Saturday, June 21, 2008

Last Impressions of Hawaii

As you'd imagine, there was so much to see and do and feel in Hawaii. I have written about some of it, especially through Nicholas' eyes, since he was staying with us. I have two more albums which I'll include here (the island life, boats, etc.) and here (the flowers and birds, etc.). Here's a smattering of what's in the albums:

We stayed in the Sheraton Waikiki there in the background, right next door to the Royal Hawaiian, of which you can see a hint of pink. There was always some kind of boating activity going on there! It was a popular starting/ending spot for different sea excursions.

Sometimes I would watch these excursions from our 15th-floor hotel balcony. I have always loved to watch how things work!

Everywhere we walked there were flowers and tropical life. Not to be resisted!

The ever-looming Diamond Head is a focal point all along Waikiki Beach. It stands there proud against all skies and/or visitors passing by.

We took a couple daytime excursions to places away from Waikiki Beach, to the other side of Diamond Head, and saw a different side of island life. Different but similar. The sea is the sea!

You can't see the Diamond Head lighthouse from Waikiki Beach, which is reason enough to get away and start wandering. I LOVE LOVE LOVE lighthouses!

Amy's special flower since her first visit to Hawaii 2 years ago is the Plumeria. I remember being in Hawaii with Bill many eons ago and buying Plumeria perfume. I guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree!

One of our day trips was to the Kahala Resort not too far away where we were able to see the dolphins playing around during an instructional class. It was almost as fun to be the spectators...

...And to see more of the natural island habitat they had on display there. Donica is the Turtle, you may remember. HONU is sea turtle in Hawaiian. They can grow to be as big as me and her.

Always there was time to meditate and to see others doing it as well. How can you NOT slow down in a place like that and just BE! Maybe next time I'll go back and leave my camera at the hotel some of the time!

In a couple more hours I will close the laptop and be off to the airport for my direct flight to AMS, arriving tomorrow morning at 7:30a. Donica is there waiting for me...3 weeks since we last saw each other in Hawaii. It will be good to be "home" again.

And I'm glad to say that I turned the corner on Thursday after my knee surgery and now feel on top of the world again. I will not overdo it, I promise, but I will push myself to get back to full range of motion once again. Thanks for all your care and best wishes!


  1. Beautiful photos Ginnie! I also LOVE lighthouses! Have a safe trip back to Amsterdam and give Donica a big hug from me :)

    In 9 hours I'll be on the plane myself- to Vienna and on to Toronto, camera in tow, and dreams of my new laptop in my head.

  2. Dit zijn ontzettend mooie foto's, ook de twee foto-albums zijn geweldig goed.
    All these pictures are a joy for the eye, so many pictures in such a short time, I am impressed, I love the PP-ing of some of the flowers, love it.
    I am glad your surgery went well and that you will be 'back in business' very soon.
    Wij gaan weer op foto-jacht samen, dat zijn dagen waar ik erg naar uitkijk.

  3. What incredible photos! I just saw some plumeria photos yesterday and thought, I need to go to Hawaii again!!

    I love your parrot photo the most.. Incredible shot!

    Ah back in the NL - I'm watching their soccer game currently.. Exciting to the say the least.. Brings back memories of Eindhoven.

  4. As always I'm loving the Hawaii pics. Glad to hear you turned the corner and your knee is feeling better. Don't overdo it!

  5. Beautiful shots, Ginnie! I remember the plumerias from Kenya and fell in love with the scent of these delicate flowers.

    I'm also glad to hear that your knee is getting better :)

  6. I just read an article in our local newspaper that the Hawaiian Royal Family has taken over the palace every day and is holding court. The "queen" is a direct decendent of the last King of Hawaii and she is pushing for reparations, including 7 trillion dollars! Good luck on that!

    Your pictures are sensational! I love the meditator on the narrow wall.

  7. T1: We both are now in our second homes, Kim! I know you love being back near your parents. Have a great visit and get a great new laptop!

    Astrid: You always make my day, lieve vriend. Such a supporter! Ontzettend bedankt. Now I'm back in Holland and soon we will have more photo hunts together. We are so lucky!

