Wednesday, May 14, 2008

This Broadcast is Briefly Interrupted

Don't worry...I have not forgotten about Anzac Day in Australia! But first, I just have to tell you what I saw on my walk last evening here in Amsterdam.

I saw this, but that's not what I'm talking about.

As I walked along the Prinsengracht canal, I suddenly saw these Tibetan prayer flags crossing the canal. No clue unless it is a protest or prayer vigil in connection to the Beijing Olympics?

I remember posting about these prayer flags a couple years ago!

THEN I saw this, and, NO, that's not what I'm talking about either.

But it was definitely the first time I saw a service boat coming to the rescue of a drowning victim! It took two pump-out hoses but I didn't stick around long enough to see the end result. Maybe tonight I'll go back and check!

THIS is what I'm talking about!

Just as pretty as you please, a camera crew filming...a glass of water? I still have no clue whatsoever but they went back-n-forth, up and down the canal for a few feet, pushed and pulled by the raft boat in the back.

Wouldn't you love to know what that was all about?!
There is never a boring day in Amsterdam, let me tell you. NEVER!

ADDENDUM: 24 hours later....

The next day I went back and found the almost-dead boat resurrected from its watery grave! I found out there was a leak in the back toward the bottom that the service guys were fixing, after pumping out all the water. I had no clue the boat was that deep!

I'm sure the owners were happy campers!


  1. So much stuff in one day. I'll have to ask O-X if he can figure it out (the filming) since he reads the Dutch new regularly.

  2. A boring moment in Amsterdam...never, you know that as well as I do, when you and I walk together through Amsterdam we see all kinds of fun stuff, workmen starting to talk to us, yep I always wish them a grand day and wish them well in their job, or we take a picture of a truck and another truck driver tells me that HIS truck is much more nicer.
    To me this film crew with that glass of water just very normal..grin..YOU got unique pictures here though, I guess they will make a movie about the excellent water quality what is comming out of our water system.
    Thanks for sharing...just a walk through Amsterdam.....

  3. Thanks for sharing memories from Wonderful Amsterdam.
    Excellent report and Photos.

    I'm about to go to bed.

  4. Ha Ha now I have seen everything, this is an advert to encourage people all over the world to drink the new bottled (unique) Amsterdam Canal water.
    Love the shots mijn vreind:)

  5. That glass of water obviously has star qualities!

  6. CS: If you find out something from O-X, Please let us know. I'm still curious! :)

    Astrid: HA! With you around, there is NEVER a dill day, for sure!

    Ruth: I know!

    Tor: Go to bed and catch up on your sleep! :)

    Lurch: Actually, Tracy, we were on a river cruise once when they showed us a glass of the canal water to let us see how clear it is. We were very surprised!

    Ex-S: Yes, indeed. :)

  7. how cool is that! all of that, i should say! i especially like how in that last photo, you've captured what they're filming in their screen by the man's elbow on the left. too cool!!

  8. haha!!!!there's never a dull moment on your blog either!!!! :)

  9. LOL at MOI.....never a dull moment with you.;)
    Ginnie thanks for the to see it safe again...
    Next time you can show me where it was......

  10. I absolutely love all of the colors. And the story!

  11. Mad: Very cool indeed. That's what I thought!!

    Moi: So glad you think so! :) You're a sweetheart.

    Astrid: If I ever start getting dull, mijn vriend, you have permission to shoot me dead! :)

    ET: Thanks a million, Jen.