Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Pieces of the Puzzle

One of my favorite of all pastimes is putting together jigsaw puzzles. We usually have one going at any given time on the dining room table (not used for eating except on special occasions). I like them so much that I subscribe to a daily online puzzle and make it a priority to work it no matter how busy I am. I've convinced myself that it'll keep me from getting Alzheimer's!

But I never had thought of it as a spiritual meditation! Rabbi Rami Shapiro says "Each piece has its place and no other piece can fit that place. Yet no one peice makes sense on its own.... Once a piece is in its proper place, its separateness is surrendered. We know a piece is in its place when it blends with the whole and disappears."

A super challenge is to put a puzzle together without knowing what the picture is. After the border is put together and some sort of logic kicks in, it eventually comes together. The more pieces fit together, the clearer the end picture becomes.

Kinda like Life, right?! Maybe we need to think about those things that truly puzzle us as "spiritual meditations" for the Soul.


  1. A great photo, Ginnie. The lighting is just right and the pieces all have such interesting textures.

    And you're certainly right about life being a great big puzzle -- and of course we are fitting things together without knowing the end result :-)

  2. Oh rats, PG! That's not my photo and I should have said so. I could have picked one of our puzzles and taken my own photo, but, NO, I went the lazy route and pulled a Google image. I wish I knew who did take the photo so that s/he could rightly receive your kind remarks.

    Anyway, Life is definitely a puzzle and I'm guessing the point is to set a piece aside if it stumps us and come back to it later! And just keep working at it! Some things eventually do make sense :)

  3. Don't bother, Ginnie, I also think that this pic is nice, but what you say about life is fantastic. I would like to know wich piece of the puzzle I am... ( I had written peace at first) LOL... I would like to be this piece with the sun on it...:o)

  4. Online puzzles - who knew! I'm not good at puzzles at all, but I checked out the link you posted and found it really intriguing.

    Most of all, your writing is beautiful, and I like the way you put your own life into your blog.

    Many thanks for your kind words on my photos!

    Best regards,

  5. You're a sweetheart, Steve. Thanks. A nice pat on the back to both of us!