Thursday, June 05, 2008

"Grandma and Grandson"

Not to put the cart before the horse, BUT I just have to start here first!

On the day Nicholas and I flew back from Hawaii by ourselves (because Donica was on her way to Spain!)...I think that was Tuesday afternoon...we got up early to climb Diamond Head! We had been talking about it for a couple days and decided that was the day to do it after the Sunday wedding and when Donica was gone.

So we woke up early and got there at 7:30a to stay as cool as possible before the heat of the day set in. We knew it was a 0.8 mile hike up to the top and would take 1.5 hours to go and come back.

Of course, we went prepared and made sure we had plenty of water!

Besides everything to see along the path, there were fun things to explore, like this winch for a cable to lift things up from the crater floor.

And then a whole bunch of climbing! This stairway had 74 concrete steps leading to the first tunnel.

This stairway had 99 steps with cross-beams to support camouflaging.

Oh, and don't forget the views in between. You can see inside the crater along the crater's rim.

And yes, this was the 225-foot long tunnel, lighted along the way.

See how exciting it is to reach an elevation of 703.556 feet! Not quite the top (762 ft) but close.

When we saw the observation platform, we knew we had arrived. We did it!

And what a view on all sides!

On the left, while looking out over the ocean, is the Diamond Head Lighthouse.

On the right is Waikiki Beach where we could see our hotel. The low pinkish building in the center of the image (squint!) is the famous Royal Hawaiian hotel. The tall building right next to it on the left was our hotel, the Waikiki Sheraton.

When Nicholas first saw the ocean from our hotel balcony on the 15th floor, the day we arrived, he exclaimed, "It feels like a miracle! It's the happiest day of my life!" That's what it felt like to me when I saw it all with him from the top of Diamond Head.

We took our time and really took in the views...before heading back down the same way we climbed up. It took us an hour going up and looking; it took us half an hour going back down.

To put frosting on the cake, a few hours later as our plane was leaving Honolulu, we saw the crater we had just climbed from the sky. We did it. And we both were so proud of each other. If you want to see the entire album (50 photos), check it out.

Reward for a job well done!

Nicholas said, "When you do the post, G'ma, I know what you're gonna call it: 'Grandma and Grandson.'" So, yes, that's what I called it!


  1. 'Grandma and Grandson', you are a dreamteam, you would be great explorers and at the cream, these are pictures almost made in always will be a place of magic for you, for all of the fine memories you will have here, Ginnie, meer dan je weet, the light house is a beauty...I can go on and name each one of them 'fabulous' I will just say, thanks for taking me to the top of the hill/world....and show me the magnificent view, I would have loved to be with you...

  2. Ginnie --- fabulous pictures. Looks like it was a fun outing for the two of you. And I don't know about you, but I'm ready to go back to Hawaii...!

  3. Well done, indeed! You two are amazing. And what a gorgeous place to spend some quality grandmother-grandson time. You photos are just stunning.

  4. Oh, I didn't know you were staying at the exact same place we did (on our trip at the beginning of April). Did you and Nicholas happen to check out any of the Discovery activities at the hotel?

    What great photos from your Diamond Head excursion. We didn't go there, so your photos were like visiting Hawaii all over again.

  5. I loved seeing this post, Mom! I haven't had a chance to hear Nicholas' full debrief on his hike, but I know it will be a memory he'll never forget -- as well as the entire journey from Atlanta to Hawaii! Thanks again for always taking such great care of your grandson, Grandma! :-)

  6. Astrid: It was so much fun, as you know. One of our best memories ever as G'ma and g'son, for sure. Thank you for sharing our excitement! Meer dan je weet.

    Angie: Awwwww. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! I BET you're ready to go back. I sure hope you got some good sleep last night! :)

    Christina: It was definitely quality time, dear friend. Thanks!

    Karen: Ohhhh. So you stayed at the Sheraton, too! WOW. Cool memories, then. We did NOT check out the Discovery activities, though. We were too involved with everything else!! I did NOT go to Diamond Head when we were there 4 years ago, so I know the feeling of missing it. Maybe the next time you can go. I recommend it!

    Amy: It was one of my best memories with him to date! He was so sweet and was constantly reaching out his hand to aid me whenever he thought I might need help. SO SWEET! It was our privilege and honor to have him. He's our pure delight.

  7. Oh what a time! IT was short but gosh that looked like one incredible trip! And the photos with that warm incredible water...

    I want to hike Diamond Head with P one day. I want P to go there too!

    You know the photo with all of the hotels, I think my hotel I stayed in was the second to last on the right. That was back in 2001 I think.

