Monday, May 01, 2017

Watercolor Sunday and Saturday's Color: April 2017

I know, I know!  The year is flying off the calendar.  ONE THIRD of it is now gone!  But for May 1, May Day, let's cover April properly.  Can you believe we actually had 5 full weekends in one of our shortest months!

Here are my Watercolor Sundays on Facebook from April 2017:

April 2 (photo manipulation):
"Spring has returned.  The Earth is like a child that knows poems." --Rainer Maria Rilke

"April hath put a spirit of youth in everything." --William Shakespeare

April 9 (photo manipulation):
"A tempest ceases, a cyclone passes over, a wind dies down, a broken heart can be replaced,
a leak can be stopped, a fire extinguished, but what will become of this enormous brute of bronze?"
--Victor Hugo

April 16 (photo manipulation):
"It is not more surprising to be born twice than once; everything in nature is resurrection."

April 23 (photo manipulation):
"Spring is the time of year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade."
--Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

April 30 (photo manipulation):
"Babies are such a nice way to start people." --Don Herold

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

My Saturday's Color posts on Facebook, April 2017:

(finished on 17 February 2017, posted on FB 1 April 2017)
How about an April Fool's wake-up call to start off this new month!
(from my Kaleido Color book on black-background paper)

(finished on 2 February 2005, posted on FB 8 April 2017)
Do you ever get the feeling that things are spiraling out of control???
(from my Celtic Designs book)

(finished on 12 March 2017, posted on FB 15 April 2017)
I saw a Cross, Spring, and Resurrection Life.
(from my Stained Glass book)

(finished on 15 April 2017, posted on FB 22 April 2017)
Sometimes it's all about the S U N, especially in the Spring.
(from my Color Me Fearless book)

(finished on 20 March 2017, posted on FB 29 April 2017)
It felt like something was exploding, like maybe Spring?
(from my Mandalas book)

We're just starting to see warmer temps for Spring here in the the 50s,
instead of the 40s.  Maybe this new month really will feel like Spring!


  1. Oh, the S U N one is it for me! Just wonderful and filled with life!

    1. I might have to agree with you on that one, Robin. So simple but so powerful. Thank you.

  2. Well you know I love the quote for April 30, since that's Lesley's birthday. :)

    I LOVE your saturated colorings, esp with black. I am into bold colors lately!

    And really, there were 5 full weekends in April??? That's extraordinary.

    We have had as odd a spring as we did a winter. Many cold days with rain, with a few warmer sunny days. But the cold ... I am ready for warm ... NOT HOT mind you. :)

    1. Oh, yes, Ruth--how fun that that was Lesley's birthday, April 30. I love finding the quotes for those images! :)

      One of the reasons why I love it here in the Netherlands is because it rarely gets what I would call HOT. Not like I knew it in Atlanta, for sure, with all the humidity. But I do wonder how much longer I'll be using my foot-warmer in bed at night as well as the electric pad? This is ridiculous. HA!

  3. Replies
    1. They definitely were that day, Marie! Thank you.

  4. i simply cannot decide WHICH of your watercolours is my favourite, so i have to say that THEY ALL ARE... since they are all so beautiful... and i liked Rilke's quote, and the one about babies being a nice way to start a human :)

    1. You sure make a nice fan club, Elaine. THANK YOU! I have so much joy doing these posts, as you already know, including finding the appropriate quotes for the watercolors. :)

  5. These posts are a constant joy to see all the wonderful watercolours and colourings.
    I know you love making these and these posts...

    1. Indeed so, Astrid. You're the one who gets to see how much joy they give me. Thank you.