Thursday, March 25, 2010

You Can't Walk on One Leg

First of all, it's my turn again at Vision & Verb and if you really want to understand what this title is all about, that's where you'll have to go to find out. Clue: it has more to do with Dutch idioms than with this black sheep grazing somewhere around Buren, Holland. Second clue: it has more to do with generosity than how fit you are!

Now, to the post at hand. This past weekend was gonna be real iffy when it came to Granny Towanda and if we'd have a date with her. It was predicted to rain the entire weekend so we basically decided not to do another photo hunt. However, come Saturday morning with only cloudy skies greeting us, we spontaneously went for it. Another outing nearby, all of 77 km (48 miles) to Culemborg and Geldermalsen...followed by lots of rain later that night.

First stop was Culemborg, where the water tower greeted us as we entered the city. Astrid knows by now that I will always ask her to stop Granny Towanda so I can take a picture...this time from the car window. It's the larger of the two cities at 12 sq. miles and approx. 28K inhabitants. Its market square is large and historic, known most for two things: it's Binnenpoort gate and its Town Hall as seen in this collage below (click on collage to enlarge).

Between Culemborg and Geldermalsen, driving along the back roads, we passed this church on the side of the road in Buurmalsen. In 2006 the town had 1,058 inhabitants. These towns may not be big but they sure do have big churches!

Geldermalsen, less than half the size of Culemborg, with 10,551 inhabitants in 2007, and with barely a smidge of a market square to speak of, gave us two delights. First, a place for a nice cuppa koffie at Le Mélangeur Koffie Thee Choco Vlaai café. Out in front of the shop is this delightful statue of three dancing ladies. I think of the Three Graces but have no clue what it's called or who the artist is. Note to myself: Google will not always help you find what you are looking for, so write it down while you're there...or take a picture of the plaque!

The outside statue is above; the café's mural is below, right next to where we sat on the left.

Besides the statue and refreshing koffie break, Geldermalsen's De Bouwing windmill filled us up for the rest of the day before returning home. Luckily it was open to visitors, so we had the chance to stroll around and talk to the ladies [wo]manning the shop. We even bought some corn meal that was ground by the mill and are eager to try it out. Incidentally, one lady told us that the woman who runs the working mill in Holland, Michigan, is the only female miller outside of Holland. I have 3 siblings who live in that Holland, so that bit of trivia is delicious!

The top-left pic in this collage is actually De Hoop windmill in Culemborg. But all the other pics are of De Bouwing mill in Geldermalsen. You know me. I can't ever get too much of them. So soulful to me!

As a side note, THANKS to sister Ruth for getting me hooked on where I have access now to collage-making. I've needed it for a long time because of how many pictures I take. I will continue to make my photo albums for me, to document the trips. But these collages will help you, I do believe. You can see my photo album of this trip here.

Don't forget to go to Vision & Verb if you want to find out about the title of this post. You really CAN'T walk on one leg! That's why we had to go to both Culemborg and Geldermalsen.


  1. Ginnie, I love Holland, in part thanks to your travelogues and wonderful photos. I've been there only once, and would happily spend a lot more time there.
    The Holland. Mich. coincidence is pretty amazing! I'm going to wander over to Vision and Verb to see what you've said there. This was a delightful post!

  2. oops!!! I thought that first comment had been lost!

  3. Ginnie,
    you see and observe details that most people overlook or even do not think about.
    On Sunday noon we arrive the Weeze Airport. I don't think we have been so close to each other ever; but, you know - we don't meet this time.
    But, there will be a chance in the near future. Right?

  4. amazing photos, love them!!! I love the collages too.

  5. Deborah: LOL at all 3 comments. I love it. Your words are very kind and I thank you for them. Let me know if you ever plan to see Holland again. I'm love to meet you! :)

    Tor: So close but so far. I hate it. But that only gives me hope for one day in the near future, YES. Don't know when but it WILL happen, for sure.

    ET: The collages are a blast, Jen. It's amazing how when you find the right tools you can simplify life!

  6. Ginnie , it is always nice to visit you....They grow them tall as well! I hope all is going well for you...I love your collages! I think I will check it out...thanks for stopping by...I love your visits and I love visiting!

  7. Wonderful. The collages are perfect! The first one is beautifully balanced, and I love the green theme.

    Those three ladies - in both the sculpture and the painting - are fetching. I know what you mean about photographing the plaque - so often I forget.

    It's a bonus when you don't think you'll go out, then you do, and the day is so fulfilling. Bless you and Astrid for making the most of it.

  8. Neva: I am thrilled with the Picnik software and know you will be, too. It's the Premium package, for which you have to pay, but totally worth it, in my estimation! Good to see you again.

    Ruth: Thanks again, dear sister, for putting me onto Picnik. I am so thrilled with the program. It will make such a huge difference going forward. I knew you would love the 3 ladies. They remind me of someone I know. :D Now I can hardly wait to show what we found yesterday while we were out-n-about!

  9. This was a delightful outing and your pictures are lovely. My daughter Celine placed the program on my computer for the collages I use and I don’t know what it is – she is abroad right now. I like your collages and shall look into Picnik as sometimes I cannot get the right shapes in my collages. It is nice to have collages though when there are too many pictures to show. I like the mural in the coffee shop – very nice. Tulips should start to come out, no? Years ago we went to Keukenhof – the fields of tulips were gorgeous. I had a film camera then, so the pictures are not great, but I just received as a present a little machine which makes slides and 38 mm prints into digital photos, so it will help.

  10. Now you've done it again; amazed me with your eye for taking photo and composing a collages - this was great art Ginnie - thanks for sharing!

    Btw: Sorry I haven't been around that much lately as I am very busy at work and also make the best plan for the Oslo Blog Gathering (we will miss you!).

  11. Vagabond: You and Ruth both were the ones who made me realize how collages would help my cause, so I'm so glad I finally found something that works for me! The Keukenhof tulip festival has already started and will last till May 16. We definitely plan to go before it's done and over with. Can hardly wait, and of course you will see the pics!

    Renny: Your words are always so kind. Thank you. And re Oslo in August, it’s the timing more than anything. When everything calms down, I know we WILL make it to you and Tor together one day! Our little Granny Towanda will have so much fun trying to find you. :D