Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas In Hannover: Last(ing) Impressions

Now that I'm back in Atlanta and have published my photo album of last week's Christmas Market in Hannover, I am full of impressions and memories.

It was greetings and lights, meetings and nights of families and friends drinking and eating together in outside wonderment. It was buying and selling, craftsmanship and music, Soul and comedy, children in awe, children playing, swaddled chill and thrill, thought and emotion.

And yes, even Baby Jesus was there. There's been so much fuss these days over the "Christmas Wars" and being politically correct. If you want to get into all that, please see my nephew's post for some excellent dialog. But for me right now, Christmas is all of the above and my posts of the last few days. It's all the stuff that births wonder and merriment and soul, giving and creating holy space for holy-days (Holidays).

Thank you, Hannover. And now it's your turn, Atlanta!


  1. nice album. you know what would make my christmas? if you would go to
    & leave a comment, tell your friends about it, crap like that. I'm trying to get known here so people will listen to my point. support an activist here!!

    Sincerely, Deives Collins

  2. FYI: Deives is an 11-yr-old boy who lives in the same city (Bridgewater, VA) as my Auntie Sue. I don't know him from Adam and at first thought this was spam. If so/not, just for the halibut I'm leaving his comment!

  3. Beatiful pictures of the Hannover Christmas markt. I've been to the Hannover Christmas markt some years ago, I remember it was very cold, so I had to drink a lot of Glühwein :-)

  4. You're welcome, Nate!

    And thanks, Gustav. It wasn't terribly cold last week. Let's put it this way: I was able to keep my camera hand ungloved most of the time without freezing it to the bone :) But that's no excuse to NOT drink "a lot of Glühwein!"