Monday, March 02, 2009

Lil' Kicker #2

Just when I thought there were no more sports to try for awhile, along comes flag football for the Big Boy! And wouldn't you know, it's the one sport he REALLY gets! Soccer was okay; baseball was better; swimming wasn't competitive and too much like fun; but FOOTBALL is like...SERIOUS BUSINESS!

Nicholas, age 8-1/2, has now had two games, both of which I was able to attend. Luckily the games are indoors because today Atlanta had its first snow storm of the season. No problem. We all got there and back without a hitch, even though several schools are closed for tomorrow.

The center of attention...well, MY attention, that is.

Here in the foreground, he PAYS attention. Really, he does.

And somehow he always weasles himself in next to the coach's side, eyeballing the next play!

Today Nicholas was the ball-hiker on offense. At first he side-hiked the ball but throughout the rest of the game, he did it through his legs like a pro. So cute! See the size difference in these boys, ages 8-10! Not to worry though because he's one of the fastest on the team!

And even Donica was there today with her video camera and this YouTube for show-and-tell (keep your eyes on #2 because in the first play, he captures the flag!):

YAY for YouTube! If this works, this is my first attempt at posting a video. HA! An old dog doing a new trick...showing a new dog doing an old trick. I love it.

Here's a small photo album from the last two games (20 images). You know how we feel about kids and team sports: it's a valuable life experience, for all of us!


  1. It's so cute Ginnie, to see those big tough football coaches in the middle of all the kids! It's serious business isn't it!

  2. Oh that's fantastic! Wouldn't you know he'd like football! I was so happy Peter never got into it. :| I would have been the typical wimpy mom worrying about him getting hurt.

    Kudos to Donica on the video, and to you for youtube. Question, how did you get it to appear so large on your page? Same as enlarging a photo?

  3. RD: This is one game I was hoping he would NOT get into, Stacey, because of those big guys. But in flag football, there is no tackling, so right now I'm feeling okay. But then, both his dad and Dennis played football in high school and came out in one piece!

    Ruth: I was holding my breath that he would not get into football! BUT what can a poor g'ma say, right?! At least in flag football there's no tackling. That's good. It's actually fun to watch because Nicholas has a LOT of confidence and even the big boys are respecting him.

    When I went to copy the YouTube on the Internet, it had at least 4 size options to choose from and I clicked on the biggest "box." Let me know if you don't find it.

  4. Awesome, Mom! It's been so much fun watching Nicholas enjoy this new sport. As you've indicated, it's the first one in which he has exhibited so much confidence and enthusiasm. As Ruth said, of course I don't want him to get hurt. Perhaps because Dennis played it helps me feel more secure in the more positive aspects of the game. I'm just so glad that Nicholas is having so much fun. Thanks to both you and Donica for capturing the photos and the video!

  5. I have absolutely no clue about football except the big guys wear tight pants in assorted colours and they fall down a lot. And there's a big game at the end of Jan or sometimes the start of Feb and it's a good excuse for a party.
    OlderSon played as a teenager, but now he's more of a spectator. Good video... if I could only understand what they are doing.

  6. First of all, its great to see Nicholas is having so much fun! Secondly; I'm not that familiar with the sport, so the photos and your explanation was very interesting.

    Watching the vid was great too (congrats with the first one at YouTube!) made it even more interesting. Again it strikes me; you call that sport Football, while you mostly use your hands? :-)

  7. Oh I love all of the pics and Nickolas is so adorable next to all of those large guys. And I did think he would be faster than most of em!

  8. Nicholas looks like he has good foot work! He looks like a natural

  9. I used to love watching football until the grown up banging around got to me. But flag football would be fun, and because Nicholas is so precise in his attention and movements, he would be a joy to watch. All those other sports he's played no doubt contribute a great deal to his expertise!

    Amy's comment makes me feel better.

  10. Little boy seems to have found his future.
    That's great.
    Your photos are excllent.
    Let us hope little boy will end up even better as a football player.

    Tor the Viking;))

  11. Ginnie, Sorry to be so late in commenting....lots happening. Your photos make us feel as if we've actually seen him play! Thanks to you and thanks to Donica for helping us feel a part of a big new step for Nicholas. How exciting for us.

  12. How fun for Nicholas to have found "his" sport ... at least for now - we all know how quickly that can change ;) I guess the flagging replaced the tackling, which I find is a good thing. Great photos again, Ginnie, and thanks you to Donica for having provided the clip :)

  13. Amy: Nick also played and both he and Dennis are still in pretty good shape. So that IS good news! :) It really has been a joy to watch, 3 weeks in a row now.

    Sham: HA! I guess every country has its sport that someone has to learn to figure out. I grew up with OUR style of football, of course, so this one is easy for me.

    Renny: Well, I admit it IS strange to call it football since the kicking time is very minimal compared to the rest of the game, so you're right! :) Once you understand the game, it's great fun, trust me.

    ET: He is indeed very fast AND quick to spot what's going on to to go after the ball. I'm very proud of him.

    Don: I think you may be right about the "natural" part. Sigh. Makes you wonder where it will lead!

    Ruth: Exactly! I found out yesterday that some guys play FLAG football well into their adult years, which is better than getting beat up, for sure!

    Tor: That little boy is becoming a Big Boy faster than we think! :)

    Judy: You are one busy lady, I know, so you do not ever need to apologize! It's exciting for all of us to be his fan club and cheer him on every week! :)

    CS: Yes, we do know how quickly things can change. I have a feeling this one may last for awhile? :)

  14. isn't it amazing what floats ones boat? I hope he continues to enjoy this!