Saturday, April 09, 2005

BERLIN (Germany) Weekend

During our time in Hannover, we are taking advantage of our weekends and the EuroRail system to see as many places as possible in 11 days of rail travel in 3 different countries: Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We picked Berlin for our first two days this weekend (going and coming back).

Rain/snow was predicted for the entire weekend but so far, though it's been cold, we have not had either. Today we took the city tour where you can get on and off the bus all day long, which is the way to go because you can take as long as you want at any particular spot.

I'm not sure anything says "Berlin" more than the Brandenburg Gate. We both are caught up in the history surrounding this place and even had tears at different times, especially when we got to Checkpoint Charlie. Ruth, you know how you feel that you lived through the Resistance in Paris in your past life? I wonder if I lived through the Holocaust in some way, perhaps even as a Jew? It's something you feel somewhere deep inside you....

To add levity to the day were the United Buddy Bears we saw all along the way. First created in Berlin for the 120 countries of the UN, they are a collectible set in various sizes, from life-size to mini 3-inch bears, that speak volumes: "We have to get to know each other better!" These bears promote tolerance and international understanding and, through their individual designs, help us learn about the differences between countries.

Click here for my photo album if you want to see the city as I/we saw it.

[BTW, it's when we travel away from Hannover that I am able to use my laptop's programs on our hotel's connection. Hopefully by Wednesday that will all change when DSL has been promised to us at our apartment!]

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  1. The photos are great -- what a beautiful city!

    It's cool that you felt that connection, as in a past life.

    I like to think the no snow or rain was kinda like Paris, if you know what I mean! ;)

    I hope D is feeling better.