Monday, August 20, 2012

A Saturday Out-n-About Joy Ride

After day-in and day-out of working, without any photo hunts in between, Astrid and I will sometimes decide to just go out-n-about on a Saturday, just for the halibut.  Especially if that's the Saturday we're planning to visit our favorite pannenkoeken restaurant out in the middle of nowhere!

So, a week ago Saturday, that's exactly what we did.  And what follows, in order, is exactly as it happened.  I should first mention that Astrid drove one of her Sunday bike routes to show me what she sees.

This is the Scheiwijkse Molen in Hoornaar from 1638, also someone's home out in the polder.
It's a hollowpost/wipmolen mill used to drain the polder of the Netherlands doesn't drown!

We so happened to have parked our car next to a canal where this guy was fishing.
Did I ever tell you Astrid loves to fish?  Well, so do I.
We just haven't done it together yet!  One day....

No sooner did we get back in the car, we saw this ice-cream cone at the side of the road.
There's no better ice cream than what you can buy at a farm in the Netherlands.
Astrid says they are very highly regulated and inspected!
All ice creams we buy are €1 per "one-ball" cone.  How can you say NO!  (We didn't!)

Our eyes were peeled as we drove slowly so that Astrid could stop on a dime when we saw something,
like these neighbors who came visiting with their Shetland ponies...
and graciously allowed that strange woman with her long lens to take pictures.
This is what you do on Saturday, of course, here in the Netherlands out in the polder.
Do you visit your neighbors on Saturdays?

That's also when we saw these dogs on the boat and I exclaimed:
"This is the Life of Riley!"
(click any image/collage to enlarge)

Don't you just love roadside produce stands!
No, we didn't buy anything...but we should have.

I've shown you the Meerkerk water tower before from 1936,
but the sundial was new to me, as were the girls playing in the field!

That's when we stopped and ate lunch at Onder de Pannen in Leerbroek.
If ever you come visit us, we will take you there.  We promise!

Back in the car and on our way home...we HAD to stop on a dime.
This man and cow were coming towards us in the middle of the road.
Since we had to stop, we watched him take Bessie to the barn to do his/her thing...
while that strange woman with her long lens snapped away from the car window.
Then we waved, said dank je wel, and were on our way.

As we drove into our city, Gorinchem, and passed the Jewish cemetery (for the umpteenth time),
I said to Astrid (for the umpteenth time) how much I wished we could get in to see it up close.  
It is always locked at the front gate when I pass it to my bi-weekly grocery store.

And just like that, Astrid stopped on aother dime, we got out of the car and found a back gate open.
The cemetery was founded in 1814 and has 134 tombstones.  I sure wish I knew Hebrew!

Remember the military vehicles we went to see awhile back?
A guy who lives on the edge of the cemetery tinkers around with them.
Like with the fisherman earlier in the day, Astrid had a nice chat with him.
Don't you love it!  Saturday neighbors.

And of course, here's all the weathervanes from just one out-n-about.
I'm in love with them.  I call them the cherry on top of a great day!

All on a Saturday's joy ride through the countryside while out-n-about!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

On Wednesday Astrid and I fly to America, first to Michigan for nephew Peter's wedding on The Farm (remember his sister's wedding there 3 years ago?) and then to Atlanta for my kids, grandson and friends.  Back on Saturday, 8 September.  Astrid is so ready for a loooong vacation, and I with her!  

Travel mercies to one and all...and stay cool!


  1. Ahh, what joy to find these treats close to home. I'm in love with that charming house-shaped display shelf on the produce stand! What are those green fruits/veggies? Oh! maybe they're cukes; from the end they look round. :-)

    We will try not to work you and Astrid too hard this week! After all, Astrid badly needs some rest. Well, maybe we can have her do all the wedding signs, now that we have her earmarked for calligraphy. ;-)

    Can't wait!!

    1. Actually, Ruth, those augurken are small cucumbers for pickling. How fun, right? :)

      Astrid knows she will have plenty of time to do nothing after the wedding. Me, too. Anything we can do to help you get ready for the wedding is our gift to you, including the calligraphy. We are sooooo excited! 2 more days!

  2. This is about right. When I have my bike rides on the Sunday morning, I am short of eyes too. I am glad I could take you where I go with the bike. There are more trips to come. I love the collages. The weather vanes are just priceless.
    I am more than happy to do my thing for the wedding. It will be fun.
    Two more days...... :)

    1. I love these short trips as much as the longer trips, really!. There is always something to see. And you never know when a cow will be standing in the middle of the road!

      Two more days! We are so ready! Thank you.

  3. I am in awe of your Saturday morning. And you know, when asked the other day where I would travel overseas... I didn't hesitate! I said "Netherlands". But... it isn't in the cards for a long time... college payments are looming large these days. :) Enjoy your trip - I'm so excited for you.

    1. You're a sweetheart, Margaret! I hope we're still living here when you ARE able to visit this incredible country because we will want to show you around. Nothing like going off the tourist path to see the real thing!

      Thanks for your trip wishes. TOMORROW. Yes, we've been counting the days for a long time and finally it's almost here. Astrid works this one last day and then will have VACATION! Me, too, of course. :)

  4. I always love joy rides! :) Lovely pics.. And already having fun seeing your pics from the states.

    1. Joy rides are so fun, Jen, especially when you have no expectations! :) Now that we are in Michigan, we are thoroughly enjoying the family we've seen thus far, including that precious little great nephew James!

  5. Another set of marvelous collages... I especially am taken with the roadside farm stand... all the images in that collage are extra special and go together so nicely!

    1. Thank you, Victoria. You're really busting a leg to get caught up here, which I really appreciate.

  6. Just wanted to let ya know that I've been enjoying reading your blog today catching up on everything!! I hope you're having a wonderful time in Michigan for your nephew's wedding. I can't wait to read all about it.

    1. Thank you, Mad, for being persistent with these comments. I do appreciate your support!