Tuesday, October 01, 2013

TRIER, Germany: Part 1

By hook or by crook, I WILL finish our Luxembourg trip from early July...this week, in two parts, even if it kills me.  HA!

Seriously, it's like saving the best day for the last in that it covered a lot and was one of the biggest highlights of the trip.  We had been told to make sure we visited Trier, Germany, since it's near the border of Luxembourg and is Germany's oldest city, founded around 16 BC, so we did it first....

 ...and parked right outside the Porta Nigra gate, built in 186 AD.
Because it was time for koffie break, we sat and soaked up the ambiance!

Yes, it's a World Heritage Site!

We didn't take the tour inside but we passed through to see it from the other/back side, away from the town.
Those Romans!

It so happens that the Porta Nigra is a congregating spot for the trolley tours, 
so we opted to hop on to get the lay of the land:  a nice overview of what we'd see later on foot.

Once back to square one, we headed to the main Market Place at town center.

 Have you ever seen this trick?
Yup.  Leave it to Astrid to figure it out.

You know us by now:  we LOVE city center of these old towns!
The arcitecture and art alone is enough to fill up my lungs with fresh air.
Speaking of which, see that church on the bottom-left (above)....

That's the Market Church St. Gangolf from the 15th century.

And, yes, it was open!

Sometimes the side chapels are more beautiful (and cozy) to me than the nave of the church.

From the market square we walked to the Aula Palatina, a Roman palace basilica from 310 AD.
The palace garden behind it on a sunny day was hard to beat.

As we continued walking to the Roman baths, we passed the old city walls. 

 Can you imagine driving past that history every day?

And then we saw the Kaiserthermen, the Imperial Roman Baths from before 300 AD.

More Roman you cannot get!

This was at the opposite end on the map from the Porta Nigra, where we had started our walk,
and makes a good stopping point before Part 2....to be continued....


  1. WOW! What a beautiful day you two had to explore! I couldn't get past the first grouping of photos of soaking up the ambiance!! Germany is so on my list!!

    1. The thing is, Robin, Germany has so much in all its different regions, similar to the Netherlands but bigger. It would take a lifetime of just living there to soak it all up...but definitely, put it on your Bucket List! :) We're so lucky to live this close to it!

  2. This was my first time in Trier, what a beautiful city. So much to see, so much history. Amazing, over all those years, so much in still there. Think how they made the Porta Nigra, with the tools they had...... A rich culture. And to Robin, do you need two guides ...grin....
    Every time I see a post from you, I am impressed. We are blessed to be able to travel and see the beauty all around us. Thank you.

    1. I am so glad someone told us about it! I had never even heard of it. Totally worth our first day before entering Luxembourg. Yes, we are blessed. And we've only seen the tip of the iceberg! Miles to go before we sleep.... :)

  3. gosh I'm jealous. so many beautiful things to see and enjoy. the architecture is simply awesome.

    1. You see so many things that make me feel the same way, Maria. Just think how much more we get to see through each other's eyes! Double the pleasure!

  4. It is time you both went into business planning tours for people and perhaps leading a few. I never knew of the treasures of Trier. Those ancient buildings are irresistable. I'll bet you'd make a lot more than the guy who sits down all day pretending to levitate. I wonder if he'd thought of also selling books on improving concentration. I'm not sure how the tootertown trolley fits in, but we also like taking an overview tour at the start. I await part II.

    1. If these posts help anyone else find places they may want to visit, Ted, I will feel like I have more than done my job. And in the process, I'm keeping an online travelogue of all our trips. I am always pinching myself!

      Part 2 will hopefully come by tomorrow...before we fly to America on Saturday. That's my goal--to be done before this new trip! :)

  5. Speechless. I was hoping you got a closer shot of the crucifix... but the beautiful arches of the Imperial Roman Baths more than made up for it! Wow. I, too, prefer the side chapels.. (and what IS the answer to the trick? :)

    1. Sometimes after the fact I, too, wish I had gone up closer on certain things,Margaret, so I know what you mean, Next time ´ll remember YOU and what it is you like. :)

      The trick: Astrid says his staff is made out of steel welded on a base plate...and with a seat welded to it for him to sit on. The way he wears his cloak hides anything you´d see...and he sits in a yoga pose of meditation for long periods of time. It´s fun to see even if you can figure it out. :)

  6. ...has to be a pretty strong seat - as I guess steel is. How fun.

    1. HA! Astrid says it's like the steel they put in concrete buildings. That's STRONG! :)