Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year 2015, the Dutch Way

Just for the record (since this is part of what In Soul is about!), we got snow 2 days after Christmas.  We didn't have it at Kinderdijk this year but we did at least get it...something that doesn't happen every year in our neck of the world.  I was ecstatic.

We woke up Saturday morning, December 27th, to this.
It fell down wet and gloppy, at 34-degrees F, the entire day.
On the left, I'm looking out our back balcony; on the right I'm standing at our front door
(1st floor up) looking into our senior-living courtyard.

This gives you a feel for the "wet and gloppy."

The next day, Sunday, we walked around town to see the fun of it all.
How's that for ending an old year!

As we walked around, the nearby bakery had their New Year's kiosk up,
full of oliebollen and apple/pineapple beignets.

Astrid ordered our stash on the spot to be picked up on Wednesday...yesterday.

YUP, in time for Old Year's Eve, as the Dutch call it.
It's a Dutch thing to eat oliebollen and beignets the day before the New Year.

So we did...last evening and again today on this first day of 2015.
It only happens once a year, so eat up, Folks!
(We even got to bed and asleep by 1 a.m. after the fireworks toned down.)



  1. Loving the touch of including videos! Happy New Year...once again, ha ha!! xoxo

    1. When I remember to take a video, Robin....HA! Thanks for your vote of confidence. I had to add this post just to make sure I included SNOW. It's almost all melted by now and we may not get any more, based on other years. Anyway, yes, Happy New Year, again. :)

  2. Happy New Year indeed. The snow was a treat the first day, a danger the next day and gone now.
    Oudejaarsavond is not the same without 'Oliebollie'.......I am glad you like them.
    Thank you for making this post as a nice remembrance. Time flies and it is hard to keep up.
    Gelukkig Nieuwjaar MLS, IHVJ.

    1. Sometimes it's important to include the "little" things because, in the end, they often are the biggest of them all. I'm so glad we get to share these many "gifts."