Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Lucky Day

On my Shutterchance (SC) photoblog I have queued this photo for tomorrow (a muted version) for two reasons. No, THREE:

1). It's part of my Seoul series from our 23-hour transfer day in South Korea on our way home from Australia in May;

2). It's Lucky Bells on a pedestrian shopping street, and since tomorrow is Friday the 13th, my birthday, I want to be "superstitious" for a day; AND

3). I will be having a bucket-handle meniscus tear surgically removed from my left knee, yes, on my birthday, while Donica is in China. I have never had an UNlucky Friday the 13th birthday in my 63 years. This will be my 10th and I have no intention of changing my luck! :)

All of this reminds me that I have NOT told/shown you anything about Seoul, even though I've been doing a series of photos on SC. My bad!

So, here are some glimpses! We had a good 4+ hours to kill before getting on the plane again (after a good night's sleep in a hotel), so we decided to visit the nearby Gyeongbok Palace.

OMG! It was a feast for sore eyes. Actually, it was almost too much eye candy! But it could not be resisted and the camera just snapped away (as cameras are wont to do!).

We were lucky to see the changing of the guard, which had plenty of pomp and circumstance, of which this young-un is only a sampling. If you want to see more, please enjoy this entire Seoul album (130 photos).

On the same grounds as the palace is the National Folk Museum of Korea, where we spent about an hour. It was established by the US Military Government in 1945, the year I was born!

From the Folk Museum we walked to the nearby pedestrian street of Seoul's oldest outdoor shopping.

Vendors and artisans alike were selling their wares. It was delightful...

...and quite educational. Squid jerky, anyone?

I still have more of Australia to show you...AND HAWAII, of course. Please don't let me confuse you!! HA! (Lest I confuse myself!)

I plan to post about Hawaii mostly through Nicholas' eyes and NOT through the eyes of the wedding, for privacy reasons. IF you'd like to see the wedding album, just let me know (my e-mail address is in my profile) and I'll send it to you. It was a memory of a lifetime for all concerned, as you'd image.

In the meantime, have with me a great Friday the 13th tomorrow! Do you need a lucky bell?? :)


  1. Oh Ginnie - I LOVE LOVE those bells.. And Happy Friday 13th Birthday!!!!! I should remember your exact day better since we are nearly 6 months apart..

    And Seoul - wow what an exciting stop for only 23 hrs!!!

    I'd love to see the wedding photos and will email ya.

    Good luck with your surgery tomorrow...

  2. P.S. I just noticed something about the Gyeongbokgung Palace - There is a venue in a Vancouver Park - Vandusen Gardens with this same exact ornamental colors. Talk about Bizare! I must show you it!

  3. Van harte gefeliciteerd met jouw verjaardag (over 4 uur, tenminste, Nederlandse tijd).
    My dear Ginnnie happy birthday, happy Friday the 13th....and sterkte with the surgery, we could all use some lucky bells every once in awhile.
    These pictures are gorgeous again, it is like we just have to sit down and you show us the world through your eyes, thanks for sharing these, altijd, erg mooie foto's.
    Ik vind het altijd weer spannend om jouw foto's te bekijken die jij op je verre reizen maakt, meer dan je weet.

  4. I was going to wait until tomorrow to wish you a happy birthday, but since you'll be otherwise engaged I'll do it now: Happy Birthday, my dear friend! I KNOW it's going to a be a lucky day for you - VERY cool to have your birthday on Friday the 13th once again.

    Hope all goes well with the surgery. We'll be in touch - lots to report!

  5. Just wishing a Happy Birthday to a very special person!! Have a wonderful day.

    Hoping your surgery goes well - ofcourse I'm sure it will.

  6. Happy pre-birthday since you'll be busy tomorrow!

    I know you've been celebrating all the great things about your 63rd year!

    Luv u-

  7. Ginnie, I just love "traveling" with you - and you know I love your pictures! We'll be thinking about you tomorrow - both for a BIG Happy Birthday and for a very successful surgery. J & D

  8. Beautiful Seoul pictures, best wishes on the surgery and your birthday.

  9. Happy happy birthday Ginnie!! Best wishes to the moon and beyond!

  10. Happy Friday the 13th Birthday, Ginnie! I'm sure this day will bring you luck.

    As for the surgery, I had that 2.5 years ago... Nothing to worry about! You'll be up and walking in no time again :)

    Beautiful pictures of Seoul. I'll have to check the link.

  11. It's wonderful what you managed to do and see in such a short time in Seoul!

    Happy happy birthday, in spite of the surgery! And too bad D isn't with you, but she took care of you well from a distance.

    I don't know about a lucky bell, but we have one little brass one that was Mom's/Grandma's, and Don's thinking of using it to signal to the chickens when it's time to go back inside the coop. :)

  12. ET: I LOVED seeing your comparison to the Vancouver Park venue. It was amazingly similar. Thank you for that. It was a great memory for us to be there, even if for a few hours.

    Astrid: You had a head start on my birthday, and I thank you, lieve vriend. And you're right about lucky bells and all needing them every so often. :) And I just love it that I'm actually starting to understand Dutch. YAY! You are such a good teacher!!

    Christina: You are such a dear friend and sweetheart. Thank you.

    DW: You really know how to make my day! Thank you.

    Mrs. M: Thank you. Thank you. And see you soon!

    Judy: You are so very kind! I really appreciate YOU (and your perfect gift!).

    Susan: Thank you so much!

    Mad: Awww. I love that! Thank you.

    CS: Really! So if I have any questions, you'll be the first to ask. Thanks!

    Ruth: Yes, Donica has taken good care of me from a distance. A dozen red roses and decadent specialty cookies. :) I started laughing out loud when I pictured Don using the bell on the chickens. :)

  13. Gosh I'm LATE! But better late than never right?

    HAPPY DAY! I know everything will go smoothly with your surgery and you'll be up and running very soon.

    Sending you lots of love today,

  14. You sure packed a whole lot into a very short visit. Terrific shot, especially the bells. Surgery? I hope all went smoothly.

  15. Oh, Happy Bday Ginnie! I hope the surgery went well.
    LOL at the Squid Jerky!!!

    By the way i have been loving the Hawaii pics!

  16. T1: You are such a sweetheart, Kim. There's no such thing as being late when you come with love and care! Thank you.

    Ted: Thank you kindly. I am well on the road to full recovery!

    RD: You're a sweetheart, Stacey. Thank you so much.