    ET: The parrot photo will be on my photoblog tomorrow, Monday. :) So glad you like it. :) Too bad Holland couldn't win their soccer match against Russia. Oh well. :(

    Karen: You're such a sweetheart. Thanks.

    CS: Sometimes it is the support of friends and family that does the healing more than anything else. Thanks for your support, Sandra.

    Don: WOW! You have read more than I have on this! It'll be interesting to see what happens. We'll have to catch up on so many things at the cottage...soon!

  8. SO glad your knee is doing what it's supposed to!

    What beautiful photos - I also remember the scent of the plumeria (we called it franjipani) from a couple of visits to Hawaii long ago.

    Wishing you a safe trip to Amsterdam too!

  9. Ohhh Ginnie, what a lovely report from this tropical adventure - the blogshere is such a great place: you report and I learn and experience and lot from yours and at the same time I can share about my Arctic adventures.

    Wishing you a safe trip 'home' and give Donica a big hug from me :-)

  10. You collected a stunning array of shots. Must have been a great trip.
    Take it easy on that knee.

  11. This is a rich collection of photos, the colors and the different types of island experience and life.

    So glad your knee is better! Yes, please take it easy. And I'm glad you and D are reunited after so long.

    Is that Amy in the last photo?? That's a beauty, that image.

  12. I really like the plumeria flower photo! It's pretty!

    Continue to take care of yourself and heal well. :)

  13. i have been away for long and am just catching up on your blog have so much going on in your life, make my dull life seem a-gazillion-times duller :)

    am glad your knee is doing better...please take good care of it and would have loved to see the wedding pics plz?? I have never been to hawaii and don't know when I will ....but loved seeing it through your lens :)

  14. Glad to hear that you're feeling on top of the world again! Great timing, before your travels, which you must be there by now and hopefully resting and enjoying the time together with Donica. I went to picasaweb and checked out all of your pics! Such wonderful memories.

  15. Your lovely photos of Hawaii made me feel very nostalgic. We stopped off there on the way home to Sydney from the US some years ago. My most lasting impression is of the clear water. Here we have so much surf that the clarity of the water isn't noticed. But in Hawaii we could stand on a cliff top and see shoals of fish way below. I have only been Blogging for a month and I'm fast becoming addicted. My Blog is called 'Rinkly Rimes'. Try it if you like nonsense.
    Brenda Bryant

  16. You've been busy while I was away, Hawaii and knee surgery and now You're back in Holland.
    I had 3 great weeks in England sponging off all my friends and relations!

  17. Ginnie,
    most important is your knee - to walk normal again. Right?
    I see where you have been and your photos are as allways a very good guide for us that did not where at the spots together with you.

    btw. Thanks for all the kind words and thoughts regarding the loss of Ruben. Believe me when I say your thougts have been of utterly importance to me - knowing bloggerfriends really understand and feels sorrow together with us.

    We are slowely coming back to normal life. It will take some time - how long is hard to say (may be never)-

    Have a great weekend

  18. How beautiful - how exotic to a Norwegian - how wonderful you've shared your trip with great descriptions and very nice pics (as always!)

    I guess you felt alive too ;-)

    Hope you knee are well (did not know - sorry!).

    Wishing you and Donna a great end to your week :-)

  19. Christina: Thank you, dear friend. My knee is getting better with every passing day!

    Renny: Oh yes. We get to travel with each other all the time!

    Michael: You are such a sweetie to stop by here. Thank you.

    Ruth: No, that's not Amy in the photo...have no idea who it is. But yes, we had such a great experience in Hawaii!

    Tim: Thanks a million!

    Moi: You are such a sweetheart to stop by again. Thanks you.

    Mad: You are such a good friend!

    RR: Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!

    Ex-S: I have LOVED your posts of England! WOW. What a wonderful experience for you.

    Tor: You have been in my heart and mind so I'm glad my thoughts have helped you. We are all in "this" together!

    Renny: You are always so sweet to stop by!

    Integrity: Thank you much, Bob!