Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Day 2014 at Kinderdijk, NL

Surely you know by now it's one of my most soulful places on earth...and it's only 15 miles from where we live here in Gorinchem, NL.

It's our second time in my 6 Christmases here that we have driven to Kinderdijk, just because we wanted to give ourselves the Gift.  The first time was in 2010 when we had snow.  This year the snow came two days later...but who knew!

This year we decided to get there in time for the sunrise around 8:30 a.m.
And we did.

There was just a tad of color for a few minutes, but it was enough.

We are familiar now with how the 19 windmills are situated on the bike/walking path
next to the canals, and where the docks are.

At one point I did a 360-degree turn-around to show you what we saw from that one spot:

You can even see and hear the wind!

Astrid had fun with her tripod, doing the real serious photography.
We loved following each other around, doing our own thing.

As morning broke, the personalities of the windmills woke up.
People still live in these mills, pumping out the water from the polder.

 But there's too much water in this spot, one of the lowest below sea level in Holland.
So at the beginning of the path that leads to the windmills is this massive waterschroef
(water screw/pump), one of Europe's largest, to help with mechanical pumping.

It gives you a feel for how much water is being pumped out of the land to the nearby Lek river.

Once we were back in the car, on our way home for Christmas breakfast (!),

 we saw the sunbeams bursting out with their Christmas celebration.

And like opening presents one by one under the Christmas tree,
the weathervanes showed up.  This was CHRISTMAS for us both.

Since then, in these last days, I've manipulated 4 of the images of the day for my photoblog:

An old year is waning....

and still waning.....

And now it's dawning....

to one and all!


  1. Kinderdijk is never the same and it is always special. We are so lucky that we keep seeing the beauty of it all. That the waterschroeven (water-screws) worked was a bonus. I think that was the first time I saw them at full speed...
    You captured some incredible shots. Love them all.
    Happy New Year indeed, with the new knee..... IHVJ.

    1. I like our decision to go back to Kinderdijk every Christmas, if possible. I can't think of a better Christmas gift. And my guess is it will be different every time we go.

      I'm so ready for a new knee. FINALLY. It's almost here. YAY for 2015. :)

  2. This is exquisite Ginnie. I played the video twice to get the feel of the place. So much magic. I wish you huge success with your new knee and know that with your positive outlook, it will all go well. I will send you all my best healing wishes! Happy New Year to Ginnie and Astrid! Love, Susie

    1. You're a sweetheart, Susie. THANK YOU. I will plan to do a post before and after the operation, just to keep everyone in the loop. I am SO READY to finally have a functioning knee! And I LOVE your healing wishes that are already working.

  3. Oh how I love how you two operate! Together and alone...doing your thing! Pure sweetness. Have a great New Years and keep me posted on the knee surgery. I'll be thinking of you!!

    1. You've seen us in operation, Robin, and know how much we are Partners in Crime. HA! And when YOU are with us, it's even better. Lucky for us, that's happened more than once...and will surely happen again. Once I have a new knee, I'll run circles around you both. :)

  4. Beautiful, beautiful, especially that last one. The pans didn’t play. I can certainly see what brings you back there time and time again. I vote for more sunrise.

    Have a very happy new year.

    1. I notice that the videos don't show up on the email version of the post, Ted, which may be the problem. They seem to show up for everyone else on the actual blog. But regardless, I'm glad you can at least get the gist of that wonderful place. Thanks. And HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and Jane.