Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's a ZOO

Just when I think I'm getting my hands wrapped around something, another project presents itself in the same breath. And that's how it's been for several days now...maybe weeks.

One moving van has come and gone (was that really a week ago today!) and what's left has been moved and reorganized to make this house still presentable for selling. Nothing to add to that except that one lady has come back with a measuring tape to measure every room. That sounds promising except for the fact that her husband still needs to see exactly what she's measured!

Apart from that, I'm like a mad woman, scanning and taking pictures of everything I want to sell on eBay, (lots of books have already sold), Craigslist, and the flea-market and consignment stores. Do I really have that much stuff! (sigh) I've decided I definitely want to travel light into my next life!

In the meantime, I take care of Nicholas all weekend and look forward to some good grandma time.

BTW, any takers on the thumb toys above???


  1. I wish I could be selling more of my things in storage right now! As for the zoo, I'm traveling light in this life also...

    But they are really darn cute!

    Can't wait to see more photos from Nicholas's and your adventures.

  2. Measuring the rooms is a good sign :-)

    I'm sure, since you are such a great photographer, you will sell well!

    Hope you and Nicholas will have a great weekend.

  3. Ginnie - These guys are SO cute! I have one from when I was a child - younger then Nicholas - so you KNOW that's REALLY OLD!

    Enjoy your time with that special boy. Look forward to hearing all about it right here.

  4. They really are adorable. As I read what you wrote about eBay, I realized I need to send you a book on PDF someone just sent me!

  5. ET: I had so many things I knew I would sell eventually but had no idea it would be now. So I'm glad I'm finally doing it!

    Renny: Measuring DOES seem like a good sign...but you never know. The husband still hasn't seen the house, so that will be an even better sign. :) Maybe he will come at our Open House tomorrow (Sunday)? Thanks.

    Judy: These are newish but they're definitely a take-off of the oldies. I have always loved them! It's been a great weekend with Nicholas. We just got back from seeing "Race to Witch Mountain." :)

    Ruth: Thanks for the book, Ruth. I'm like a little kid when I sell on eBay. Watching the bids and when things sell, especially the Buy-It-Nows, is such a thrill. :)

  6. Glad to hear you are having some succcess on EBay, I tried to sell some stuff but I think I was too greedy with the starting prices. I'll have to try again.
    Does the house seem very empty now?

  7. moving certainly shows you how much stuff you really have, and also doesn't allow you to live in denial that you are a packrat! Those are really cute thumbkins. You could have a blog giveaway and whoever wins, just send them a dozen boxfulls of stuff!!

  8. Ahh, those darling little toys take me back to my childhood. I think I still have a giraffe around somewhere.

    Crossing my fingers for you that you'll find a buyer sooner than later and that everything will work out as planned.

    It IS nice to get rid of Too Much Stuff, isn't it? We form all these attachments to material things and it's amazing what we can do without if we really think about it.

    Here's to your next life! :-)

  9. How's the house sale coming along? Success yet?

  10. Sham: Actually, I'm having GREAT success! I feel like I'm a wild woman, getting everything listed. LOTS of old sheets of stamps, for one thing, and they're selling like hot cakes! The house seems very comfortable...the part I live in. The guest room is empty, as is the basement, but I'm hardly ever there, so it doesn't bother me.

    Don: I definitely will think twice before I buy something going forward! :) And you DO have a point about a blog give-away. I'm guessing you will NOT want to win! :)

    Christina: You are so right about what we can learn to live without! I keep something and a couple weeks later I decide I really don't need it. It's amazing! My feeling about the house is that the right buyer will come at exactly the right time. In the meantime, I'm trying not to panic, getting things sold as quickly as possible.

    Sham: We've had a couple of nibbles and one we thought might be a strong bite...but nothing yet that we know of. I really am confident that it will happen at the right time! I heard on the news last night that the mortgage rates are going down again, so maybe there will be good incentive...especially with Spring in the air.

  11. Ginnie maybe you could have some kind of blog giveaway contest for those little things!