Saturday, December 03, 2005

Hold Your MY Horses!

Before I left Atlanta on Thursday, I promised Donica that I would not run off to see the Christkindlmarkt today before she arrives tomorrow. That was an easy promise since it'll be more fun seeing it with her.

BUT, as I walked out of the Hauptbahnhof (train station) yesterday, there it was! At least part of it. I wasn't expecting it there. So I immediately plowed straight forward through the crowds, pretending I had peripheral blinders on my eyes like a horse!

I did, however, look back to take a picture of the above train station. It was 3:30p, with overcast skies and the beginning of dusk already (ah yes, these long winter nights!). And then straight in front of my wondering eyes was this bigger-than-life Pyramid Carousel. (Sorry, Donica, I could not not see it!) It may not be the biggest one in the world but it's certainly bigger than the 18" one we have at home! It totally flabbergasted me.

And so as not to get side-tracked from my promise, I went down to the tram station and headed to our apartment some 17 minutes away. Now I'm chomping at the bit, waiting for Donica to arrive tomorrow morning.

Guess what we'll be doing tomorrow afternoon and evening!


  1. Oh Ginnie! You are such a big kid (and I mean that in a nice way :-)

    Both photos are really good, that bottom one was not an easy thing to shoot and you did it admirably.

    And now, rest up dear. There's way more Christmas ahead of you!

  2. You're so kind, PG. I found out from Uschi (landlady) this morning that the Pyramide is 16 meters tall! What I don't know is if that's from the roof on which it sits or from the ground (didn't think to ask her)? Either way, that's tall!

  3. Wow! Cool Caroussel! Have a nice trip! See wonders!

  4. Thanks, MP. In a week's time I hope to see (most of) everything!

  5. Yeah, the market outside the Hauptbahnhof and the pyramid (which I was also admiring yesterday when I was downtown!) are just little bits of the whole thing. You'll love the rest of it.