Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gorinchem's 2012 Botenbeurs = Boat Auction

So, did you notice I didn't post this past Monday, my usual day?  HA!

Well, there's method to the madness, of course, because through a series of very fortunate adventures, I'm posting today (Wednesday) at Vision and Verb instead of next Monday, my assigned date.  And that's because we enjoyed the pleasure of Robin's company this past weekend...our second overnight guest here in the Netherlands in 3 years!  She's flying home today, her day to post at V&V, so I swapped with her.

Read more about that at V&V...and tune in next week when I'll give the whole shootin' kaboodle.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Today's post is about our Gorinchem city's 25th  Botenbeurs (= Boat Auction) which happens every fall.  This one happened on Saturday, 29 September, the weekend before Robin came.

 It so happens that on this particular day, boats of all kinds are lined up along the canal for sale.
More boats than you can shake a stick at!
If you're into boats, there's plenty of eye candy.

If you squint, you might see TE KOOP = For Sale. 
But there was plenty else to check out and buy if you Poffertjes...DVDs...

 ...and bike bells.  How fun is that!

 As we followed the canal to Gorinchem's inside harbor,
we gave a nod to our Grote Kerk, always a bit tipsy while watching over us.

As harbors go, it doesn't get much better than this, as far as I'm concerned.
Of course, I'm prejudiced.  I love where we live!
And that Saturday was a glorious day.

Then, after crossing over the locks that control this inside harbor from the outside Merwede River,
we saw it...what we had come to see...

... a replica of the 1703 Russian, 3-masted Shtandart frigate.
It was a big deal to have it visit us as part of the boat-auction festivities.

 And all just a hop, skip, and a jump from our apartment!
See why I love this place?!

As if all that whetted her appetitie, on the way home we stopped at the open market 
where Astrid indulged in one of her life's pleasures:

Raw herring!  
It's like an angel peeing on the tongue, or so she says.
Thanks, but no thanks for me.  I just take great delight in her enjoying it all!

How is it possible to take 2-3 hours on a Saturday morning and find such goodies as these!  Right here at our doorstep!

 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Next week I'll show the goodies Robin shared with us just days later.
In the meantime, don't forget my post at Vision and Verb today. 


  1. Oh yeah I was here on Monday, I knocked on teh door but no one answered. I was hoping to see a sign that says GONE SHOOTING, but nothing.

    The raw herring, was it even like pickled (ceviche style) or just raw, raw? I could try it. I do like the herring that comes in jars and you eat with bread.

    I love your "hood" too Ginnie, so much going on but has that homey small town feel to it.

    1. Yup, I was "gone" for the day on Monday. HA! Thanks for checking in. I plan to get back to my regular schedule next week.

      The herring is NOT pickled...totally raw with onions added, the way Astrid likes it. You can have it with her. I'm sure she'd enjoy the company. :)

      I love our hood here, Maria. You'd love it, too. Very homey, indeed.

  2. Meeting Robin was great, it felt as if we had known each other for years and we just went on, from where we left.
    Botenbeurs, is an event we always go to. This time the skies were our biggest friends, they added to the fabulous pictures you took.
    The herring, ha, it was 4 years ago that I had two (op één been kan je niet lopen, you cannot walk on one leg). It was as if an angel peed on my tongue...
    Beautiful pictures and I love you in that Orange jacket. IHVJ.

    1. You know how much I love your reaction to these posts, MLMA! We really are so lucky to live in this delightful little city. Everything is right at our fingertips because of where we live.

      Next time I won't let you wait 4 years before you have raw herring again. Maybe once a month sounds more like it?!

      And that orange jacket? To think I bought it before knowing I would ever live in the Netherlands!

  3. The glories of autumn displayed in your photos! Just gorgeous. What is it about those skies? Very dramatic and rich, a great backdrop for the colors, boats, etc.

    Raw herring?? Remember how Mom loved marinated herring? I still love it, and now I wonder if it is raw? Hmmm. I don't think I could do what Astrid is doing here either. : )

    1. The Dutch skies take on new meaning for me, Ruth, when I think about the paintings of the Dutch Masters. You have to see them to believe them...and I never tire of them. Give me a moody sky any day over a blue sky. HA!

      I don't know if marinated herring is raw, but maybe? It's just that the spices it up a bit. I'll have to ask Astrid. I never even wanted to try what Mom had. It's purely psychological, I'm sure! :)

  4. Yes, the reflections are breathtaking and the sky was beautiful too - contrasting dark and light. The last photo, bottom center of the Russian boat is fantastic with its rigging captured - just an interesting composition.

    The last photo of Astrid smiling so contentedly ... (while I am trying not to gag on my side) - is great!

    I think you live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Now I'm hopping over to V&V. :)

    1. I love that you can appreciate all the good things we have here on our doorstep, Margaret...kinda like how I feel about you there in beautiful North Carolina! Thank you, again and again, for taking the time to plow through all my collages/images...and then still hopping over to V&V!

  5. These photos are just the best and one day I'll get to see your beautiful town again! Those photos of Astrid are just priceless!

    1. One day you will REALLY see our town, Robin, since you didn't see it this time. Yup. You'll just have to come back! :)

      And yes, that Astrid is something else, isn't she! :)

  6. I definitely liked that pictures of the boats in the harbor area the most... Well actually the bells!! Lovely pics as usual. :)

    1. Thanks, Jen. We absolutely love our city here where we live. Being in the city center makes us feel so close to everything!

  7. An angel peeing on your tongue? No thanks. Angels shouldn't do things like that!
    The harbour is delightful.... and I wonder if all those boats found new owners? Next thing we will hear is that you and Astrid have bought a boat!!!!!

    1. That Dutch phrase about the angels peeing on your tongue still grosses me out...I don't get it...but it really is something the Dutch say when anything is absolutely, unbelievably delicious! Go figure. :)

      I would love to follow up somehow to see if/who buys any boats on boat-auction day each fall. Hmmm. I wonder who knows? Astrid and I might enjoy having a canoe or kayak one day. Wouldn't that be fun for the canals of Holland! :)

  8. I just noticed your reply above... I think I may have told you that I paddled a sea kayak with a Dutch friend (Wil) on one of the canals in Amsterdam on the Queen's Birthday... that I don't recommend because, as you know, everything that CAN float is on the water on that day and the canal was quite rough!

    I don't think I could stomach raw herring... I don't care of it pickled or any of the other ways the Swedes prepare it so cannot begin to imagine eating it raw. UGH... I too would leave that to Astrid!

    As always, I thoroughly enjoyed pouring over your pictures... off now to V&V... I swear I'm NEVER going to get back on track with blogging/visiting blogs. I always have to come see what you and Astrid have been up to, though. :-)

    1. You always make my day when you stop by here, Victoria. Thank you. I can't imagine the life you lead...and I thought WE did a lot. HA!

      I would stay away from Amsterdam PERIOD on any major holiday, but especially on Queen's Day. Other than that, a kayak there would be delightful...but maybe even better elsewhere around the country.

      And we're definitely on the same page about raw herring!!!! :)

  9. Ha! I wanted to eat like this in Amsterdam.
    But I knew there's no way I could the whole fish in my mouth.
    So I went to a supermarket, Albert H-something (it's everywhere in Holland) and bought a pack of herring.
    And tried it at my hotel. Ha ha... Luckily I didn't do it in the street, I nearly choked myself. x

    1. The thought of it makes me gag, LC. HA! You can have it all. And you're talking about Albert of the biggest and most expensive super markets in Holland. But if you want something, you'll probably find it there! :)

      Thanks a million for commenting here. How fun. :)