Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Christmas Trees Are So Quiet

As long as I can remember, Christmas trees have calmed me down. I love turning out all the lights except theirs and sitting alone in their stillness. My kids just giggle whenever I exclaim that Christmas trees are so quiet. But they are!

So we have two of them (double quiet for my Gemini twins)! The one in front of the living room windows is the one seen from outside (if you come into our woods, that is) and is the fancy tree with white lights and Walt Disney ornaments. I dreamed up that tree in 1990 after my divorce when I started collecting the ornaments, one at a time, for the grandkids I didn't yet have. Right now, that's 5-yr-old Nicholas! And there's Woody from Toy Story (click to enlarge).

On the back end of the house, dividing the family room from the kitchen, is the slim tree with colored lights and all the ornaments we collect everywhere we go. Memory ornaments!

Now turn off all the other lights and sit still for awhile. Breathe in the quietness for as long as you need it before dashing off again.


  1. christmas trees are indeed quiet. well, except for this one in Manhattan's South Seaport on Fridays and Saturdays at 6 and 7pm.


  2. And also my father-in-law's live singing tree in Gladwin, MI. No photo, sorry. :)


  3. Awwww. Hadn't thought about that kind of Christmas tree!

  4. Thanks, Christina! They're beautiful to me which is often all that counts.