Thursday, February 05, 2015

Knee Replacement: 3-Week Milestone

From the get-go, this is a post "for the record," which I'll get to in a minute.

Today is the 4-week milestone after my January 8th surgery.  It seems like forever ago, and yet, as my physical therapist, Eline, keeps saying, "Ginnie, it's only been X weeks!"  In other words, patience, M'lady.

This week Astrid and I started dancing an exercise Eline is really encouraging, once she found out our dancing history.  We first tried to do an English Waltz.  The look on my face was probably priceless.  I couldn't even begin to do it, which totally shocked me.  Just back and forth, back and forth...increasing the stabilization in my left leg.  I'm getting my education.

But, back to the 3-week milestone from last week.  And "for the record."  That was the day my 20 staples (count them) were removed.  If you are weak of stomach, I totally excuse you from this point on....

First of all, I woke up to this note from Astrid in the bathroom.
Because my staples were being removed that day, I could finally take a shower again.
ik hou van jou = I love you.
It was a very happy shower, indeed.

Before my PT that day, I had an appointment with the doctor's assistant to get my staples removed.
The top-right image is 6 days after my surgery when the bandage was removed.
The scar is 17cm (6-3/4 in) long...20 staples.
The nifty tool releases the staples almost magically, with almost no pain.
Okay, there were several times I said "OUCH," but the assistant was totally sympathetic,
and Astrid held my hand!

When she wasn't holding my hand, Astrid took this video.
The whole thing was so educational for us both.

Leave it to me, I wanted to keep the staples!
They're now in my Conquest Box, along with the cracked molar that was pulled a couple years back.
(That's another story altogether...about stress from my past life.)

So, there you have it.  For the record.
Someone has to do it!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Oh, and while we're at it, today is our 5-year wedding anniversary!


  1. Well I'm one that had to scroll fast! LOL! But want you to know that you continue to be in my thoughts! I know you two will be dancing that English Waltz in no time! Big hugs for your anniversary! xo

    1. LOL, indeed, Robin. It actually nearly grosses me out, to be honest. But thanks for your continued support. I do believe the English Waltz is on the agenda soon! :)

  2. I scrolled fast too! Hahaha. I imagine Don would like to watch it all. He has told me he would probably be able to give me an emergency tracheotomy if I ever need it! :D


    Conquest Box! You are SOMETHING ELSE. I just love you.

    Happy Anniversary to you and Astrid, again!

    1. Well, I don't blame you for scrolling fast, Ruth! Let Don watch it all for you. HA!

      When I decided to keep the staples, I knew immediately where they would go...and that's when I called it my Conquest Box. These are the little things in life that make us believe in ourselves all over again. :)

      Thanks for your anniversary wishes. We've packed a LOT into 5 years, don't you think??!!!

  3. I found every week is a milestone in recovery...I am at almost 9 months.....and I was lucky to heal fast owing it to my acupuncturist who helped speed my recovery. I also find it interesting how some surgeons prefer staples and other prefer glue or adhesive. I have had both for abdominal surgery preferring the glue....and I had a dear friend who had a double knee replacement in June who also had no staples but the adhesive.

    I am glad you are just moving along so well and you will be dancing before you know it....

    1. Every week really IS a milestone, Donna. Yesterday at 4 weeks I was able to do 3 complete cycles backwards on the exercise bike. It almost killed me but the shock of doing it thrilled me, Astrid and Eline to no end. There is hope! :D

      My eye doctor in Atlanta also had the glue for his knee surgery...but my understanding was it was for internal work, not the external scar. Now you have me wondering? The main thing is that all seems to be well and that's all I care about...besides being able to dance again! :)

  4. Impressive stuff Ginnie. It's great to hear what good progress you are making. Well done you!!

    1. Thanks, Anne. It's hard to believe it's only been a month since the surgery. It seems like there is definitely progress, even though sometimes I don't see it very well. My PT, Eline, is very happy! She keeps reminding me that it's only been a month!

  5. This was a tough one. …those staples! More milestones please. Don’t stop. I’ll ignore staples.

    1. I promise not to have many more of these, Ted. HA! Once the scar totally settles down, I may show how nice it looks then. :)

  6. Life is full of milestones and this was (I think) the biggest. Not able to be in the shower for 3 weeks is NO fun when you are used to take them on regular basis (and I don't mean 'each Christmas')
    I am glad the staples could get out and all these small steps are steps toward a full recovery. I will hold your hand as much as possible.
    5 years of marriage, time flies. Amazing what we did in the passed 5 years and we will keep continue doing fun things.
    IHVJ. I love this 'for the record post'.

    1. You have held my hands through thick and thin, MLMA! No one could take care of me better than you, even when I don't let you. :) Thank you for being with me on this journey, making sure I get to my PT sessions on time and being curious with me about every little thing. I can't imagine what people do who don't have a fan club like you??!! THANK YOU.