Monday, June 03, 2013

Passing the Baton

A few days ago on Facebook my niece posted this image because her mother, Susan, my older sister, was just turning 70:

(l. to r.) Susan, Nelson, Boots (moi) and Nancy.
That's the first half of 8 sibs in my family of origin.

So, I went rummaging through my own pics and found this accompanying photo:

And from that was born my post today on Vision & Verb about passing the baton
from one decade to the next.
You see, Susan became a septuagenarian a week ago and joined Nelson.
Two years from now I'll join their ranks, followed by Nancy a year later.

But you can read about that here....


  1. wow, you must have good genes and good healthy living. did you post a family picture yet with your siblings recently?

    1. HA! Well that's an idea, post a recent image! I'll work on that. :) Only one of us, Bennett (the one who would have been next in line in this photo), has passed now we are 7 left in the lineup.