Thursday, April 14, 2005

It's A Miracle!

Within an hour or so of coming back to the apartment from the Internet Cafe, I received a call from Donica at the Paris airport on her way back to Amsterdam (a quick one-day trip to France). When I told her we still weren't connected to the internet, she told me to plug in the LAN cable. Yesterday she had told me to disconnect the cable because, with wireless, it didn't make sense to use both.

Well, guess what! Plugging in the LAN line connected me. Who cares right now that the wireless connection is kaput! Did it really take today's agony and grief--letting go--to allow the bird to fly back? Or Ruth, maybe it really was your powerful radiation of flames and intention for me. And Amy's love and empathy. And Donica's computer expertise.

All of the above. Celebrate with me on the rooftops! I probably won't sleep all night....

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