  8. You had me, you had me, and then you ended with that! It brought tears. What a wonderful relationship you two have.

    This is not what I pictured when you told me what you were doing, but I see it ALL now, how spectacular! Ohhh, what an experience. And I love seeing him walk ahead of you up and down. I imagine he is quite used to Grandma taking his picture after all these years.

    That setting of your hotel looks even more amazing than I imagined! We had breakfast at the Royal Hawaiian in 1974!

    And now Amy and Dennis are married! It's all so exciting.

  9. Oh, and how fantastic to see the crater from the plane as you left!!!!

  10. Wow! That's all so incredible, Ginnie: The spectacular scenery and your relationship to Nicholas. And how sweet of him to reach out his hand to help you! :)

  11. hmmmm i would like also the icecream as nicolas's , i've some last healthnews see my blog greetings joann

  12. Ginnie all your shots are amazing, I can just imagine Nicholas running off infront and you huffing and puffing behind taking the shots LOL!!!
    Fantastic memories which Nicholas will be able to tell his children of his great adventures with is G'ma.
    I have been doing lots of walking lately out and about!!!:)

  13. ET: It was a very incredible trip! And I highly recommend the Diamond Head climb to you and P. :)

    Ruth: Tears for me, too! He is such a joy, as you know. Wait till you see him at the wedding! And yes, he is very used to G'ma taking his picture. In fact, there are many times when he will also see something else that he thinks I SHOULD take a picture I do! :) The view from the plane was the frosting on the cake after a wonderful week.

    CS: I know, I know! He has totally stolen my heart! :) You would eat him up with me!

    JoAnn: HA! I had a mango smoothie. Forgot to mention that. I'll check out your site.

    Lurch: No huffing and puffing from either of us, Tracy! :D We had a very nice and easy time of it. It was wonderful. Fantastic memories, indeed!

  14. What a wonderful guided tour and with great pics - as always Ginnies! You know as a Norwegian, lighthouse is something special to me and it all looks kind of the same.

    Nicholas reward looks very tasty! As you can see from my last post: we could use ice cream as the heat is on in Oslo right now:-)

  15. I think of Susan's trips with the girls....what a great memory for both of you!

    I remember the International Marketplace, and giant goldfish, but not the breakfast Ruth referred to from 1974--and I wish I did! Right about Nicholas' age when on Waikiki Beach with G'ma, G'pa, Aunt Ruth and Mom...hmmm!

    I'm eagerly anticipating the wedding photos---how long is it going to take?!!! :)

  16. Renny: I LOVE lighthouses, all over the world! And I think we all could use some ice cream right about now! :)

    Mrs. M: Yes, Shari...your girls have had many happy memories with G'ma, too. I love the role we play. I have been working on MY wedding photos (of Amy and Dennis, of course) all day. Once Amy approves them, they'll go out to the family. I will NOT be able to post them here because of privacy issues.

  17. I love Nicholas's comment about it being a miracle and that it was the happiest day of his life! How lucky he is to have a grandma like you to share the world's miracles with. Life is so sweet. Can't wait to read and see the wedding!

  18. That looks like the perfect day for a Grandma and Grandson. What a day for two beautiful people.

  19. l'endroit a l'air le garçon bien gourmand!!!

  20. What a wonderful treat to end an adventurous day with Gma...shave ice! There's nothing like hawaiian shave ice. I like it with macadamia nut ice cream on the bottom, shave ice with cherry syrup topped with sweetened condensed milk. I'd definitely need that strenuous hike to work that off! But in my 3 trips to Honolulu, I've never hiked up Diamond Head. One of the times, for my high school graduation, I stayed at the Waikiki Sheraton! It doesn't surprise me that our traveling feet would cross the same paths!

  21. Ginnie, Thank you for sharing this very special time with all of us. As always - I love your photos and the story they tell. Can't believe as many times as I've been to Honolulu I've never done this - but now I feel like I have. Would be fun to go back to Honolulu each year to celebrate the wonderful time we all had together.

  22. SH: We're both so lucky, Rachel. And we both know it! :) That's the good news. By now you should have seen the wedding album??

    MR: Awww. It was definitely a day to remember, Michael! Thanks for stopping by.

    O-P: And thank YOU for stopping by here!!

    Mad: It wasn't Masumoto's shave ice but it was pretty close! I had a mango smoothie and loved it. BUT I have to say that your macadamia nut ice cream on the bottom, shave ice with cherry syrup topped with sweetened condensed milk sounds like the epitome of after-Diamond-Head pleasure! :) AND I have a feeling our traveling feet have crossed paths more than once at different places around the world/States!

    Judy: You have climbed DH through me! I did it for you AND for me! I know you would not be able to do it now, so I'm glad you saw it through my eyes...and Nicholas'. And you are so right. Maybe we'll just have to make it back to Honolulu every year...or at least every other year...for a celebration!