Thursday, October 08, 2015

The Enkhuizen, NL, Experience

Remember when we took grandson Nicholas in July to the Zuiderzee open-air museum in Enkhuizen to get an overall experience of Dutch culture, both then and now?  And how at the last minute (of his 2-week trip) he bought what he called his "clutch gift?"

Well, it was ready for pick-up before our trip to Atlanta next week, so...Astrid and I went to pick it up this past Saturday, a 1.5-hour drive to the north of us.

We parked near one of the city's landmarks, the St. Pancras Church (Zuiderkerk) from the 15th cent.

 From the church, we walked to calligrapher Harrie's city atelier (not the one in the museum) 
to get the goods:  a family-name plaque for Nicholas..."Grannan."
He's gonna love it.

Harrie gave his best of Dutch hospitality, offering us koffie and lots of chitty-chat,
while, you know me...I snapped away at the organized mess!

THAT was the main goal of the day.
We could have turned around and gone home, of course, way!

We walked through the city on our way to see the one part of the open-air museum 
we hadn't yet seen in our two times there...the indoor ship exhibition.

After walking all the way to the end of the city's pedestrian street,
we found the portal that looked out on the open-air part of the museum and got our bearings
(with those 3 chalk-factory chimneys as a landmark).

Back through the portal again we immediately found the indoor museum.

Near the inside entrance, before you see the ships, is this work of art by Clare Twomey.
It's called "Monument" and is "a playful interpretation of the concept that the remainders 
of household goods do have a cultural value."
OMG.  I have mixed emotions about this one...with shades of holocaust in mind.

But the ships.  The wooden ships.
"These historical, wooden vessels belong to the most valuable items in the museum’s collection."

Every little detail....prop...just as it once was.

 Yes, we were short of eyes.

 You want to know about sailsmanship?  Look and be amazed.

Totally worth the stop!

And on that note, we walked back into town for lunch.
Astrid deserved every mussel she ate...there at the Zuiderzee.

 Coming and going, you know I'll find them if they're there!

  By now it's hard for me to miss them...the many gable stones.

Enkhuizen got city rights in 1355.

At the peak of its power, it was one of the most important harbor cities in the Netherlands,
losing its position later to Amsterdam.

But take me to the Zuiderzee and to Enkhuizen any day.
Even for Astrid (and her "guardian angel," Stuart) it was a restorative day.
Thank you, Nicholas, for making us go back...and see you next week!


  1. Oh my gosh...can't believe it's time again for your annual trip to the states! What a beautiful day you shared with I totally have a bucket of mussels on my mind!!! Safe travels to you both and enjoy your family!! Big hugs!

    1. How is it possible that the years fly like this! I know what you mean, Robin. But yes, we'll be back next week. We can hardly wait. Too bad I'm not fond of mussels. But I sure enjoy watching others eat them! :)

  2. You have shared spectacular details, wow! Those ships — the blue and white sail! Those wooden boats! The weathervanes! Mussels! Everything, really. I love it all.

    1. It still amazes me, Ruth, that it's not just ONE thing but MANY things that totally captivate my passions here in this country. I, too, love them all!

  3. Oh man, I would have been so happy on that trip! I love to see a real working atelier. And what a terrific gift idea you had for Nicholas. He is going to love it. I'm with Robin, those mussels really made me hungry--LOVE mussels, (but Patrick does especially.) Travel Mercies Ginnie and Astrid!! Have a wonderful US visit with your family.

    1. To clarify, Susie, the "Grannan" gift was Nicholas' idea with his spending money on our last full day when he was here. Because it was a commissioned project, we had to wait till it was done to go get time for our trip to Atlanta next week. Talk about perfect timing.

      I'm not a fan of mussels at all but Astrid more than makes up for me...and especially with me enjoying watching her! :)

  4. I really needed that day out.... it always is a nice drive and seeing the big lake with the ships, nothing beats that. Going to Harrie and getting the sign was fun, we talk with koffie :)
    Great pictures of the boats at the museum. (and great pictures, period) So much detail and so much love in 'the taking care of'.
    These days are so wonderful. Never ever will those tire me out. Thank you for being my partner in 'crime' IHVJ.

    1. YES to everything. We keep pinching ourselves, don't we! :)

  5. I adore your trips...this one to pick up the plaque, but oh it becomes so much much wonder to see and you make sure you experience as much as you can Ginnie...a true inspiration for me!

    1. More than two weeks later, Donna, and we're ready to go back home from our Stateside visit. Nicholas LOVES his sign...and is very proud of his family name. Thanks for your encouragement every time you stop by!

  6. One of your best. Loved the “organized mess” photos and the sails and the wooden ships. What didn’t I like? Nothing.

    1. It's always fun to see what visitors most like about what I see, Ted, so thanks for your very kind words.