Wednesday, April 22, 2009


NO, I did not fall off the face of the earth. YES, I am alive and well. NO, the house has not yet sold. YES, I have finished scanning and listing my hundreds of sheets of USA stamps (see last post).

Now I am working on a lesser project that will go fairly quickly since I don't have to scan every sheet. I have hundreds of Souvenir Pages (SP), like this one, from 1972 - 2008...a SP for every stamp made by the USA. I will sell the pages in Lots by each year. Someone will buy them for their own collection or to sell individually on eBay. If I had the time, I'd scan and list them all myself, but that's too much effort right now. I'm not a glutton for that kind of punishment. Let someone else have the fun.

I also need to sell all my First Day Covers (FDCs) as a Lot as well. Someone will have fun selling them individually. eBay can be so much fun, if you have the time and the right material. Seriously!

Now, switch gears for a second...if you aren't faint of heart or one quick to disillusionment! A month or so ago I noticed that the shower in the master bath was not draining properly. So I went to Home Depot to get something like Draino to unplug it. But I first talked to a gentleman there who told me he prefers NOT to use chemicals on such nasty problems. He told me to start first with this nifty little gadget, called Zip-It, and see if it would do the trick (click to enlarge). And it was CHEAP. Under $2!

Do you think it did the trick???

So, now that you know I'm alive and well and basically finished with the BIG project of these days, please put out lots of Good Energy to the Universe for the sale of our house. Every day, as I finish more and more stuff, I am releasing it to whomever will buy it.

My rule of thumb: always surround any NO with as many YESes as possible.

And now in the next days I will come catch up on YOU and what's happening in YOUR life. So sorry it's been so long....


  1. Yes it's been way too long. I hope you are also enjoying the outdoors and taking lots of photos. P and I are off to California for my brothers wedding...

    We want to move out of our place soon too and get all of our stuff OUT of storage...

  2. urgh. maybe jimmy needs to get that device. i hate helping him clear our drains, my long hair is a reoccuring issue, it grosses me out. but if he has this little tool, he can do it all by himself.

    I'll put all my good energy out that you have a good sale soon. Such a tough time to have to be selling.

    Hope to see you back here more often!

  3. Go Ginny Go!

    Cleaning traps is such an adventure. I'm glad you discovered that nice tool. I usually use a bent coathanger.

    That house will sell and very soon.

  4. Unclogging drainage is probably once of the yuckiest thing to do in cleaning.

    As for your house, here's a major wave of good vibes coming your way. And if this helps: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, no, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

    I think that's a good start :)

  5. So how does this 'Zip It' device work? I see the package, I see the result, but not what goes on in between.

    In the meantime, best of luck selling your house. Hopefully the warmer weather will have a good effect.

  6. Ik moest wel een beetje lachen, al die grijze haren.......erm.....
    Maar die Nederlandse molen kan natuurlijk niet ontbreken op een postzegel.....wonen in een molen lijkt me wel leuk...maar dan moet ik wel de jackpot winnen.
    Succes in de strijd, het was een groot project, maar zoals gewoonlijk ben je tot het eind doorgegaan, je kan trots zijn op jezelf!!!!
    Heel veel lieve groeten.
    Succes met de vertaling........brede glimlach.

  7. I think I may have to go in search of one of those nifty little drain unplugging tools, my drains are OK right now but you never know what might occur, and it's alwats good to "Be Prepared", as the Boy Scouts say.
    Sorry to hear the house hasn't sold yet, but stay positive, it will. Hope you have the perfect buyer on the way.

  8. In certain southern sub-cultures, it is considered entirely appropriate to bury a statue of St. Joseph - upside down - in your lawn. St. Joseph because he's patron of households, upside down because - well, who knows.

    But there are reports of success. House sells in three days, five days, whatever. Bet you could find a statue on Ebay, cheap!

  9. That drain is ugly, I'm glad you didn't put it on shutterchance Ginnie!
    A DIY tip right here on your blog. :-)
    And now the next trip to HD, I've got to pick one up. Amazing how some of the most cost effective tools make life so much easier.

  10. Shammickite ~ I really don't know why the upside down, and apparently there are differences in opinion. Some say it makes St. Joseph work even harder. At any rate, there's a rather enjoyable little synopsis here:

    And Ginnie, in case you're wondering, I found you through Ruth's blog ;-)

  11. Oh! Linda from Shoreacres is here! Nice!

    Dear sister, a great accomplishment! The stamps - AND the drain. I'm proud of you.

    And as for YESes and NOs, I just read - well haven't finished yet - a wonderful interview with a psychologist in The Sun whose research is on positive emotions. In several studies they've narrowed down the dynamics of negative vs positive to the tipping point, i.e., how many positives in ratio to how many negatives does it take to create good chaos that is impetus for new creativity? The data show that it takes four positives to one negative for something creative to result. Does that make sense? I thought of it in relation to raising children and wish I'd known it back then.

    I love you!

  12. I really hope that all your No's become Yessssssssss soon, Ginnie! I have to read about your stamp project..i will on the earlier post...and that zip-it looks like something i may need in future.....

    take care, Ginnie.......keep the hopes alive!

  13. Sending out tons of Good Energy to the Universe for You and cross my fingers and toes as well!

    Happy Weekend :-)

  14. ET: I need to check out your blog to see if you have written about the wedding. What a milestone for you...and him!

    Mad: The gadget is well worth every penny, so I'm glad if Jimmy can get it for you! And thanks for your energy. I'm just about at the point where I can let it all go...finishing up the selling on eBay and Amazon! Finally.

    Don: All those barbed hooks are the magic...much better than a coat hanger! But use anything that works, of course!

    CS: I LOVE all your yeses. THANK YOU!

    Karen: What happens is that when you pull the gadget back up through the drain, all those barbed hooks grab the hair! It really works! Now that all my selling on eBay and Amazon is ending, I am starting to release the house to the Universe. I'm ready!

    Astrid: Ik ben zo trots op ME, I must say, lieve vriend. Ontzettend bedankt. :)

    Sham: To be honest, I haven't been ready for the house to sell yet, so it has not been a disappointment for me! I have needed the time to get things sold rather than just give everything away. I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now and am ready to release the house!

    SA: HA! That sounds like a deal. I'm just about ready! :)

    Sham: Good question! :D

    Bob: I knew it would gross somebody out! HA!

    SA: How fun to get an education on my own blog! THANKS! And don't you just love it when we find each other through other blogs! Did you know Ruth is my kid sister???

    Ruth: So now I know her name. :D 4 to 1 on the Positive vs Negative scale makes sense to me, Sister. If we all used it, there would be tipping points all over the world!

    Moi: My hopes are very alive and well! I'm coming out of a long tunnel and see the light of day once more! Thanks.

    Renny: I rely on your energy! Thanks.

  15. I have a drain that needs some serious help so I am off to find this gadget....I will let you know if it works...hope all is well with you and the house sells.

  16. Marketing rule:
    One negative requires 12 positive to retain reputation

  17. Ginnie - not the wedding. This was the landing date! It was picked by the government, where I have to go in and be sworn in or something... And then they congratulations...

    By the way, today is your birthday! Happy bday today.. I just realized it's nearly been a year since you guys had a wedding in Hawaii! One year already..

    Time sure flies!