Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life is a Journey

Today I start my Dutch-learning class at Da Vinci College here in our city of Gorinchem, Holland.
Today is also my turn again at Vision & Verb where I spell out a bit more what this is all about.

Bottom line: we are never too old for this Journey called LIFE.
And don't let anyone tell you differently!


  1. Goed Morgen-- Good luck with your Dutch class.

  2. (This JUST showed up in my Bloglines today - soooo slow!) I've been thinking about you lately and wondering how you were getting along adapting to your new home. I bet you'll learn perfect Dutch in no time. I can understand quite a bit when I read it since it seems (to me) to be so close to both English and German, but hearing someone speak is something quite different. Hope you're enjoying every minute!

  3. heading over to read you at v & v.

  4. I read many times that learning a new language when you retire, or at least when you are in the senior years, is one of the best way to keep a sharp mind. Your mind is already sharp, so it’s going to be razor sharp, really.

  5. Adam: Thank you ever so much for stopping by and commenting! It was a good first day yesterday. Not too overwhelming. :)

    Christina: Actually, "today" was the day I posted it, so you weren't late at all. :) I had to laugh at your comment because the Dutch and Germana alike do NOT want to think their languages are similar. HA! But I totally agree with you. Because I know a bit of German, the Dutch has seemed much easier to learn. Hearing it spoken IS different, yes, but even that is starting to make sense to me. There is hope.

    Margie: Thanks, dear lady.

    Vagabonde: HA! I love your vote of confidence. And if anyone is an inspiration to me, it is certainly YOU! :)

  6. Wonderful photograph, Ginnie! Is it yours? (Yes, of course it is, you nit. Ginnie doesn't need to use anyone else's, ever.) I'm on my way to V & V

  7. ....Heel veel succes met het Nederlands leren, after you being at class for two days and hear your stories, I know you will do more than good.
    We zijn nooit te oud om te leren.
    Ik ben trots op jou

  8. Deborah: HA! You sure made me laugh with your comment. Yes, it does happen to be mine, when you put it that way. :)

    Tor: Always my big fan! :)