Friday, April 01, 2005

Our Hannover Apartment

Yes, I'm finally online with my own laptop but NOT in Hannover. I'm in Paris celebrating my 60th birthday early with Donica, Ruth and Don (from Michigan)! Let's just say that Donica threw the biggest surprise party of the decade, celebrating my 60th (in June) and Don's 50th on Monday. I was the only one who was surprised, but that's another post entirely, for later.

For right now, let's start at the beginning! I've been so off-kilter after a week of not being able to do posts. So I'm gonna start with where we're staying here in Hannover.

Grosser Hillen 25 is a charming building in a lovely southeast neighborhood of the city. See that skylight at the tip of the peak? That's our bedroom window up in the attic. That makes our apartment the "penthouse attic" and is absolutely charming! It's airy, white and bright, with vaulted and angled ceilings. I've guestimated it to be approximately 550-600 sq. ft. That may seem small when you're used to a house, but it's definitely larger than a hotel suite and much homier. I love it.

In Europe, the first floor of a building is the main/ground floor. So as far as Germany is concerned, we live on the 3rd floor--65 steps up--instead of what's the 4th floor for us. We walk into the living area, with the dinette, desk and kitchen on the left and the couch area with TV on the right. Straight ahead is the bedroom and bath. Like I said, very cozy and charming. What more could you ask for in a short-term living situation!

Once we get back from Paris on Tuesday, we hope to find our DSL connected. Won't that be nice! A miracle at this point. And once connected, just watch me go to town to catch you up on my first week's impressions...and the surprise birthday gift of Paris. I can hardly wait to share it all!

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  1. How cute and cozy! Thanks for the pics -- nice to have a visual of where you spend your time.