Sunday, December 11, 2005

Blogging Sociology 101

In sociology you study the behaviour of people in different groups and how your own behaviour is affected by society and by day-to-day experiences. It's a subject which helps us understand the world around us better and therefore ourselves as well.

And that's exactly what's happened with me and blogging!

It all started back in October when A Prairie Girl (to give credit where credit it due) "happened" upon my blog and started commenting. By visiting her blog, I was introduced to a new world of like-minded people who were in consistent communication. Through her and her site, I found out about the "sociology" of blogging, in part having to do with patting each other on the back as well as learning about different issues, viewpoints, and Soulful photography.

And from there I've taken off! Which is to say why you now see some sidebar additions here on In Soul! This has been in the works inside of me for some time now and will continue to grow as I figure out HTML and such.

Please welcome and visit those Soulful Blogs and Artists who mentor me. They'll all love to see you because, well, that's what sociology is all about!


  1. Today, I'm glad to see I'm in your sidebar... Just changed mine yesterday and you are in mine... Coincidence? Blogger is very special for me. It makes me met some very special souls. You're one of them! An those poeple, we would never have been aware of their existence... It's great for that. Opening on other countries and ideas. Coooool!

  2. Oh my! Coincidence or what? Maybe serendipity! So a big Thank You to each other, which is exactly what I'm talking about with this Sociology thing. One day we'll have to do a 6-people removed from PG and see how big our world is :)

  3. LOL! 6-people removed from me, I wonder who they'd be? Would Sean Connery be one of them? I could only dream, eh? :-)

    Seriously Ginnie, I am really happy to see the new additions to your sidebar, and I wish you much success and enjoyment on your further blog endeavours.

  4. Thanks so much for the 'pat on the back' Ginnie! I've met so many wonderful new friends through blogging.

    I've also added you to my blogroll, in the 'Expats' section, seeing that you're a 'sometimes' expat. :-)