Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Blind Leading the Blind

NO, I am not dead. YES, I had my birthday last week and turned 64. NO, the house has not sold. YES, the housing activity is picking up, according to our realtor. YES, I'm still totally trusting the process and timing of everything. YES, there is always something to keep me busy (like weeding and mulching this week). YES, YES, YES. Always more YESES than NOES.

Now, let me tell you why I got so excited today and immediately became jazzed about posting it.

This was the image I posted yesterday on my Shutterchance (SC) site, from when we were in Brussels, Belgium, last July, 2008. I mentioned that it was my favorite of all the statues/fountains I saw in Brussels but I couldn't find out what it depicted or who sculpted it. Several commenters thought they were meterologists, checking on the rain/humidity!

Then a commenter from South Africa, who has a Dutch wife, told us what it is: "Postuurke van Den Blinde" or Parable of the Blind. THEN I was able to Google it and found out that it's based on the 1568 oil painting of Pieter Bruegel of the Parable of the Blind....depicting the blind leading the blind. The sculptor of this fountain in Brussels is Jos de Decker, and in this link, you can see how small it is.

The beauty of the Internet and of blogging is that the world really is at our fingertips! It just amazes me. Okay, yes, it's sometimes like the blind leading the blind, I know, but more often than not, you can find the information you want within hours, if not minutes!

BTW, if you wonder if I'm still alive or what's happening, please check me out at my SC site, where I am more faithful in posting. It doesn't give my whole life'e story but it does give you snippets of what's happening.

Now I will go check out YOU! I promise....


  1. Wow it is tiny. That Bruegel painting is stunning, isn't it. And it really clarified the sculpture for me.

    Blogging really is incredible for what it opens up, as well as the Internet period. What's happening in Iran with Twitter is just freaking fantastic!

  2. Het is een heel klein, maar mooi beeldje, we hebben er een paar keer om heen gelopen.
    Dank je wel voor deze informatie en ik zag aan je ogen dat je ontzettend enthousiast bent dat je het hebt gevonden.
    Welkom terug in bloggerland....

  3. You know what Ginnie, I've been wondering where you went - and I never thought to check your SC blog because I lost the link! Thanks for that - now I'm off to see your wonderful pics

  4. I've seen that statue myself - yea, you know I'm often in Brussels.

    Good to know you experienced the power of Blogshper and got this info details - you see, even if seeing the statue, I did not know all that much about it.

  5. Ruth: It really IS tiny, which is part of the appeal of it for me. And it was basically at eye level. You are so right about what's happening in Iran. I've been thinking of that as I've watched the news every night this week!

    Astrid: I'm so glad that you have seen this with your own eyes! You know exactly why it's so special to me. Bedankt, MLMAMV.

    RDuckie: So glad you now can find me on SC, Stacey! When all else fails, go there! :)

    Renny: I just love the Internet and the wealth of info at our fingertips! It really is amazing when you think of what we had to do to get it in our youth!

  6. I love it when you finally figure things out like that too! It's happened to me many times. :) And yes I do check in to SC to see all of the photos...

  7. It's such a whimsical sculpture, i think it's pretty cool, too! and that is one of my favorite things about the internet, the ability to find the answer to almost everything. love it!

  8. ET: Thanks for checking in on my other site. That means a lot to me!

    Mad: You can just imagine what will be at our fingertips 25 years from now!

  9. It's good to know that you still update your blog occasionally! Too bad about the house not sold yet, but I think the housing market is improvinf. A couple of houses near me have been for sale since last summer, and I see they have both sold in the past 3 weeks.
    The little sculpture is lovely, isn't it amazing what you can find out from the internet? The best invention ever!

  10. Sham: Occasionally! (sigh) I have another post in the soon a the tree cutter cuts down the last of 5 oaks! And over this past weekend, we had 2 more families check out the house, one of which seemed very interested. We'll see. Thanks for any positive energy you put out there for us these days!

  11. How fun you found out so fast...I love the saying..the blind leading the blind...good to know someone else thinks/thought so too!

  12. OH and a very Happy belated birthday wish from me to you!

  13. Happy Canada Day, Ginnie! Oh, and happy 4th of er, um, some day that's important to you people down south... coming up soon I think?

  14. Ginnie,
    where the heck have I been in the past?
    Working, working, working.
    And I did say nothing about:
    Wellcome after to 64.

    Should I be ashamed? yeah. Because you are you.

    btw. What's the adress for your SC-site?

  15. Neva: THANK YOU! :) I DO like that saying because so often that's exactly what we're all part of, often without even knowing it!

    Sham: Yes. I actually quite like it that our two special days are so close together. :) It seems appropriate, since as countries we're friends.

    Tor: You and I are the same age, so when we say happy birthday to one of us, it's like saying it to both of us. :D Thanks, Tor. I know you're "with" me.

    My SC site has a link in the top-left corner of this blog, right under the About Me profile.