Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Ball Game

This was my photo yesterday on my SC blog.
It's 7-year-old Nicholas in his favorite position, he says.

Now look at last Thursday's game when we took him to see the Atlanta Braves play against the NY Mets.
In all my years of watching baseball, I had never noticed the catchers putting their right hand behind their back...for safety. That right hand is their most precious commodity. So when I saw Nicholas doing it, I melted!

Okay, then. I'm getting ahead of myself! Like all the games we attend, we go early and watch the prelims. It's part of the building excitement, you know.

It always tickles me to death to see how many guys it takes to hose down the bases. Eleven. I guess that water hose is really heavy!

The hotties cheerleaders come around to shoot out their freebies, of course. Reward for coming early.

And everyone is in it for the show, even if the show is watching Nicholas.

Don't forget the cotton candy!
Well, it's not that we forgot it this time but I still can't believe we didn't get it this time. What's wrong with us!

Why the field prep fascinates me like it does is beyond me but it does. I'll just leave it at that!

And watching our favorite players warm up is almost as exciting as the game itself. It's the whole thing, you know, from beginning to end.

The 7th-inning stretch was a hoot, watching Delta strut its stuff in a Mini-cooper. How cool is that!

Then, as the shadows lengthen and the sun goes down, now you're talking. This is Turner Field, the Home of the Braves!

And everywhere you look, there is team spirit. This isn't Nicholas but sometimes he looks like this himself.

The long and the short of it is we're Braves' fans!
Take me out to the ball game any time you want. We love it.

It helps, of course when we win the game.
4 - 2


Tomorrow we fly to Hawaii! YAAAAY. With a bunch of finagling, frequent-flier miles, special waivers and very few dollars, Donica was able to get the 3 of us in Business Class the entire way, coming and going on direct routes from Atlanta to Honolulu. 9.5 hours going; 8.5 hours coming back. Kinda like flying back-n-forth to Europe. Now that's flying. We'll be 6 hours behind Atlanta time, 12 hours behind AMS time.

But by Sunday, we should all be in our own zone: Wedding Time! That's THE ball game, Folks! That's where it's all at right now. :)


  1. You know this is a strange sport for a Norwegian. I was once on one game in Albany (saw Diamond Dogs of course), but didn't understand that much. Like Nicholas, it was fun to see all the people going crazy and the cheerleaders of course ;-)

    Wishing you a great, wonderful, relaxing and joyful trip to Hawaii!

  2. The six hour time lag when you are in Hawaii is great. I'm not usually a morning person, but we got up early every morning and walked down to the beach before breakfast.

    Oh, and yay for direct routes and business class seats. :)

  3. 'Take me out to the ball-game, take me out to the game, buy me some cracker jacks...........' That is all I can remember of the song they tried to teach me 31 years ago....that popped up in my mind when I saw these magnificent pictures.
    I was once at a ball game in Detroit Stadion ( I still have the yearbook of the Tigers 1977) I even came home with a baseball, faul-hit, I had to fight for it..grin...
    To prepare the field is serious business...yes water is heavy....hurray for the Braves though.
    Have a safe flight in a few hours, wedding is serious business too, I wish them well and all of you all the luck in the world and have a great time celebrating the occasion.

  4. Great post Ginnie!
    And so typical for the Usa , this way you make me wanna go to visit your countrie, Nicolas is a great boy a Hug for him, Love the ballgames:)

    JoAnn from Holland

  5. As I write this, you are all getting ready to get those hitched! I hope all goes well. Ruth has been focusing a lot of attention on the behavior issues for you!

    Great pictures of the catchers.

  6. I like the picture of Nicholas as catcher and the comparison you made with the picture of a professional catcher. That's neat! Enjoy!

  7. Cute, you guys must have been in heaven at that baseball game! Enjoy the wedding, best wishes!

  8. Renny: Yes, I know. :) But it's a game you'd get used to real fast, if you had the chance to see it often. Thanks for your wishes. We had a great time!

    Karen: It was weird to have it 6 hours the other way from what we're used to! But we got used to it quickly. We were very happy to get the direct flights! VERY.

    Astrid: I can just hear you singing that song! HA! I still don't know all the words, but I do know the gist of it, of course. You know by now that we had a great week in Hawaii, and everything went without a glitch. Thankfully!

    JoAnn: For all the traveling you do, you have to come to the USA! Just let us know when. :)

    Don: Thank you so much, Don. Ruth's prayers were keenly felt. All seemed to go very well. And thanks for your comment!

    Tim: It's always fun to see what we can look like when we grow up. :) Thanks.

    R.Duckie: We love baseball games of all sorts, Stacey. Gotta say we love Nicholas' the best! :) We did enjoy the wonderful wedding. A memory to last forever. Thanks.

  9. Oh wow - I've been slacking on my reading...

    What a fun game. I think I would LOVE to go to a game with you. The enjoyment really is before and after.. And you definitely captured that! How cool...

    And Nicholas' position is the most adorable...