Monday, September 17, 2012

The 2012 Michigan Trip and the Farm Wedding

So, continuing on from my last post, where we were in pre-wedding prep, here's how the Farm Wedding played itself out once the guests started arriving.

They parked in the lot adjacent to the farm, thanks to the neighbors.
See sister Ruth's surprise when her best friend Inge arrived wearing the same color dress.
Ruth is the mother of the groom.  Nelson, our brother (lower left), is the oldest of our tribe.
And that's Astrid on the right talking with Inge, whose country of origin is Germany.
I call this The Blue Dress Symphony!

From the parking lot on the way to the ceremony meadow or reception tent was the Guest Bench.
Can you imagine "having and holding" such a remembrance!

 For those early enough, there was a Happy Hour at the reception tent area...

...while The Purple Carrot caterers were setting up the reception.
Did I mention Andrea the Bride works for them!
Look how fun their Purple Carrot Truck Facebook page is!
Smithsonian Magazine named them one of the top 20 food trucks in the United States.  WOWSER!

Someone had to nudge us to head on over to the meadow for The Wedding!
It was a warm day but the chairs had been set up to catch as much of the shade as possible at 5:30p.
Inge's son Piet, one of Peter's former guitar students, set the musical stage for us.
At one point Brian, the officiator and Peter's band partner, told us we needed to wait a bit longer
for some very important guests:  Peter's g'ma and g'pa!  DUH!
While waiting, we got re-acquainted with my family members, both in front and behind us.

THEN the ceremony began!
Is that not one happy groom or what!
And Ruth, mother of the groom, gave her moving Blessing from the Meadow.
The Blue Dress Symphony...again.

After the ceremony, the recession from the meadow to reception tent
was a magical meandering on the winding path through the woods,
reminding me of the walk taken by the Wood Elves in the Lord of the Rings.

Before the reception began, the two fathers planted the Peach Tree.
Three years previously a Plum Tree had been planted for Lesley and Brian's wedding.
And it's still going strong!

Time to eat!

Time to hob-nob!
(click any collage to enlarge)

Time for the First Dance...
which was momentarily stolen and then given back.

Time for everyone to dance....
Did you notice Ruth's Blue Dress Symphony again?
(from beginning to end)

Time for Astrid and me to dance (thanks for Paul's photos!).

And here's a god-honest story about that:
unbeknownst to Astrid, her watch stopped at 9:12p,
so when she looked at it at almost 11p, she thought the night was still young!
It was...and we danced like no one was watching!

What a fabulous wedding!  What a happy couple!
Few couples I know were so made for each other, from everything we heard.
Astrid and I are not the only ones!  :)


  1. Love all of this! The bride and groom are so adorable!

    1. You would have been in heaven at that farm wedding, Robin! And yes, the bride and groom are totally adorable!

  2. They both looked so happy and they were so totally relaxed. An amazing couple. From what we heard, they are made for each other.
    It was a fabulous celebration, everything was so good. Dancing was great, do did so well!!! (I can still laugh about my watch..)
    Wonderful, wonderful post again. This memory lives on forever. Every time I see the pictures, I re-live the moment.
    Thank you, MLS.

    1. You are so welcome, of course. These are the memories we can keep with us for a long time! Thank you for sharing them with me.

  3. You manage to see everything, and then show everything, so perfectly! Many have said how grateful we are for the prep pictures as much as those during the event. And I can never thank you enough for catching Inge and me in that moment in the parking field! I will get one of them framed for posterity.

    1. Oh, Ruth. Your words are so sweet and kind. Thank you. This is my great pleasure, of course. All of it. Let me know and I'll get you the full resolutions to the pics you want of you and Inge!

  4. Time has flown... I thought this was the first week you were back and I carved out time to enjoy and low and behold... two weeks worth of posts. Last night I enjoyed the preparing post and just now, this one. Fantastically beautiful gathering of family and friends and I think this is how ALL weddings should be. Homey and full of love. So many people get caught up in the crazy expensive ... and I'm sure this wasn't inexpensive, but it certainly was unique, relaxing, and it looks to me like it was a big warm hug!!!! What a way to start a new life together! (9:12 pm ... ha ha)

    1. You couldn't have nailed it better, Margaret! It was absolutely everything you just described! Thanks for backtracking also to the pre-wedding post. :)

  5. I enjoyed your post about visiting neighbors on Saturdays. Here in Cobb County, unless you know the neighbors well, you would never stop (it would be too dangerous…). We are closer to the town of Kennesaw where having a gun is the law – people have been shot just by ringing a door bell… The pictures of the farm are dynamite! I think that baby James is being kissed too much, what about his skin (lol.)
    The weather looked perfect for the wedding and your photos bring us there. What a coincidence to chose the same shade of blue – Ruth and her friend have similar taste – they both look great. The bride is so pretty – is she from Georgia? As soon as I saw her picture I knew I had seen the dress before. I saw almost the same one, on cloggers in Helen, Ga the last time we were there – it is a clogger dress for sure and it is so cute – she looks good in it. I also saw a clogging group in Ellijay with similar dresses, but pink lace, and with boots like that too – but white, just a bit shorter – very feminine. To have a pastry chef in the family – the cake and cupcakes look so yummy. This is a charming wedding to remember – thanks for sharing your photos.

    1. I love sharing these photos, Vagabonde, as you know by now. And yes, in GA you wouldn't always want to randomly meet your neighbors. But here in the Netherlands, especially out in the polder, the neighbors really are your friends.

      The farm wedding was in Michigan, and Andrea, too, is from there. I have no idea where/how she found her dress but it sure was fun, wasn't it! I LOVE the cowboy boots. So practical out on the farm while walking around. I think we all wished we had them! :)

      There is so much talent in our family, especially as we keep adding new members, it's almost a sin! :)

  6. They managed to make the same setting for the wedding their very own! Amazing, looks like totally different wedding. I remember the pics from the other one. And I love the color of your outfit, Ginnie!

    1. Yes, indeed, Susan. It made a difference, I think, that in the first case Ruth and Don were parents of the bride and in the second parents of the groom. That tells you just about everything. :) Thank you.

      That outfit of mine has been around for a long time...a neon green or granny-smith-apple green, and made from silk. It's become a standby...used over and over again. And as you know, I don't give a hoot if someone else sees it on me twice! :)

  7. What do you know... I made it to this post before your next one appears! ;-) I had a feast for the eyes with all these 'people' collages! It does look as though folks had a marvelous time and the weather cooperated. I too love the color of your outfit and your attitude... if you look good in it (and you do)... then keep wearing it! :-) The blue lady collage that starts this off is marvelous... and Astrid with her ever present red jacket (not the usual one, I'm sure) adds a welcome spot of a different color! I wonder what tomorrow's post will bring? :-)

    1. You tickle me to no end, Victoria. :) It was so warm that day neither one of us could wear our tops. Mine was behind its chair the whole evening. But yes, so many great colors for such an important event. THANK YOU.