Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mozart in Rehearsal

One thing that happens almost every Saturday morning when we're not gone for the day, is that Astrid goes out walking in the city center to see what's going on, usually around the open market.  If something catches her eye, she'll come back and tell me about it so I can see it, too.

What a woman!

So, back on Saturday, 19 September, she came across Mozart himself and his cohorts, inviting everyone to an open rehearsal at the Grote Kerk for his Requiem.

And what Astrid discovered was that anyone could join the choir or sit and listen/observe.
(Astrid's images above)

Guess what!
Ginnie had sung Mozart's Requiem back in Columbia, SC, days (1970-71),

So it didn't take any convincing to go check it out!

You remember the inside of our Grote Kerk, right?  
I love the openness.  The brightness.
The white against the green.

So we stayed for awhile to watch and listen.

And yes, Mozart was there, being the rascal he always is.

The gray hairs really caught my eye.  HA!

They all clearly knew what they were doing...bringing back the good ol' days for me.

Here's a listen and a look at the entire scene that day.
Heavenly!  And right at our doorstep!
[Addendum:  a day after uploading this video, I got a message from Vimeo saying
they had added it to their Classical Music channel (one of 286 videos).  WOW!]

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

You can imagine the complete shock of our lives, after all that inspiration, when we went afterwards to our favorite pannenkoeken restaurant out in the polder.  Astrid was the one who first noticed the counter....

The owner's wife, who we saw and chatted with every time we were there,
had died during heart bypass surgery the night before.
She was only 73.  And Nicholas had met her in July.
The strange thing is that we don't even know her name.
But we know her son, Marco, who is a photographer and one of their cooks.
You could safely say we're still reeling from the fragility of life felt that day.

But as we all know, life goes on.
Other than the stork losing its head (???), Mother Nature was humming.

The cows in the polder seemed extra friendly that day.
Or maybe our hearts were more tender than usual and they sensed it?

Even the weathervanes that day seemed to hold extra significance,
like the old-timey wood planer (bottom-left) that carpenter-preacher Dad often used.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I don't normally post on a Tuesday but there's a reason:
bright and early tomorrow we leave for our Amsterdam flight to Atlanta
on our annual get-away to see my kids and friends.
Don't know if I'll post here again before we return on the 28th,
but I'll definitely be on Facebook.

Ta-da for now....


  1. Beautiful church, beautiful Mozart. How sweet that you once sang it thus.

    Man, what a shock about your friend. And I do imagine you were more open and sensitive than usual after that sad news.

    May your visit to our side be wondrous!

    1. I'm finally coming back to this post, Ruth, on our last day here in Atlanta. The time has just flown. But yes, "how sweet" and "what a shock." We get both in Life, don't we.

  2. That rehearsal was great and that is why I came to get you. You love choirs like htese and knowing that you once sang this, it is wonderful.
    'Mozart' was a real sport and because of him I did come to the church.
    It is a shock about the lady of the Pannenkoekenhuis. She was always eager to talk to us and share some stories. May she rest in peace.
    Great pictures again, the cows are so fun to be around.

    1. And to think all of that was in just one day's life of adventure! The good comes with the bad and vice versa. It is as it is! And I love that I can share it all with you!

  3. Oh what a beautiful sound and you sang this..wow. Life is fragile sin't it.

    1. Yes, Donna, I did in fact sing it all those years ago. That's one reason why I've always loved the movie "Amadeus." And yes, Life is indeed fragile!

  4. I didn't know much about Netherlands until you moved there. Thanks for educating me about its rich culture and its natural beauty. I hope someday I would be lucky to see it and see you both too.

    1. For all the traveling you and Hubby do, you definitely need to make the Netherlands one of your destinations. I KNOW we would all love meeting each other!!!

  5. Oh the fragility of life...so so sad...and always a reminder to live each day to the fullest! And I know that you two do! Safe travels!!

    1. Yes and Yes, and Yes, Robin. We never know what day will be our last, so why not just go for bust! Indeed. Thank you for knowing and doing the same...and sharing the Journey with us!

  6. Looks like meaningful if sometimes sad times. Enjoyed your post.

  7. Ginnie, I don't know if you remember me or not. But if you would like, you are welcome to look me up on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/tim.rice1 and ask to be a facebook friend of mine. That is where I share my photos - nature and otherwise.

    1. Of course I remember you, Tim!!! And what a great surprise to see you again. I have just requested Friendship with you on FB. How fun to see you and wife again! Let's continue to stay in touch.

    2. Thanks, Ginnie. I look forward to renewing our acquaintance. With married life, I don't have the opportunity to hike and post photos as often as I used to. But I still enjoy it as I have the opportunity to do so. And I still like looking at your photos. :)

  8. Now you see how far behind I’ve slipped that I am reading two blogs on the same day. This was another favorite. Love those free rehearsals. Jane and I still remember hearing them rehearse one of the Brandenburg Ctos in Oxford. However, seeing Mozart, the story that came to mind was the day I met Handel. Melissa and I used to go to Young People’s Concerts at Lincoln Center, and one concert featured a bewigged and costumed Bach and Handel. Later, I took Melissa for her favorite, eggs Benedict, at a restaurant across from Lincoln Center. I excused myself to use the men's room, and who was standing at the urinal beside me but Handel. There he was like any living man.

    1. I love these stories from both our present and past, Ted. We never forget them, do we! Thanks for sharing....