonderful time.

  17. No doubt Donica is capable of surpising. Wow.
    Elton John and now 4 weeks in Australia. Lucky you.

    Wish you the very best on the trip

  18. I have been so out of touch I didn't realize how much I missed you! I also forgot my user name and password! OMG
    Have a wonderful trip to Aussieland. You two have more energy than Three Mile Island (bad analogy??).

    Well, do take care.

    Myrtle Mae aka Susan D

  19. Donica is soooo sweet and of course you deserve such sweet surprises!
    I saw Elton John in Oslo, 10 years ago, it was amazing even if there was any president candidates there :lol:

    I wish you both a wonderful time down under. Its a great place to be. I was in Perth and then Sidney 12 years ago you know.

  20. I was one of the 4 that knew...I was so excited, for I know that you love Hillary....and yes I do hope.....
    Now you are in Australia....24 hours flight, 8 hours ahead of AMS a different world, litterly...have a great time and I know your camera will make overtime, in Down Under...

  21. wow!!!!!!!!! double wow!!! :) firstly for the surprise and then for the trip to Oz!!! it must be fall time cool!!!! and i love love, love the R&R pic :)......i think i need a vacation too and i just started working :)

  22. Sounds like Donica knows just what makes you happy. :) And I envy your three Australia vacation. Maybe some day, I'll get there, too. :)

  23. A great surprise! Have a great time in Australia! Can't wait to see pictures!