Monday, March 30, 2009

At Face Value

# 741 GRAND CANYON Sheet of 50 2c MNH Stamps 1934.

That was the title of one of my recent sheets of stamps I listed on eBay. Did you get it? It's Scott's catalog #741 of our USPS sheet of 50 stamps from 1934, mint, never hinged, with a face value of 2-cents each. Since I start all my stamp auctions at face value, this auction was listed at $1.00. It ended selling for $11.02 plus S&H.

That got me thinking of face value. When we say we take something at face value, what do we mean?

The definition of face value has to do with the apparent/written value of something as opposed to its market value or real worth right now. Based on this definition, the face value of this sheet is $1.00 but its real value is $11.02.

So if I take YOU at face value, or you take MY SITUATION at face value, is it our way of reducing each other to the most objective, lowest common denominator without the added drama of our subjectivity? Is it in our best interest to see at face value instead of with our penchant for judgmental assessment? Or do we perhaps NEED to judge things in order to give them more worth than their face value?

I'll just let that hang there for awhile.....

In the meantime, I've been selling things on eBay like a mad woman (which I already mentioned a couple posts ago!). Today my 110th eBay auction sold and I've sold 13 books thus far on What's left is mostly philatelic stuff from my years of collecting. I can't take it with me, so I'm selling it. I'm lucky it still holds value...not only its face value but more. The nice thing about stamps is that you know what price to start at (since you can use stamps even from 1934 at their face value!)...and assume it'll only go up, if the stamps are old and scarce. The scarcer the better!

In between the listing and selling is the packaging up and mailing, which I actually love. The whole process from beginning to end is so ME.

At face value, you can safely say I'm having fun! For what it's worth, I'm very grateful to have a way of adding nickels and dimes to the coffers for when the house sells. Nothing new to add on that end of things...not yet. Maybe once I'm finished with eBay, the house will stop holding its breath and will say "Come buy me...for what I'm worth!"


  1. wow... You are sure going at em strong! Love the pics...

  2. I like your analysis of face value re how we look upon each others circumstances; that makes sense. Lovely post. I really do like seeing you do what you enjoy like this, and bring in some moolah too! It sounds therapeutic in some way.

  3. I'll have to have another go at selling "stuff" on Ebay, I think I was too greedy and put my starting prices too high. But at the moment I'm far too busy... I'm trying to renovate the kitchen, do my duty as co-producer of a variety show, sew dancers costumes, learn song words, go to rehearsals, clean up the back yard, and do the occasional babysitting and puppy sitting, so you can take all that at "face value"!

  4. ET: That's an understatement! :) I listed 43 sheets of stamps today!

    Ruth: Therapeutic is a good word, Sister. It even makes me tired enough to get a good night's sleep! :)

    Sham: The tricky part IS in knowing how to price things, for sure! On philatelic things, it's easy because I can look at the completed listings to see what they went for! Actually, you can do that for anything, which helps.

  5. Elke dag zie ik jouw enthousiaste gezicht nadat je weer iets verkocht hebt, dag in, dag uit, ben je bezig, ik weet hoe vermoeiend het kan zijn, maar ook hoe ver-wachtings-vol je uitkijkt naar de dingen die verkocht zijn, je mag trots zijn op jezelf, heel erg trots.
    Prachtige foto's bij een mooi verhaal, dank je wel dat je dit met ons wil delen.

  6. I'm glad you like the packing and shipping part, because that would totally deter me from selling things in this manner.

  7. Your really a net based business woman Ginnie - I'm amazed, also by your spirit and attitude. Therefore I'm happy for you too :-)

    Happy Easter!

  8. Wow.....some heavy stuff to think about...face are VERY informative.

  9. Astrid: Ontzettend bedankt voor jouw steun. Thank you for your support. You have been with me every day, watching me get through this mountain. Thank you. That means the world to me.

    Susan: I love the entire process from beginning to end. I could make a living doing this, seriously, especially without the pressure of a deadline.

    Renny: Thank you so much for your support!

    Sham: FINALLY, I have just posted again! :) Thanks for the gentle prod.

    Neva: HA! It's part of living, I guess, right?! :)